Saturday, September 10, 2011

Picnic Party Day

Lily had the day off today and she asked Owen what he wanted to do. "Do you want to go to the park?" she asked him.
"No," he said. "Party."
So she brought him out here and we had a picnic in the backyard and I think that was a pretty fine party.

We had sandwiches and fruit salad and cheese and crackers and salami and olives and pickled cauliflower and carrots and craisins. And a double-yolked boiled egg of Easter Blue.
The dogs invited themselves and we invited the chimp.

The tiniest frog I may ever have seen showed up. HEY HANK! I HELD THE FROG! I DID!
He was the size of a craisen.

We let him jump into the fruit salad and then into the craisins (which is how I know that he was only as big as one of them) and then we helped him off the sheet.

Lily loved on her boy.

They pretended he was a baby. He liked that.

Who wouldn't?

After he ate, Owen climbed the fig tree. Here's a little video of that adventure.

After we were all through eating, Bop came home and chased the boy across the yard because it was time to change his diaper. "You better stop, Boy," Bop said as his long legs took him across the yard after Owen who was running towards the goats. "You better stop right now and let me take you to get your diaper changed."
Lily said it was the slowest fast-speed chase she'd ever seen.
Finally Bop caught up and grabbed Owen up and brought him in so that I could change his squirmy, wiggly boy diaper.

I think it was all part of Owen's plan.

It was such a good day.

Such a very, very good picnic day. And after Owen left, I made Bop some lunch and then we got in the garden and weeded and weeded and we found toads so camouflaged that coming upon one was like finding an ancient relic and we carefully placed them safely away from our trowels and the chickens came in and cackled and scratched around us and I am going to proclaim this Perfect Picnic Party Day With Chicken-Assisted Weeding.

We are calling the new baby inside of Lily Olive and whether he turns out to be Oliver or she turns out to be Olivia, we are just so glad that he or she is there. I asked Owen where the new baby was and he pointed to Lily's belly and then the chimp stood in for the baby and well, we shall get there. The world will make way for this new one and I am almost afraid to discuss him or her but he or she is there and will steal our hearts as Owen has done and life is rich here in Lloyd.


  1. I absolutely believe that it was part of Owen's plan.

    Yay Olive!

  2. A picnic sounds just dandy, what a great idea that Owen had of a party. The light in your photos looks gentle and dappled just the ticket for a picnic as you can decide do you want shade or a bit of sun.

    Ryan loved to have his "pals", as he called his stuffed lovies, and we included them in many a "party".

    When is little Olivia or Oliver due?

  3. Yumminess all around.

    Pappa Moon is lookin' especially strapping these days. I think Bophood agrees with him!

    Great pix of everyone and the toadie/froggie thing. You are so brave to have held his little craison body.


  4. I made my son watch this and he said YES I'LL GIVE YOU A GRAND BABY.

    Jeeze I wonder what crawled up his shorts?


  5. That frog is ridiculous. It is not a frog, it is a tiny pickle. I am still creeped out.

  6. we had a family discussion about how cute your grandson is....

    he has blog fans and he can't even write a legible sentence yet!


  7. I love what you said when Owen was in the tree and wanted a ladder: "A tree is like a ladder."

    You are the best grandmother ever. And I can't wait to see pictures of Olive!

  8. #1) I wish I had been there. #2) That is the most beautiful picture of Bop and Owen I have ever seen. I would like that blown up so I can put it on my wall. I love you guys so so so much.

  9. I love the new header......what a lovely still life.

  10. Gorgeous!

    And I can't say I'm not delighted about Olivia/Oliver. Beautiful!

  11. A beautiful day and lovely photos. Olive is a nice name.

  12. Stephanie- That smile sort of gives it away, doesn't it?

    Ellen- That is the way my backyard looks now- dappled and green and golden. Olive is due March 13 or thereabouts.

    Ms. Fleur- Bop is hot. I'll just say it.

    Madame King- So glad to be able to help out with your needs.

    DTG- I picked up a toad in the garden, too, but I had gloves on.

    Mrs. A- You have all watched him from the very beginning. It is as if you all have a stake in his life. Isn't that funny and wonderful?

    Lulumarie- I'm a funny grandmother. I will admit that.
    I can't wait to be able to take pictures of Olive!

    May- How I wish you had been here too, eating fruit with toothpicks! And yes, I love that picture. It is fuzzy but it is beautiful.
    I love you so much, my darling girl.

    Lo- I just said, "What the fuck?" and put it up there.

    Elizabeth- Depends on how you define magic, doesn't it? I set the bar pretty low and that gives me so much more opportunity to enjoy it.

    Jo- Another baby! Aren't we lucky?

    Syd- Well, we're just trying it out.

  13. I love the photos. They are full of such sweetness.

  14. Oh my goodness, I need to catch up! I didn't know there was going to be another grandbaby!
    That picnic looks like a wonderful way to spend a day. And for the record, I love frogs. Anything that eats bugs is fine with me(well, except spiders, because I just can't like them).


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