Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House Keeping

Man, I totally and highly recommend going to get pedicures with your daughters. That was so fun! And relaxing. I did not go to sleep but I sure did close my eyes a few times and go somewhere else.
I just feel like a new woman.
And oh yeah, my toes look nice too.

Okay. I have not been answering comments because I have been so very busy but let me just say that this is not a new policy or anything. I'll get back to it right away. I promise.

And one more thing- Lon and Lis Williamson are going to be doing what they're calling a Mini Tour and I want to post their schedule in case of any of you are able to make any of the gigs. If just ONE of my people here made it to see them, it would make me so very, very happy. Lon and Lis are not only incredibly fine musicians and songwriters, but they are the most grace-filled people I know. It's always a beautiful evening going out to here them play. So here's the itinerary:

Thursday, September 29th

The Foolish Frog

846 Sea Island Parkway
St. Helena, SC
Historic Frogmore


Friend, Fiddler, and Restauranteur Beekman Webb
is hosting us and sittin' in on a few as well at his beautiful restaurant in scenic St. Helena, SC.


Saturday, October 1st
House Concert with special guest, Tim Higgins... multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire!
Little Switzerland, NC
Hosted by Theresa and Dan

Hosted by Dan Downs (formerly of St. Augustine) and the lovely Theresa in spectacular Little Switzerland, North Carolina.
Pot luck dinner at 6:00 pm. Show at 7:00 pm. I believe there is a chowder debate on.... Menorcan vs. New England!

828-766-9468 (after 9/8)


Tuesday, October 4th

Oddfellas Cantina, Floyd, Va.

A lovely cafe in the heart of the Appalachian mountains in beautiful Floyd, a musical mecca.


110A North Locust St
Floyd, VA 24091-2103
(540) 745-3463

6:00 - 9:00 pm.


Saturday, October 8th

House Concert

Stone Gardens

Center Harbor, NH


Many of you know the delightful Jim and Angie Bascom (formerly and perhaps one day again of St. Augustine).

They are hosting a house concert for us at a beautiful spot in the New Hampshire mountains called Stone



Tuesday, October 11th

The Jalopy Theatre and Old Time School of Music

315 Columbia St.

Brooklyn, NY


(718) 395-3214

A beautiful venue in Brooklyn, NY... great setting!!! We are sharing this bill with the inimitable Fran Leadon

of the Y'all Stars, :)

formerly of and perhaps one day again of Gainesville).


Thursday, October 13th

Mount Pleasant 1812 Farm & Hotel


Strasburg, Va.

For Reservations: 850-264-6916

House concert hosted by the one and only Carrie Hamby (formerly of Tallahassee and one day soon to be again!)

*Please note that Lon and I will be doing a double bill with Belmont & Jones in Gainesville at The Kicking Devil on January 6th. So looking forward to all of the above.


  1. St. Helena is near me as the crow flies. Hmmm...will have to think about the drive down.

  2. Syd- You would not regret it for one moment. Would be a lovely evening out for you and your bride. And Lon and Lis would be thrilled.

  3. What a fine time Lis and Lon are going to have on tour ~ everyone who goes will have so much fun.

    Syd, I hope you and your wife will decide to go. Your souls and your ears will be so happy!

  4. Pedicures are so totally relaxing--daughters or no daughters.

  5. Neither here nor there but I just read your post Assumptions and Faith and ...Assholioness (did I spell that right lol ) and I LOVED IT. I could read a whole book of that.

    Now for some reason (because I've heard you do this before lol) I think you will say you can't understand why I'd say this, why I'd love your writing about your life, but I do, and you'll just have to take my word for it, that's it's interesting and wonderful. It reallyis.

  6. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate getting pedicures.

  7. If they come to fucking Ohio, I'll go. But who wants to come here?

  8. Towanda- I know. They are wonderful.

    Lulumarie- That is the TRUTH! I hope they go.

    Maggie May- You have no idea how happy that makes me. Thank-you, baby.

    Angie- It will happen sooner than you think.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- No. You're just going to have to come here to hear them. Done.


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