Friday, May 25, 2018

I'm Just A Little Bit Sick Which Is A Huge Relief

So yesterday I was whining about how wimpy I've been on my walks this week, how the heat and humidity have just slayed me and how I had NO ENERGY and blah, blah, blah and suddenly, I realized after I posted that I am sick.
Yep. I'm so rarely sick with anything that it takes me awhile to realize it when I am but Jessie and her boys have all had a cold this the past week or so and now I have it too. Sore throat, congestion, cough, aches and pains and no energy? Hmmmm....
It must not be too bad- I mean, I did walk over twenty miles this week but yeah, it wasn't easy and there's a reason.
Well, besides being old and it being very hot and humid. But it would appear that I am not dying which is what my anxious old woman brain always tells me is happening if I don't feel well.
"Yep. It's finally happening. You are dying. Get your affairs in order. This is a terminal illness. Code red. Code red. Code red."

I did let the chicks out this morning and I'm not sure they all took advantage but some of them surely have. Right now I'm waiting to see if they can figure out how to get back in. Life is not easy for young chickens and there is a lot to learn. I saw Vera (or was it Viv?) scratching in the same space as Darla who reached over and beaked her head and thus, the pecking order is already being established.

Anyway, Jessie and the boys came out and we had a Monticello outing. We went to our favorite place to eat which is called The Rev cafe and Jessie got a blackened redfish sandwich and I got a chicken salad sandwich and it was delicious. Here's the view from the Rev.

Jefferson County Courthouse. Stately, isn't it? The clock tower bells chime on the hour and traffic goes politely around the round-about and stops for pedestrians. Monticello is pretty darn cool in some ways. 

After lunch of course we had to go to Wag The Dog, a thrift store which supports the humane society where we always find treasures for cheap. August got to play with toys and so did Levon and the cranky old lady who doesn't like kids to play with the toys wasn't there so all was well. Here's August wearing roller skates and holding a telescoping Mickey Mouse light saber. We think it was a light saber. 

His little legs were just going everywhere and he was laughing and laughing. 

I got some nice old dishtowels, the kind that are made of good heavy cotton, a large vegetable ristra, 

and a book. I saw a lamp that I liked but Jessie and a friend I texted the picture to both said, "NO!"

The shade was really nice and dang it, I think I might go back tomorrow and buy it. Fifteen bucks. I'm the queen of funky lamps and that one is truly oldish and why not? Life is short. 
Putti are simply under appreciated these days. 

So that was fun but I was ready to come home and so we bought our cool stuff and stopped at the Farmers Market for green peanuts to boil and green tomatoes to fry. 

Here's what Levon looked like today.

Cute as always. 

We're supposed to be getting a sub-tropical storm this weekend. Sub-tropical. Hmmmm...
What that means, supposedly, is that we're going to get a bunch of rain. Right now the system is forming over Cozumel and is going to head up through the gulf straight towards us as these things always do. Hank and his cohorts are on Dog Island for the weekend and for their sake, I hope it's not too bad. Thank GOD that Rachel is going because she planned and organized the food and supplies and so I know they won't die of hunger or thirst if they get stranded out there because the boat which transports them can't risk the seas. 
Let us wish them luck. Going to the Dog is always an adventure.

In sad news, Mick does not seem to be doing well today. He has been eating and moving around but his walking seems more difficult and he's spent a lot of time laying down which is not usual for him. Or for any chickens, really. Unless they're laying down and taking a nap in the sand or dirt, they are on two legs, walking about and scratching or searching for new places to scratch. 
I'll let you know how that goes. 
Not to be heartless but I wonder if my neighbor would give me Dearie The Rooster back? Although I have no idea how I'd catch him. 

And please note those magnolias in the first picture. Mr. Moon brought them home to me today and my hallway smells like lemony heaven. I'll take a picture tomorrow when they open for the daylight. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. sorry to hear Mick the Valiant is not doing so well......... he sure had a time, protecting his ladies, though. I send good chicken vibes for him every day. You packed alot into a day when you weren't feeling well- dang, early bed for you tonight! And the is quite unusual....... I do think you should go back to purchase it- I can *see* it in your bathroom perhaps?????? might go nicely there
    Susan M

    1. and.....I DO hope you feel better soon!

  2. Mick - damn it. I know you will take care of him and watch him so if he is not on the mend at least he won't suffer. These darn animals and our darn hearts. Go get that lamp!!

  3. YES THAT LAMP. I want that lamp. And goddamn, Mick.

  4. how is mick this morning? i agree tho, that lamp is so ugly it's cool. buy it you must!!!


  5. Happy to see the closed magnolias -- so exotic to my northern eye!
    For a person who reads a lot, I also use my dictionary a lot. I had to look up both "ristra" and "putti," so uneducated am I.
    Livin' and learnin',

  6. I'm sure you could get a rooster somewhere if one is needed. Hopefully, one won't be.

    As for the lamp -- LOL! I say, if you love it, you should buy it. I've never heard of a "ristra" either, although I've seen them hanging around here and there.

    Glad you had a good time in Monticello. I still remember my quick visit when I drove through on the way back from seeing you in Lloyd. Wish I'd been able to visit the Rev!

  7. I love that lamp, didn't see the shade but I'm sure.
    About Mick, sorry, he may have got an infection when he was attacked. Mom used to put combiotic in the chicken water to help. No idea if that can even be bought these days, but it seemed to help, it's penicillin for animals.
    You did say you thought one of the Buff Orpington chickens was a rooster?
    Get well Mary, it's not easy having the goo-bluefuss.

  8. Ristra???

    My word of the day in a foreign language. Hope you'll be much better after a good night's sleep and no storm.

    I thought you are tropical, we are subtropical here. But don't quote me.

  9. For some reason that lamp reminds me of ms radish king. If you love it get it, I say. Is there anything better than hanging with the fam? I’m so fascinated by Levon, watching all the connections being made in his active big brain. As for you, dear Mary, take care if that cold. It’s a good excuse to stay quiet and read or watch lovely trash TV.


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