Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Morning In Lloyd

It's to the point where I have taken and shown pictures of every damn thing in my world up to and including my own ass, I think, if memory serves, which it mostly does not these days.

I have posted pictures of frogs and lizards and light and more pictures of my grandson than the law allows and of Mr. Moon and bubbling soups and rising bread and ripe tomatoes and eggs, eggs, eggs and chickens as well. Elvis may be the most internet-represented rooster in the universe. There have been pictures of parties and pictures of Lily in labor and of all my children over and over and again. There have been pictures of flowers and of beaches and of sunsets. Birds and the moon and trees and dogs and friends, friends, friends.
And Keith Richards and Bill Murray and that famous celebrity, The Virgin of Guadalupe as well as her older sister, Ixchell.

Oh my.

So what can be new?

I would post pictures of my breasts because I have no shame but a still, small voice inside of me says, "No."
Or is that a shrill, appalled voice?
Mmmm. Probably.

This morning I could post pictures of the chigger bites I have which I probably got while working in the garden but they are all in the area which you can't scratch in public, as I said to Ms. Bastard-Beloved in an e-mail this morning, which is how I know they are chiggers. Fucking chiggers. Or redbugs as we used to call them. How they do love to nestle in the sweet, soft parts of our nether regions. Even I would not contemplate posting pictures of my nether regions.

So here are some pictures of my yard, and hell yes, you've seen it all before. I feel like my mother as she shows me the pictures in her room for the ten thousandth time and explains their meaning, their origins, their significance to her.
We love what we love.
We share.

Drying gourds and a zinnia.

The new beans we are hoping will live long enough to produce before a frost.

Another zinnia.

The plastic flamingos which Owen moved from in front of the chicken house to in front of the giant tree yesterday.

My house.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your house is marvelous. I can't picture you anywhere else.

    Owen has this wonderful sense of feng-shui. I dig the flamingos.

  2. I'm glad to come here for my Daily Ms. Moon.

  3. I love all these pictures, especially the Owen decor and your amazing front porch. Must be something in the air. I've been wandering around camera in had thinking seen it, seen it, seen it. Nothing new here. Same thoughts in my head. ugh. I'm boring the crap out of myself lately. Thank goodness I have interesting blog friends to keep me from becoming completely dull. I hope those beans make it too. There's already a chill in the air here and I don't like it one bit.

  4. Every photo you post of Lloyd, your home, garden, chickens and your family I enjoy. I don't tire out of seeing the again and again. I will miss you when I am gone on my trip :(

  5. My grandmother taught me to put fingernail polish on my red bug bites and so that's what I do when I get them. It seems to make them feel better, but I'm thinking that might be all in my head. Happy Friday!

  6. I was wondering about those gourds the other day (when we had our chicken fiesta) They are very odd looking to me. they remind me of the pregnant Goddess image that look a lot like a snowman. I like them, just never seen any quite that shape before.


  7. This cracked me up...
    right in line with my own thinking.
    Your house is a dream.

  8. Ah, chiggers-we don't have much that munches on us here in the NW BUT we do have spiders which itch like a mo-fo and bruise for weeks at a time.

    Then there's the coyotes and the urban raccoons (grrrr) and rats. We do have our wildlife, as it is.

    XXXXX Beth

  9. your house is beautiful! here in scotland we don't have chiggers but we do have the legendary midgies - belligerent wee beasties.

  10. i love your house and your yard. perfect.

    put up any pictures you like. the view is always new.

  11. Oh my gosh. That's the first photo I've seen of your house. It is beautiful. Your photos are always a joy to behold.

  12. And, I love the flamingos. I've been looking for a couple but alas, to no avail so far.
    What a perfectly beautiful house!
    I thought with the cool weather I could sit outside again at sunset, but nope; within 5 minutes I was attacked by everything that bites and cannot be seen doing so. Oh, for a good frost!

  13. The flamingos side-by-side are the best. They need to say there forever now.

    I would show a picture of my breasts but they sag so much they would need to be taken in landscape and that would not be fair to the internet.

  14. I love your gourds! I'd like to try to grow them... and your house is lovely... Definitely lovely old Florida...

  15. The gourds in the golden light are wonderful. I must have missed the photo of your ass!

  16. I am with Stephanie (above) on this one.

  17. I could stand to see more pictures of your legs. Just saying.

    And Owen, too.

    And maybe Mr. Moon's legs?


  18. I could look at pics of Elvis the most Internet-represented rooster every single day. Love the pics.

    Your chiggers sound like our jiggers in Kenya that burrowed under toenails.


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