Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Speaking of Hope

So I watched that debate last night. I even paid attention.

Well, when I wasn't trying to gnaw my paw off to try and escape.

Guys- I'm tired of this shit. These men have nothing new to say.

Enter stage L and R. Come together in middle and shake hands. Go to separate corners. Open mouth when called upon and ......
blah, blah, blah, blah.

We have heard it all before.

Rhetoric and bullshit.

Let's face it- neither one of these guys is god. I have decided that we all take one candidate and endow him with whatever it is we want in a candidate.

Me? I want world peace and for every person on earth to have the opportunity to live without hunger, to get an education, and to be able to get the health care they need. I know that's not going to happen. No one is beating their swords into plowshares and no one is advocating that.

But to me, Obama looks like someone who might be more apt to go in that direction, so he's my guy.

You? You might think it's more important for the USA to shine strong and win every war we decide we need to get into for whatever batshit reason du jour.

If so, McCain's your guy.


I will say that every time McCain said, "My friends," I took a big ol' swig of tequila.

Nah, that's not true. If I had done that, I would not be capable of writing this because I'd be drunk for three days and hungover for four.

Every time he uttered that phrase I felt like a creepy old uncle had poked me in the ribs.

Obama, on the other hand, didn't creep me out.

Which is how I know he won the debate.

That and the fact that he's one good-looking man.

Yeah. It's come to this.

Prove me wrong, Obama. Show me you're not crazy because right now, I think anyone who wants to be president of the United States is certifiable. But please. Use those long legs to walk the walk. Use those soulful eyes to see what needs doing and that smart brain to figure out how to do it. How to help us evolve as a nation, as a people, as a species. How to save our planet, how to give our children (and when I say "our" I mean ALL the children of the world) lives they can live with. Use those big ears to listen to wise women and men who might have something to say that's important. Use that strong backbone to stand up and do what you know is right. Use those graceful hands to reach out to the people who need a hand and need some hope.

And I hope you can get past the rhetoric and the bullshit it takes to get elected and I hope you know it's rhetoric and bullshit and that you have some real plans in your back pocket. Do it for your babies. Do it for mine. Do it for all the babies of the world.

Use that youth and energy of yours to do the work that needs to be done. Because if you lead well, the people will follow and no man or woman can do it alone.

Isn't that what we want? A leader we can follow whole-heartedly?

It's what we need.

And I'm hoping we get it.


  1. "Every time he uttered that phrase I felt like a creepy old uncle had poked me in the ribs."

    Hahaha! That is exactly how it makes me feel, too! His attempts to come across as "one of us" do nothing but make it more obvious that he is not.

    After watching that stiff delivery, I'm not even sure he's human.

  2. Ha ha...I was online at Twitter and watching on the "Current" cable tv station. They have a show called "Hack the Debate". Twitters can post comments and they show them on the screen. I have to say the McCain & Obama commnents were pretty even. I WAS playing a drinking game - a whole bottle of excellent riesling. He is not my friend. I slept like a baby...actually I may have passed out.

  3. Ms. Moon, Damn if you don't have a gift. Thanks for saying it for me. I couldn't make myself watch last night but a friend sent me an msnbc clip so I got the idea. I was sooo mad when McCain referred to "him" rather than Senator Obama! God, the asshole doesn't even have MANNERS. Creepy ol' uncle who tries talk you into the back bedroom if you ask me!

    Obama's a Leo, and some of us can't help but lead. I don't see another person except Juancho who I would vote for instead of him.

  4. Yeah. I was going to say something more creepy than a "poke in the ribs" but I just went with that.
    I was going to comment on his physical being, too- he looked so unhealthy and he had to stop and catch his breath. I kept thinking how weird it would be if he had a heart attack during the debate.
    Really, the man SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! For many, many reasons.

  5. "Every time he uttered that phrase I felt like a creepy old uncle had poked me in the ribs."
    Did you mean creepy like the creepy old half-drunken uncle who follows you into the bedroom, where all the coats are piled up on the bed and stands at the door and announces he wants a kiss?
    Yes! You put it into words - that's how he makes me feel, too!

  6. I am hoping the US gets it too as it always affects us outside of the states so profoundly as well.

    I have friends that took a shot every time Palin said "maverick" during the VP debate...needless to say they were all shnackered pretty early hehehehe

  7. I really like that bit you have in there about Obama, my Mama. I love the way you write; it's really quite astonishing. I wish Obama would read this blog and do all those things you wish for. I know he would be moved by what you say.

  8. I thought the very same thing Honey Luna said. Obama should read your blog. You do have a way with words Ms. Moon.


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