Thursday, February 9, 2023

Another Day, Another Waller


I have just been incredibly low energy today. I did not have my usual MerMer buoyancy, couldn't make my usual inane snappy patter with the boys, didn't crack jokes and sing them songs. 
Ah well. We all have those days. Maybe it's the weather change that's about to happen. Rain is coming and I can feel it in every place in my body that has ever been injured. Maybe I did too much yesterday, both physically and emotionally. 
Maybe I'm just old. 

Once again I did not eat lunch before I picked up Levon and we ended up at the sorta-Tex-Mex place again and please remind me that I really don't like the food there. And then I took him next door to the Goodwill book store and although he really wanted a toy and not a book, we compromised on a book for August and two puzzles. One with a hundred pieces which was superhero thing and one a Melissa and Doug floor puzzle of dinosaurs. Levon and I did the superhero one before we picked up August and it turned out that it was actually a 99 piece puzzle but that was okay. The boys did the dinosaur puzzle together before I left. 

I brought them snack bags with vanilla wafers and six M&M's apiece in them and they were thrilled with that. 

So I did do my grandmotherly duties and I read them the book we got at Goodwill which was a magic school bus book and I hate those books. I mean- yes, it's cool that the kids like them and learn things from them but they're sort of freaky if you ask me and poor Arnold, or whoever that kid is who is always missing the bus just makes me so sad. BUT, the boys like them and they want me to read every word of print on the pages and there are a LOT. 

The book we read today was about how the body works and although the magically-made-microscopic bus with the school children in it got ingested through the mouth of Arnold which I thought would inevitably lead to the bus being pooped out, I was disappointed to discover that no, it was sneezed out via Arnold's nose. 
As August would say, "Oh, come ON!"
Ms. Frizzle does wear some nice dresses though. 

So I tried and now I'm home, hoping to be made magically more energetic tomorrow through a night of sleep. 
I talk about sleep a lot. 
Well, write about what you know. I know food and I know sleep. 
And that is mostly it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Compared to my days, this sounds high energy. Just sayin.

  2. You did all your jobs! Responsibilities discharged, and the only thing the boys were disappointed with happened in the book.

  3. you had a full day today already and after the emotional ups and downs yesterday with the Roseland offer., along with garden chores and all else, am not surprised. It dealt you a wallop! We can't be *on* 100% of the time! Happy evening and sweet sleep awaits!
    Susan M

  4. I've never heard of the magic school bus stories and now won't bother looking them up. Grab blanket and take a nap.

  5. I dreaded those Magic School Bus books when my children were small. Just seeing it now makes my skin crawl!

  6. I kind like the idea of the magic school bus somehow. Oh and I did a 1,000 piece puzzle one time that had exactly 999 pieces too!

  7. When I taught middle school science, the Magic School Bus books were a go to. Middle schoolers loved to snark on them, but they learned quite a bit in a different way than just listening to me! (Nothing more fun than snarking on something when you're in middle school)

  8. The magic school bus was a very short lived fad here. 'Goosebumps' was the bomb. I coul;dn't stand those books.

  9. I've never read one of those Magic School Bus books, but it does look very informative! Maybe you were conserving energy today in order to be more energetic tomorrow. :)

  10. Sounds like the boys had fun and you are a sweet Grandma to always buy them treats and gifts.
    I was never a big fan of the Magic School Bus books either.
    Now it's Friday so - clean sheets and martini day! That will lift your spirits! :)

  11. ...and you know plants and trees and waterways and politics and cooking and old dolls and children and children and nursing and photography and .......

  12. You are allowed to take it easy Mary. Yesterday was a horrible day for me, today, is a much, much better day. Have a lovely martini with you honey and a good sleep. Sending hugs.


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