Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Celebrate The Small

It wasn't raining this morning and my cold is but a tattered remnant and thus, I had no excuse not to walk and so I walked and it was hard.
It was really hard.
I simply HAVE to start getting out earlier when it is a little cooler.
I remember when Hank and May were teens and Lily and Jessie were still quite young how I would get up at 5:45 almost every morning and walk for an hour in the dark neighborhoods, simply because that was the only time I had to spare. My god, but I was so motivated then! I remember how it felt though, seeing the houses come awake, coming to know which houses started their days earlier than the others, feeling sorry for the sleepy children who had to be shuttled off to child care so very early so that a parent could get to an early morning shift somewhere. I walked those same streets for years, the only alone time I had all day, and as hard as it was, I think I cherished it too.

"Cherish" is not the word I would use to describe my walks but eventually, when it cools off again, I think I will.

Nothing really going on in my life right now. I suppose the biggest news is that last night almost all of the young chicks decided to spend the night in the hen house with the grown-ups. Was this a group decision? Is there a rooster in the bunch who dictated this behavior? Or was it a sudden instinct, a knowing, of them all that now it is time? I have no idea but as with so many things about chickens, I am so delighted to watch this behavior, to see how they seem to know what to do and when it's time to do it, all on their own. I wonder when we will start getting eggs. Not for months, I am sure. And until then, I will just cherish them for their presence in my life, their funny ways, their innate intelligence about all things chicken, and enjoy watching them grow and develop into such different, beautiful birds.

The black-eyed peas and okra are coming up. All of this rain has just pushed them out of the dirt.
Mick is doing okay. Every day he seems a little bit better. I can see him right now, standing sentinel by the hen house, waiting for his ladies to come in safely.

And so it goes, once again. A day of sweating and laundry and doing the grocery shopping and ironing some shirts and trying to figure out what to make for supper. The pieces of the puzzle which, when all fit together show the picture of a mostly uneventful human life. I think that some people's lives would require those teeny-tiny thousand puzzle pieces while mine is more like a puzzle for a preschooler- big, sturdy pieces that you can put together on the floor and even stomp on to make the pieces fit.

I'm not complaining.

I'm making risotto tonight. I'm pretty excited about that.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love this puzzle imagery, although I imagine your life is a bit more complicated than that. Certainly, your amazing brain is!

  2. I like anything rice. It’s my favorite food. Your chicken education fascinates me. And the puzzle, wow. I think my puzzle would be tiny pieces with half of them lost...

    1. Well, I've lost quite a few pieces of my puzzle too.

  3. I missed a lot in 3 weeks, like what's wrong with Mick and who's on Dog Island. my life for the past week can be summed up easily...trying to kill off all the stink bugs that invaded the tomatoes while I was gone and writing up my trip.

    1. Mick got attacked by the same dog that massacred a lot of my chickens last year. But he's doing better. And Hank and his buds were on the island. They were there during Alberto but it didn't amount to much.

    2. And my tomatoes are practically a lot cause already.

  4. It's a good life, and rather more layered than you say, in the best possible way. Love.

  5. I think your life is more complex than you think! The web of family relationships that you maintain, with so much warmth and humanity -- well, there are a lot of little puzzle pieces there. Not to mention the relationships with all your chickens!


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