Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nothing Says Silver Anniversary Like A Sparkly Virgin Of Guadalupe From Cozumel

Home again. It was a lovely weekend and I can't wait to see what's on the camera because I have no idea how any of my pictures came out, especially the ones taken in the old, old graveyard at sunset last night.

When we got home, Mr. Moon was desperate to give me my card and I hadn't even written his out yet so I went out back and wrote a silly poem on it and gave it to him. Then he gave me his and I cried because it was so damn sweet and what every married-for-twenty-five-years lady would like to hear and THEN he gave me that necklace you see. It can also be worn as a pin and we saw it in Cozumel last summer and I really wanted it but didn't demand it and I've thought about it ever since and then- there it was today. Even wearing my overalls, I feel like some sort of noble lady, wearing it around my neck.

And that's all I have to say right now because I have laundry to do and greens to pick for salad and supper to make and dishes to wash. I've already given my chickens some grapes and made brownies for Jessie because she asked me to and I've unpacked my suitcase and have bread rising and have talked to all of my children but Hank and I'm going to call him now.

Golly. It was a lovely weekend. It's a lovely life. And I have missed everyone and I think I dreamed of you all and I hope all is well with you.

Love....Ms. Moon


  1. You are a noble lady and the pendant was meant for you. It looks just as it should and may you always wear it to remind you that you are truly loved. Good to have you back and thank you for the toast and the rest.

  2. I DID have a dream about you while you were gone. Well, a dream about Apalach, but I knew you were there in my dream :)

  3. That is a beautiful present. Welcome back.

  4. Allegra- Thank-you, my friend. I do love the pendant and mostly love that Mr. Moon went back and bought it and brought it home without me knowing it and kept it a secret all this time.

    Robin- Ah. Dreamworld. We are having such a good time in dreamworld, all of us.

    Mwa- Thank-you. It's good to be home.

  5. Welcome home!

    You know, it does make your chest look extra regal hanging there and sparkling so beautifully. What a perfect piece for you! I can't wait to see it. Oh and the (I snuck out and bought this because I saw you eyeing it thing... Man, that's hot!)

    We never made it to feed the chickens because we haven't slept since before you saw us on the trax. Harley's been terribly ill. I'll fill you in later.
    xo pf

  6. Missed ya, lady. Glad you had such a wonderful time, and that Mr. Moon is so thoughtful. :D

  7. Yeah -- you're home! I have missed you, your family and the chickens.

    The necklace is beautiful -- I enlarged it on my computer and got to see the detail. Mr. Moon is not only good-looking and hard-working and sweet, but he can carry through on the gift-giving!

  8. Beautiful necklace! And so sweet that he went back and bought it for you.
    Glad you had a good time, but even more glad you're back:)

  9. Welcome home Ms. Moon!
    That pendant is beauteous on your bosom.
    How awesome is Mr. Moon?

    Missed you. Hope you had a super lovely time.

  10. Beautiful necklace, marriage, and life!

  11. Am I understanding correctly? He's been hanging onto that since you two went to Mexico in August? That is so incredibly freaking romantic AND disciplined. Mr. Moon rocks!

  12. your necklace is so beautiful! and so is your clavicle and neck. just gorgeous.

  13. So glad you are back, and so full of joy; I can't speak for anyone else but I missed you and love seeing your beautiful necklace and hear how happy you are.

  14. A very beautiful present! Of course, it did seem like it was a weekend for that kind of thing. We should have the little guy home tomorrow if all goes well, so if you're in town, perhaps you can stop in. Still have my number I hope! Oh, and be sure to spread the word to the Opera House family. I tried to call Jan, but couldn't get through.

  15. Your surname is so appropriate since it seems your heart is 'over-the-moon' with love for life and your family! Good for you!

    Beautiful necklace...

  16. Visiting from Maggie May's....

    Happy Anniversary!

  17. Ms. Fleur- I sure hope y'all got some sleep last night. Bless little Harley's heart.

    Ginger- He's a nice man, I tell you.

    Elizabeth- I was honestly blown away.

    Michelle- I missed you too!

    Joy- Too much, sometimes, for me to hold.

    Steph- I know. What a man, huh?

    Maggie- So funny we both posted about our necklaces. A little miracle in the church of the batshit crazy, eh?

    Kori- Thank-you, sweetie pie.

    Jon- Oh! The most exciting time- taking your little man home. I will get by soon if not today and will spread the word.

    Simply Mel- I know. It's a great last name, isn't it? I know people think I made it up, but I did not.

    Jo- :) indeed!

    Jeanne- Thank-you! Come back anytime!

  18. Your necklace is beautiful, and your husband sounds just about perfect. Glad you had such a nice time and such a lovely surprise.
    My Mr. does the sneaky surprise on anniversaries, I can't keep a secret, so I'm always amazed!

    Welcome back, I hope you enjoy easing back into the rhythm of home.

  19. Happy anniversary! That necklace couldn't have hoped for a better neck to hang on. That Mr. Moon of yours is a smart guy. We could learn a thing or two from that dude.
    Thank God my wife doesn't read blogs. I'd be out on my arse!

  20. I am here, as directed by our beautiful and inspiring Maggie May.. and I am so glad :)
    I love both your necklaces, but more particularly the deep and true love your husbands have for you - clever and good men I think!
    I shall look forward to reading you... he waited all that time?!!

  21. The necklace looks just like it was made for you.

  22. This made me cry. For the love, and the faith, and the hope.

  23. Mel- He's not perfect, Mr. Moon, but he's very, very close.

    Brother Wrecking Ball- He amazes me sometimes. I honestly thought he'd just passed that pendant by and left it in Mexico. I should give him more credit.

    Shaista- Oh! Thank-you for coming by. Maggie is a dear, incredibly talented woman, isn't she? And we both love our husbands very much. Come back whenever you feel like it. I'll be here.

    Aunt Becky- I think it was.

    Deb- It made me cry too.

  24. wow, just beautiful ! these blue colors match each other, congratulations, (we had silver wedding 4 years ago, a nice feeling, you sort of know each other ! that really counts in the long run !

  25. The necklace is gorgeous, and Mr. Moon is a big sweet doll!

  26. visiting from Maggies to say happy happy day and oh, do I love that necklace.

    I'm obsessed with the VoG. Not in a religious way, but in a mother of all that lives kind of way.

    She is just so ethereal and beautiful.

    Wear it in peace and health and emotional wealth.


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