Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Day Tripper

Jessie and I met today at the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store. She's looking for a piece of furniture to go in her bathroom now that the diaper-changing table is long-since retired. It's a lovely, large bathroom and both of us are thinking that a chest of drawers would be a good thing. She could store towels in them and maybe the winter clothes. That sort of thing. And as I texted her, "The  Children's can surprise you." 
The real name, of course, is not the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store but the Lighthouse Children's Home. 
I think the name I gave it is much better and far more accurate. 

We did not find a chest of drawers and we discovered that whoever prices the merchandise has, as I said, lost their tiny little Christian minds. 
There was a lovely chair and I'm sure it is a fine chair in all regards but they wanted over two hundred dollars for it! I've never seen a chair at the Children's priced over thirty bucks. But then some things were priced the way they usually are, which is to say cheap. 
They were playing an album of some country music guy singing the old hymns for our shopping pleasure and I knew every one of them. Those things never leave our brains, do they? It was sort of annoying and sort of bizarre and sort of funny as my internal juke box set each one spinning along with the record. 
Alan Jackson? 
I have no idea. He sounded very familiar though. 

Ha! I just googled "Alan Jackson album of hymns" and I think I found it. "Precious Memories." 
Well, I'm sure those memories are precious to some. 

I had to take a picture of the jigsaw puzzle you see above. Who in the world would do that to themselves on purpose? Buy an "impossible" puzzle that comes with FIVE EXTRA PIECES! I would go insane. But I am sure that some puzzlers are so good at putting jigsaws together that they would jump at the chance. 
I did not. A fifty-piece child's jigsaw gives me plenty of challenge. 

Jessie ended up buying a pool filter which may or may not fit an above-ground pool they were given. It cost a dollar so whatever. She also got a pair of boots for Levon that he will either love or hate. They were stellar boots. I considered but passed up a very heavy, graceful glass pitcher that would have made an excellent vase and now I'm wishing I'd bought it. 
But I didn't. 

Then we went to lunch at a favorite seafood place which was fun and the food was good although they did forget the potato salad that goes in the Greek salad. I asked for some and they gave it to me so all was well. We discussed many things, my daughter and I, one of which is a podcast that we both listen to- Armchair Expert. We both agree that we would probably not be friends with the cohost in real life. 

And then she had to pick up Levon and I shopped at Costco and Publix where I got to visit with Lily in Aisle 11 where she was unboxing gluten-free bread to put into the freezer. It's not the best place in the world to have a conversation but it's not the worst, either. She told me that Gibson had told her the other night that he needed a poster board and a shirt that looked like what Michael Jorden would have worn when he played ball FOR TOMORROW! Of course. Lauren ended up doing the shirt for him and y'all- look at this:

She did it free-hand! 
Lauren's talents and kindnesses are uncountable. 

And why do children always wait until the last minute to inform their parents that they need five dozen donuts and a science project for school tomorrow? 


It's a universal problem, obviously. 

And that was my day. I am doing fine although mornings are still very rocky with my anxiety on high alert until I get through the existential morning angst with which I wake every day. 

Here's what the wisteria looks like now. 

And here's a picture of an extremely vivid pink azalea because flowers are pretty much the most exciting thing in my life at the moment. 

Which honestly, is all the excitement I really want. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Such a relief not to have that sudden request for next school day. Delivered at maybe 9 pm..

    Maybe the chair was priced by someone who really wants it herself but has to offer it on the floor first. I bet it suddenly goes down to $25.

    1. Yes. One of the best things about being older is that we do not have to bake cupcakes at 11:00 pm.
      You may be right about the chair although I will say that the Children's has always been sort of a mystery to me.

  2. GOD that shirt is brilliant!! Love your flowers, dreamy colors. We are still grey- and it did snow today. We are still in winter mode- fine with me. Excitement is over rated I reckon. I am not feeling it.

    1. Excitement is for going to the circus, I think.
      Isn't the shirt amazing?

  3. Lovely read, as always. Long ago i might have bought that puzzle. Well defined sections, challenging, but what are 5 extra pieces for? That's a new one. Here in Ohio we have some very confused plants and i hope they survive so i am very glad for your phots of flowers and the small miracles they represent. And wisteria? I could write a book. The majesty of those vines and the relentless damage they cause.

  4. I honestly thought that was the name of the thrift store - well it is America, after all!
    Boud has a point about the chair. You will need to see if the price has come down when you go back for the vase.
    Flowers are good excitement.

  5. I like azaleas, too, and never had much luck with them.

  6. Kids and their projects! I was lucky enough one year to have my daughter wondering a week ahead of time what to wear for Book Week. I suggested an old fashioned dress like the girls wear on "Little House On The Prairie" and she agreed, because she really wasn't fussed about anything else and I knew I was going to have to make the dress, so I went shopping and bought fabric for two dresses, T got one with blue trim for Book Week and K got a matching one with pink trim just because.
    I should have made this a story on my own blog.
    I wonder if that $200 price tag was simply a misplaced decimal point?

  7. Ha ha, I had to laugh at Gibson. But ain't that the truth!! The number of times we'd be walking out the door and one of the boy would pipe up with "oh I need a ... for today"!

  8. Ugh. Do not miss school projects. If I saw an azalea, I'd be terribly excited. It's supposed to be nearly 60 degrees today, and I'd normally be all kinds of ways excited about that...except it's supposed to snow this weekend. I am excited about that, I suppose, but it is not a good thing.

  9. Lauren did a fabulous job on that shirt!
    I am glad you had a happy day out with Jessie.

  10. I really miss my azaleas. the bushes are surviving but those deep freezes are robbing me of flowers. I'd probably do that puzzle. and a trip to costco is planned for today and a visit to the Best Buy to drop off old computer shit.

  11. That does seem fiendishly evil, having a puzzle with five extra pieces. Glad you got to visit with your daughters and shop at the thrift store. Perhaps you can go back to the thrift store for the vase.
    Love that cartoos. Now we know why alien abductions happen:)

  12. Flowers are not a bad thing to be excited about! That puzzle looks like torture, though.

    On the rare occasions when I told my mom at the last minute that I needed something for school the next day, she usually said, "Tough!" So I give Lily and Lauren huge kudos for coming through with such an amazing facsimile of Michael Jordan's jersey.

  13. I prefer * bad girls get saved by Jesus* name for the thrift store! I will forever think of it as that........ too bad Jessie didn't find what she was seeking...but perhaps soon. And I cannot believe how creative Lauren and Lily both are in outfitting all 3 kids with whatever they need.....so loving, so patient, so talented......what an inspiration they both are!
    Susan M

  14. we did a big shebang before break for Black History month and as the SS teacher, i had to get 70+ projects done. it was all done in school bc as i told the parents, all y'all already finished 5th grade and did your homework. xxalainaxx


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