Thursday, May 10, 2018

And I Also Fed Chopped Frozen Grapes To The Chicks Which They Loved

I am constantly stunned by the beauty and serenity of White House Road. I do love Farms Road except for that damn uphill climb as I return on it but White House Road is just, well, stunning. The trees, the moss, the shadows, the patches of sun, the has truly changed my life. I look forward to my walks now in a way I never have. Six more miles today and if I managed seven tomorrow, I would have thirty for the week.
Which I probably will not do. That seems a bit extreme. Not the seven miles. I know I can do it. It's just that one wonders where this will end? Will I find myself walking four hours a day?
I doubt it.
I do definitely feel stronger and I am not as exhausted from my walks as I was. And I have to say that the plump little partridge's extremely fat clothes are a bit looser. I do not weigh myself after being obsessed with the scale for most of my life but I can tell that I feel a little easier in the world. I have also started using a heating pad at night when I get into bed and it offers comfort and allows me to relax into sleep. I don't use it for very long and frankly, I am a bit wary of using heat on what is obviously inflammation but it really does help and so at this point, I am going with it.
I am also taking Turmeric and CBD so I'm covering the bases, as it were, and during the day I am in no more pain than I have been for the last twenty years or so.

After my walk this morning, I ate my lunch and went over to Lily's where I spent some time with Magnolia June. I know I'm her grandmother. I know she is my only granddaughter. I know that I have to and of course am required to think she is adorable but I swear- she may be the cutest child in the world. When I got to the house Lily was getting ready for work and Maggie had just woken up from her nap and we snuggled a little on Mommy and Daddy's bed which made her giggle and made me happy. She's just so affectionate!
A while later after Lily left, she got her doll and we sat on the couch and talked about her. Did the doll have a belly button? This required me to show her my belly button which really made her laugh. The doll had hands. The doll had feet.
The doll was sad.
"Maybe she needs nursey's," I said, and Maggie pulled up her shirt and gave her about one second of nursery's and then kissed her.
"She need nap now," she said.
"Okay," I told her and she took the doll into her room. I waited a moment or two and then went into her room to find this going on.

She was in the rocking chair, holding her baby and reading to her. She read her two books.

Then she said, "The end," and unceremoniously dumped the doll into her own crib and threw a few books in with her for good measure. 
"That's good," I told her. "She can read if she wants to."

And on we went to other things. 

We picked up the boys at the bus stop and Owen announced with what appeared to be a small amount of defiance that he had broken a window at his house. 
"Really? How'd you do that?"
"Golfing," said Gibson. 
"Well, that's why you don't golf in the house," I said. 

We got homework done and snacks made and eaten and Maggie and I spent quite a bit of time looking at a bug. It was a small beetle and I held it and asked her if she wanted to hold it and she did but every time I tried to put it in her hand, she changed her mind and said, "No!" 
And I respected that. 

She is such a smart little girl and can do puzzles and sings to herself as she goes about her life. 
I feel so lucky to be her grandmother. 

When Jason got home, I took my leave and kissed them all. 
"Where you going?" asked Maggie.
"I'm going to my house," I said. "Daddy's here and he will take care of you."
"Okay," she said. 

And that was that and I drove home, listening to more news about what Trump's latest crap is going to lead to and got depressed but Lord, doesn't it seem like every day the noose is tightening around his nuts? 

I hope it happens before he starts WW III in a fit of fear and pique. 

By the way, if you read to enjoy a well-written, good story I would like to recommend Lee Smith's Agate Hill. It will not leave you wondering WHAT THE FUCK?! but will leave you sighing a bit and also sad to leave these people and their stories behind. 

Well, at least that's how I felt. 

We need rain even more than we did yesterday.

Be well, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. OK,kill me, but a little girl giving her doll nurses is creepy. I mean, females are more than milk delivery systems. Yuk. You couldn't have thought of another way to help the kid communicate to an alter-ego who was sad?

    1. You know what, Vivian? I am completely aware that females are more than a milk delivery system. For Christ's sake. What in the world creeps you out about a little girl pretending to nurse her baby doll? I don't even know what to say. An alter-ego who was sad? Really? Were you there? Is this your granddaughter? No. Would it have been less creepy if she'd offered her doll a pretend baby bottle? Thanks for your opinion but as a woman (not just a female) who nursed all of her children and whose daughters have nursed all of their children while still retaining our ability to be creative and productive human beings, I find your comment extremely inappropriate. Did you not think that Maggie reading to her baby before putting her to bed was as important as the "creepy" nursey's? Because to me, that was the important part. It was beautiful. When women are told that their nurturing abilities are not important, we are in a very sad place.

    2. Bless Vivian Swift’s heart. ♥️

    3. Oh man, just now reading this. I don’t know who this Vivian person is but yuck to her opinion. As the mother of Magnolia I am proud she’d want to breastfeed her baby, even in pretend play. Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding to your children and now your grandchildren. F the haters as they say. -Lily

  2. I'm going to NOT comment on the nursies (which I believe was totally appropriate for Maggie and baby doll ),,,,,and ask you about your CBD. My hubby uses a few drops on his tongue when his back feels particularly spasmed up........and he really has gotten good relief. Glad to hear it is helping you as well. You are adding up the miles, woman! My hat is off to you! I love hearing of your life...every single day
    Susan M

    1. I am using a hemp-based CBD which I am sure is not as effective as the cannibas-based oils. But it still seems to be somewhat effective.
      Thank you for your sweet words.

  3. Most important, Magnolia is a beautiful, creative child. This Vivian has 3 followers, no wonder why. Ditto Elizabeth. Your walking is inspiring. Good for you Mer! I love your posts. I don’t know how I skipped Mr M’s bathroom, good for him! And those videos of the babies!!!

    1. Well, Vivian writes some lovely comments and I have received a few. But I just have to disagree with her on this one.
      Isn't Maggie's bean song amazing?
      And yeah- the bathroom project is really something. I am sort of amazed.

  4. Maggie is the most adorable and well-loved child. And you: I'm just so impressed with your walking. It's extraordinary that you have found such a serene beautiful road that makes you want to walk and walk. It feels like a kind of breakthrough, almost a spiritual experience. I am inspired.

    1. It IS almost a spiritual experience. I hate to think of how hot it's getting and I know I have to get out earlier but it really has made a difference in my life. How odd after all my many, many years of walking.

  5. I was so flummoxed by that earlier comment that I didn’t mention how inspired I am by the tremendous walking you’re doing! Just wow! Your comment about where it might end made me laugh and almost remember this novel I read not too long ago about a man who literally could not stop walking. Dang. What was that novel called?

    1. I don't think I've read that one but perhaps I should!
      But believe me- walking in Florida summer is not apt to make me want to never stop.

  6. Agree with all re both walking (well done) and also nursies. Don't you get dolls that come with little feeding bottles so why not dô it the natural way? Ludicrous comments from Vivian. I do think the doll is a bit creepy looking though. Obvs Magnolia does not agree which is all that matters Maggi x

    1. The doll IS a bit creepy but if Magnolia loves her and thinks she's her baby, well...that is good enough for me.

  7. Your mileage is impressive! We're not doing too much in Tucson because it's too dang hot. Once we're out of the heat I'm hoping we'll return to 20 miles a week. I love your partridge reference. I screen scraped that tweet off your blog and kept it because it amuses me so much.

    1. It's getting mighty hot here, too. We shall see how devoted this plump partridge truly is to this new way of being.

  8. I nursed my 2_daughters for last daughter was 3 years old and asking for 'noonie' before I weaned her. I wore tube tips and whipped my boobs out anywhere, any time when they asked for it. Both of them are grown, with children now. They are school teachers with Master's Degrees and breastfed their children (and their baby dolls & stuffed animals). They were born in the 1970's when people weren't so fucking politically correct & judgmental. I'd do it again. Breasts were created to feed babies...not attract men. LOL! xo


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