Sunday, August 27, 2023

A Frolic Of A Post

 This might be one of my favorite pictures of all times. Both of those boys love their Boppy so much. And he loves them. 
Here's another one. It's blurry but it's still beautiful. 

We had such a good time with them. They were the very best boys and as cheerful and amiable and amenable as two boys could be. There was no fussing, even when we made them turn the TV off. Maybe an "Oh, man!" from August but they got over it. 

And the dumplings did not disappoint last night. One of the boys, I can't remember which but I think it was Levon, said they were soft as marshmallows. Well now. I consider that hight praise indeed.

The gooey stuff on the little plate is ranch dressing that cucumbers were dipped in. 

We had to eat on my grandmother's old folding sewing table that the Singer fits in and I think that was also one of her bridge tablecloths. We couldn't use the regular dining room table because it has my puzzle on it. But we made it work. This morning I said to them, "Just think, this table belonged to my grandmother and I bet she never once thought that one day her great, great grandsons would be eating their pancakes on it!" 
They were not that impressed. 

After supper Levon wanted a bath in my bathtub and August wanted a shower in Boppy's bathroom. Plenty of water was used by both of them. Levon lounging in the warm water of the tub that I sprinkled Epson's salts scented with lavender in, and August dancing about his grandfather's big shower with Eucalyptus oil sprayed on the walls. He said it smelled good and I told him it was good for his sinuses. 
And it might be. 

After baths they let me read more books! Oh gosh. It was just the sweetest. Levon wanted Banjo Granny and August asked for The Owl and the Pussycat which I love beyond reason. 

There were a few others and then it was time for kisses and good-nights and that was that. I warned them not to come into our bedroom until seven a.m. unless it was an emergency.
"What would be an emergency?" asked Levon. "Fire?"
"Yes, fire," I said. 
Then lights out, and they were asleep in minutes. 

The were in our room at 7:01 a.m. 

Of course there were pancakes this morning. 

Apple, peach, blueberry and oat bran. Very tasty. August ate four. And sausage. And eggs. 

And then it was time for them to play by themselves for awhile. 

Another game. 

Then the excitement really started. We played Monopoly, Jr., the advanced version. Ooh boy. 
Let me tell you something. Mr. Moon is the most competitive man I've ever met when it comes to games. I think because of his years in sports, he learned early not to personalize the other team. They are just opponents and your mission is to beat them and win the game. This seems to be true, even when your opponent is a seven-year old boy. 
Between that and August and Levon's excitement, I got a headache. I am not even kidding you.

I finally had to call it done for my own health and sanity. 

And that was the big sleepover. All the boxes were ticked. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the brown cows before bed. I believe that brown cows (root beer and vanilla ice cream) have replaced purple cows as the go-to dessert. I am afraid that this is one step closer to the "hard stuff" and that soon all of the grandchildren will be demanding bourbon and branch with perhaps a shortbread cookie and a few dark chocolate almond M&M's on the side. 

Here's one more picture.

Know what that is? 
Mr. Moon and the boys set up a trail cam last night to see what animal it was that had dug a hole in the old kitchen garden. 
Possum! And by the looks of it, a mother. Possums are marsupials who carry their babies in a pouch where they nurse. Frankly, although I very much realize the benefit of possums (they eat ticks for one thing), they freak me out. Looking at that picture you may understand why. 
I told Mr. Moon today that marsupials are so odd to me. That they're like an animal that the creator made a few varieties of and then said, "Well, that was interesting experiment. Let us move on."
The possum is the only marsupial native to North America so there is that. 
Did you know that when threatened they play dead to the extent that saliva runs out of their mouth? And it's probably not an act but a reaction. 

Yeah. You probably did not need to know that. Well guess what? I probably did not ever have to see it and yet I have! 

Gotta go cook some squash. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. oh the fun with those boys never ceases to make me smile! least it was on the cam and not in your house! We had *incident* many years ago one night.... not sure how this happened....but we were lounging on couch watching TV and hearing the crunching noise of cat food being eaten....but the cat was on my lap...WTH? got up and damn, a possum in the house! Eek! Skittered and hissed and spit through every room of house.....with me jumping UP on furniture to avoid it and shrieking.......hubby finally was able to corral it with a broom and while I held door open....usher it out. Ugh. Nope. Don't like 'em! TMI but there you have it! Happy Sunday. And your upcoming hurricanes....first thing I thought of today when I saw the *Idalia* was going to be closer to you than Franklin....was......add a V and you have Vidalia onions....which are one of my faves. ROFL
    Susan M

    1. those boys are gorgeous!
      Susan M

  2. Beautiful and happy photos indeed!!😍 And I’m very impressed by your grandmother’s table and tablecloth - imagine if she knew back then! She’d have been tickled pink, I’m sure! I cracked up about your take on the marsupials experiment😂 have a sweet evening🤗 xo, Rigmor

  3. Opossum lover here. They sure look peculiar but the ones I've known have been very mellow little creatures. As opposed to the grandboys (in mellowness, not cuteness!). Sounds like a wonderful sleepover once again! What memories those boys are building. You can see the love radiating off Mr. Moon, and hear it in your words. Lucky boys!

    Chris from Boise

  4. I am remembering how beautiful August's hair was when he was little- longish golden soft curls. Exceptional! Maybe when he is older he will grow his hair again. Maggie too, before the scissor affair...I suppose , though, since you are in a hot climate , very short hair is a relief!
    I love possums, they are freaky but are shy and just mind their own business, like rattlesnakes- not out for trouble really. I am truying to implore spiders into the house- too many flies all of a sudden, makes me think that some one died somewhere in this house and I have not found them yet.

    1. looks like Idalia may avoid you- fingers crossed!

  5. Your possums aren't as pretty as ours. Or maybe it was just the camera angle!
    Those boys are certainly making great memories.

  6. The possums we have are quite small, I think smaller than southern ones. Those I've seen mating like wild things on the deck in February are the size of a small cat. I'm sure you wanted that mating touch of info..

  7. We always tease Jack that we're going to feed him possum. He wanted to know more about them so we read the wikipedia page about them.

    Looks like those boys had a wonderful time with you and Mr. Moon.

  8. What a great visit! Love all the smiles...

  9. I love the boys and all the fun you had. I do not love possums. We have them here, the ringtail kind, and the males have a funny sort of grunting "bark" which echose for a very long way I hear it far too often at night as they claim territory or announce their presence, I really don't know why, but they also pee all over my garden (from the rooftop) and boy does that stink!

  10. Love that picture of Boppy and the boys but gosh isn't Levon growing up!

  11. That IS a great photo at the top. I had to look up a "bourbon and branch." I've never heard that before!

    I have a love/hate relationship with possums. They're mean-tempered and not too bright but they're pretty remarkable from an evolutionary standpoint. I guess a badger occupies a similar ecological niche in the UK (though they're not marsupials).

  12. So much fun! You guys sure know how to do a sleepover!
    Hope you are safe from the latest tropical storm, Mary!

  13. it looks like the whole visit happened on the sewing table with the tablecloth, except for the part where they're in Mr. Moon's chair. and we always called root beer and vanilla ice cream 'black cows'.

    I had possums living under my house. I suppose they are still there but I don't see any activity these days and yes, they do play dead so convincingly one fooled me one time. Minnie got one cornered and was barking hysterically and when I went out to see, there was that dead possum. I grabbed the dog and put her inside and then went out to deal with the dead animal and it was gone. just that fast.

  14. Those boys and that man! What a love they share, it just warmed my heart to see it here. Love back at All Y'all. Xxxx0ooo N2

  15. Wonderful pictures, you can see the love! August is looking so grown up! Possums look creepy to me with their red eyes and ray tails and they really don’t fear humans much. I’ve seen some huge ones just strolling the street at night.

  16. soon all of the grandchildren will be demanding bourbon and branch with perhaps a shortbread cookie and a few dark chocolate almond M&M's on the side. ............ Yes, I did! Laughed so hard I actually wet my pants!!!


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