Sunday, May 27, 2018


Something's wrong with my blog and the comments situation because I did not get notified of one comment via email on my last post and that was a bit sad for me but I just checked the actual post and see that I did get some comments and I am so grateful.
I mean- I actually DID something yesterday and had pictures of turtles and stuff. Which is far more exciting than what I usually post.
So. Thank you for the comments. Always. I try to act like it doesn't matter and I never check my stats but it is nice to know that I'm not all alone here in Lloyd. Just me and my chickens and my cats and my husband and my grandchildren and my children and my books and garden and Rolling Stones videos.
Poor me.

We've had a very low-key but very cozy day here. Alberto, the either sub-tropical or tropical storm depending on what you read and I have no idea what the difference is, is making its way up the Gulf.

I hear that Cozumel is back to being sunny and beautiful while we're getting rain and a little wind now and then. Nothing much although I will say that when I woke up and went outside this morning I could feel that a-storm-is-coming feeling that all of us who live in hurricane target areas know so well. A literal calm before the storm which has a tint of green and uneasiness to it. But I don't think it's going to end up being much besides a lot of rain. Hank and Rachel and their posse on Dog Island are sitting it out even though there's been an evacuation order for all of the barrier islands in Franklin County. The order is seemingly being ignored by everyone and I imagine there will be a hell of a good party at Harry A's tonight on St. George Island which is just a bit west of Dog Island. St. George does have a bridge and a lot of residents and vacationers, and Harry A's is the venerable and beloved bar where everyone does indeed know your name. And if they don't, they will in about five minutes. If you haven't fallen off a bar stool at Harry A's, you aren't really a member of the community.
(And, in truth, I never have and it's not a goal of mine to do so but never say never.)

So Mr. Moon and I sat on the couch this afternoon and watched a movie and ate popcorn which we NEVER do. Dang. This is the weekend for doing things we never do. First hot dogs, now this. The movie was While We're Young and frankly, I was highly unimpressed. There were a few good moments but I liked the popcorn better than the movie. Still, it was fun just sitting on the couch and cuddling up to the man.

The rain's coming down pretty good now. I don't see any of the chickens but a little while ago Mr. Moon and I went out to do a garden viewing (the tomatoes are getting eaten into lace) and we saw that the youngsters have made it as far as the inside of the fence and we about burst our buttons with pride. As they ran the length of the fence I said, "We have a herd of chickens!" and it appears that we do. Mick is hanging in there and doing his best. He is still eating heartily which heartens me.

I have a refrigerator full of leftovers and even though I consider myself to be a master at combining things to make soup of, I just cannot figure out how to meld what I have at the moment into something edible. I could go with the venison roast with potatoes and carrots and green beans and the black beans and rice but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how rock shrimp, cheese grits, fried tomatoes, hot dogs and baked beans could possibly marry with them.
Wouldn't be prudent, as the elder Bush always said. Throw in the carrot and raisin salad (which was delicious, by the way) and it would just be a damn mess. All of the sherry in the world would not make this taste good.
I think I'm just going to heat everything up, set it all out on the counter, put every condiment I can think of on the table and hand my husband a plate.
"Have at it!" I will say.
And whatever's left is going to the chickens because my refrigerator is so full of bags of carrots and beets and green beans and peas that I can't find anything.

What a terrible problem to have, right?

Also, my tick bite itches like holy hell and I have a chigger bite which is itching too and my house is infested with what we call sugar ants and yes, they do bite, goddamn it.
Storms, be they subtropical, tropical, or full blown hurricanes, heat, humidity, Florida Man, insects, Florida Woman, (P)rick Scott, alligators, salt-water crocodiles, bears, wild cats, snakes, and mildew- as I asked yesterday- WHY do I live in Florida?

Because I'm too lazy to move, I suppose.

I'm just livin' the dream, y'all. Living the dream. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. LOL Ms Moon! Sorry your bites itch/burn....glad chicks are well (and Mick, of course) but your soup dilemna has me smiling. You'll figure it out anway.....but the shrimp, grits and fried green tomatoes could become a fritata for breakfast tomorrow.....while all else will become venison soup . ;-) . Hope you won't get hammered with too much rain...... I thought of you immediately when I saw the warnings. What we wouldn't give for some rain here in dry California
    Susan M

  2. I saw the storm warning this morning and of course, I thought of you and yours, including the chickens. I hope you just get a lot of cozy rain, the kind that makes being indoors with a good book and a sweetheart feel delicious and perfect.

    And yes, something is up with blogger views and comments, but i can't figure out what changed. oh well. Know that I am always here. You are never alone.

  3. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, but just know I'm still reading and loving every word. Sending Mick healing thoughts. Gail

  4. I read every day. You will never be alone. I’m sorry about your bites. Ugh. Does Benedryl help? May you and your family be safe.

  5. I, too, am a devoted visitor to Bless Our Hearts, along with 37 Paddington and Going Gently. All three of you write beautifully and draw your readers right into your heart and soul. I seldom comment, but not from lack of appreciation. I hold you all in awe.
    You are all incredibly kind, loving, generous, compassionate and wise.

    1. Desiree--You took the words right out of my mouth--only I hadn't figured out how to say them.
      Ms. Moon--I and all your readers will be watching the weather reports and worrying about you all. Keep safe!

  6. Every morning I eagerly check to see your latest post. Your wonderful writing about the life around you assures me that there is still good in the world. Thank you for that. I have only been reading here for a couple of months and seldom comment anywhere (I was so impressed with those turtle's shells)Take care, joanne in northern ontario, canada

  7. No bugs here, They can't tolerate the damned weather! LOVE your blog, as you know! You and Steve, my daily fixes! Sets me right.

  8. I dunno how you tolerate the bugs and storms and heat. I know I couldn't do it. but then I live with the cold, so...

  9. I am sorry that I do not comment, but I read you every dang day. So please know there are probably more like me that are so interested and involved with your writing. Thank you so much.

  10. OK, I'm totally behind on my reading and commenting, so I don't mean to be a source of angst! Of course I read everything -- it just takes me a day or two sometimes. :) I'm glad to hear Mick is eating well. I think I said this before, but it is so interesting living in England after Florida. The insects here are so benign! It helps me imagine the horror English colonists must have experienced when they first moved to the New World and saw palmetto bugs and scorpions.


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