Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Which Zeke And Dolly Make Their Film Debut

My Bathroom Becomes Ever More Filmed

Dayum, y'all. What a weekend.
Everyone left out of here last night around two. Two a.m.
Then Freddy and his assistant director and girlfriend, Vanessa Vandy, (just google her, go ahead, yeah, she's an Olympic pole vaulter, among other things) pulled back in this morning at nine fifty. A.M.
They should have just spent the night.

It was really an experience. I got to meet some very interesting people and I helped wherever I could and I did get to play a corpse. It's hard to play a corpse. I mean really hard. When you know you aren't supposed to breathe, all you can think about is breathing. If Freddy has to cut my part, I would not blame him.

Anyway, I've about got the house back in order and Mr. Moon just pulled in from the woods and I am not sure where my weekend went but I keep telling myself it's Sunday and that I really, really need to go water the porch plants.

But before I go, I just have to share this picture:

Dolly and Zeke played the role of two dogs on their way to being supper for vampires. Haha! They were perfect! I think it was the most fun they've had in years. They didn't yip, squirm, or forget their lines. They did not ask for a backstory or motivation. They just played their roles and were not divas and I have sort of forgiven them for all the indoor pooping.

Sort of.

All right. I'm exhausted. But it's good. I feel humbled and impressed and pretty darn content with everything right this second.

And tomorrow Owen turns two. My boy. My two-year old grand boy. How did this happen?

Life is a funny thing. It's sort of like a movie.

Let's try not to be divas. Don't look at the camera. Believe what you're saying. One more take is almost always an option.

That's all I got, sugars.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm kind of relieved Owen is going to be two, because he seems to have been two for the last year already. Love the dogs' roles!

  2. Just look at the cute little arf arfs.
    I've always thought it would be hard to play a corpse, and in films I'm always looking for the person to wiggle their eyes or breathe. Some do, some don't. Ha.

  3. I feel like I know my way around your house as well as my own.
    I don't think I could play fact I doubt I could act at all.

  4. Two AM--I would have been asleep. Although I have to say that I have become more and more of a night owl. Nice that the dogs got to be in the movie. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  5. Those dogs are hilarious. Maybe, if nothing else, they'll be discovered and you can chaperone them out here in LA. I'm just pushing for a visit --

  6. I follow FB's "official" page on Facebook. He posted some pictures of the film he is working on and even as a 3 inch thumbnail I could recognize my dear friend in her overalls. So glad you are involved in yet another creative process!!!

  7. Those dogs look like naturals. I didn't know vampires ever ate dogs, the mouthfuls of fur would be off-putting surely?

  8. Your bathroom is the perfect movie bathroom. I totally get why Freddy chose your house--it has such personality shown in every room.
    Owen--2! Life is flying by.

  9. The dogs are so cute. Glad the shoot went well.

    I love youse.

  10. Souonds like you've been having fun with all this... Congrats on the car too! Love the picture of Jessie with her mandolin... and the Pileated woodpecker and banana spider. I love those spiders!

  11. The picture of the doggy movie stars is PERFECT. Holy crap I love it. They will probably start demanding star treatment soon - of course I suppose you've raised them to be more grounded than that though. Love.It.

  12. Ha! All this while I though Dolly and Zeke were BIG dogs. They're little poopers. Well, poop is poop Even if you're a movie star.


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