Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Will You Be My Valentine?

Well, Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! I do not recommend scheduling a procedure to get a new crown on Valentine's Day. It's just not a very celebratory situation although I suppose it is an excellent form of self-love and self-care and blah, blah, fucking blah because we gotta take care of these teeth, right? 

Before I left to go the appointment, Mr. Moon gave me a little orchid plant and a nice new bird feeder for finches and then we traded boxes of chocolates.

I got his box at Costco, he got mine at Publix. We're so funny. We just finished the box of chocolates I got him for Christmas (at Costco- Kirkland's Finest!) so it was good timing. We should be set until summer now. 

After the kissing and laughing, I got dressed and went to the dentist and this time the new guy in the office did the work and once again, I am not sure that the man is over the age of twelve. But I went into it with a good attitude. I've had crowns before and although I do not enjoy the procedure, it's not painful. So the dentist's assistant, who is fast, efficient, and apparently quite, uh, no-nonesense, got everything set up and then the twelve-year old came in and gave me the Novocain and I had to bite down on various things to make an impression, as they say, and I almost fell asleep in the chair before they began their waterboarding, grinding, waterboarding, and grinding. 
Yep. That was pretty much the way it went. It seemed to go on forever. I kept visualizing a miniature tsunami in my throat with teeny, tiny people being flooded, drowned, and swallowed. 
I know. My imagination is way too active. 
The problem is, I think, that I have some sinus congestion or something and I can indeed breathe in through my nose but the air just wants to come back out through my mouth which of course was filled at the time with hands and dental tools and water. 
Ooh boy.
But hey! I survived! 
I did not order a golden crown because it cost about five hundred more dollars than the other kind. This was vastly disappointing to me but come on- what does it really matter? 

After I left the office I decided to go to Goodwill to reward myself for not dying or anything. And I found some nice things, as a matter of fact. I got one 100% cashmere sweater which is bright red but who cares? I wear them under my overalls. I also got another sweater that is mostly silk, some cotton, and a little cashmere. It is a nice dark olive green. I got Mr. Moon some new rocks glasses for him to drink his bourbon out of. He is pleased with them all. I bought two large, plain white bowls that I envision making noodle soup with dumplings to serve in them in. That will be so pretty with the little chopped green onions on top. 

I was so tempted to buy these. They were in the children's book area. They were quite old and after having just now googled them, I probably should have bought and resold them but I did not. 
Live and learn, baby. Live and learn. 

And one other thing. It was ridiculous but I could not leave it there. 

The little print on the bottom. Another picture that reminds me of Magnolia June. The larger picture I got at the antique store in Monticello where I got Dorothy Anne and that wall is the one that all of the dolls live right next to on the vanity in my bedroom. 

So that was really fun and I finally have some feeling in my face again and although I am feeling some tenderness in that area, it's not bad. 

I am caramelizing onions to make us some French onion soup and peeling and slicing them made me cry and cry but once again- I do believe I will live. 

Tomorrow is going to be a very full day. Mr. Moon has a consultation with a cardiologist because he wants to get a stress test and find out if all is well with his heart. He's so weird. Voluntarily going to a doctor? But I want to go with him and meet the guy. And then I'll be getting Levon and August and taking them to gymnastics as Jessie has work tomorrow. 

And that's it for Valentine's Day, 2023. Crosby, Stills, and Nash said it best, I think- Love the one you're with. And if you're with you, kiss yourself for me. Oh hell. No matter who you're with, kiss yourself for me.

Hearts and Flowers...Ms. Moon


  1. Are those Bessie Peace Gutmann paintings? Sweet! Glad your crown went well. It's scary when our healthcare providers start looking like they're all going on 13!! I thought there was only one Doogie Howser? Those Godiva chocolates made my mouth water. I'm afraid they wouldn't last the summer around here. Maybe the week! Ah.... probably not.
    Paranormal John

  2. You and Mr M are certainly modest chocolate eaters! In some households, they wouldn't last the week, never mind the season.

    The part about crowns that hurts is the price, ow. But it's not otherwise hugely stressful, mainly boring, see what I did there..
    Happy V day!

  3. I'm sorry you didn't buy the Masterpieces in Colour! Someone who really knew the colour restoration business might make something of them. On another note, the crown seems to have gone well--as well as Camillia's, who will be wearing Queen Mary's coronation crown , 1911ish, and made special for her by including two of the three hotly contested largest diamond ever mined, and worn as broaches by HM Queen Elizabeth.

  4. Happy that things went well. Enjoy that chocolate. Would not last that long here...

  5. kissing, an orchid, a new crown (temporary?) AND chocolate! What a day! Take away the crown appt. and I would be ecstatic LOL! and you had the energy to make french onion soup too? What a whirlwind you are. I love french onion soup...haven't made it in a long time but now will move that up on my *do* list! Happy love day to you and Mr Moon!
    Susan M

  6. Happy Valentine's Day ! 🩷

  7. A silk/cotton/cashmere blend? That must feel so lovely to wear. Your Valentine's day sounds perfect, apart from the dental visit. I applaud Mr Moon voluntarily getting a stress test. Proactive is the way to go with these things.

  8. You're a brave woman, going to the dentist for a crown. I hope I never need one. Sounds like you had a lovely day.
    I spent the day working on a gd quilt that looks so simple, but actually requires a lot of precision. And I worry about the colours. What if my daughter doesn't like the colours? Sigh.

  9. Chocolates don't last long in this house ! A couple of nights for a box if that!
    Did you know that if you keep onions in the fridge and cut them as soon as they come out, they don't make you cry? I have done this for years...it works for me!

  10. I tried to kiss myself for you but my back went out.
    Happy Valentines Day and Happy Crown day.

  11. I'm glad the dentist appointment went well and don't you do well at the charity shop! Nothing like that here!

  12. As with every other holiday, it's a nothing day here. I don't think we even remembered as it was a busy day getting settled in and used to being back home. I have to make the dentist stop now and then because depending on where he's grinding and waterboarding, I can't breathe so I hold my breath as long as possible. I successfully made a PC doc appointment for Marc for today at noon so he can get the referral for his follow up care. It was just a busy day, and then I made stuffed bell peppers for dinner.

  13. Glad your crown procedure went well and that you had a nice Valentine's day. I had lunch with a friend so that was nice and we did some resale shopping which can be fun. Goodness, I sound boring...

  14. You're very romantic Ms Moon. What better way is there to show your love than to open your mouth as wide as you can on Valentine's Day? We didn't do anything special but I made my girl a chicken curry with brown rice and peshwari nan breads.


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