Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Is The Opposite Of Profound?

So either I have a cold or else I'm allergic to the cat or the blooming confederate jasmine.
Whatever. I am slightly miserable and the hog dogs are barking their asses off and the light is pouring down and guess what? Larry McMurtry has written a new book!
Here's an interview with him from Mother Jones. 
The funny thing is, I have been thinking about Mr. McMurtry intensely the past few days. I find I often do this with beloved authors right before a new book of theirs comes out. Not unlike thinking of a very old friend and then, out of the blue! they call you.
You know?
I'm sure you do.
Anyway, I want to go kill those dogs. I wonder how many there are. There may only be two but it sounds like hundreds.

I am drinking my delicious smoothie in my mason jar. That trick worked like a charm. I see there is still some confusion about how to do this. You never turn the jar upside down until the band/blades/gasket are securely screwed on. Also, my friend Ruthie commented on Facebook to allow for expansion within the jar because she has exploded a jar before doing this.
Don't sue me if that happens. Seriously. You have been warned.
Man, this is a good smoothie. I put guava nectar in it along with my fruit and yogurt.

Okay. I don't have anything else to talk about. I have got to go to town and get some things for my trip. Like that suitcase I mentioned yesterday. I have one small suitcase but I need a bigger one. I used one of my mother's the last time I went to Mexico but I exploded it (not unlike an overfilled mason jar) when I was packing to come home and had to get some ribbon to tie it up with from the nice folks at the desk of the Hotel B.
I think I also better get a bell for this cat.

This cat.
Oh god.
This cat. Who is right now lying beside me on the porch, looking out through the screen at my birds.

I wish I had something profound to say but I don't. My brain is stuffed up.

Oh, let it be.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I feel the same way. Sort of. Just sort of foggy. Here's to clear skies and clear thoughts.

  2. A bell for your new cat will not protect the birds, because Maurice will crouch, motionless, until she pounces, by which time a warning is too late. The bell is for you, so you'll have a constant sense of where she is when she trots about the house and yard, or wakes from a cat coma to scratch herself with a back paw.

  3. This is a weird urban thing, probably, but could the cat be an indoor cat? I think I hear you laughing. My cat is an indoor cat--so no dead birds. But there's a kicker. She's 20. You'll have to like that cat A LOT.

  4. It's one thing to like a cat a lot for 20 years, and quite another to monitor the area around your ankles every time you--or anyone else--open a door to the outside for 20 years. And then there's the worry when the cat inevitably gets out and vanishes for a few hours (or days). Indoor cats are fine for apartments, but not for rural--or ruralish--houses. Besides, the cat's already an outdoor cat, and would not be willing to make the transition. So, that's 20 years of watching the cat plant itself at the door and gaze piteously from you to the doorknob and back again.

  5. And you can unscrew the mason jar, and the lid remains intact so that you don't have to turn the whole blender upside down to unscrew it? I think I got it. I agree with Angella about the cat.

    My verification word was handcuffs and I typed it handfuccs. Dear god.

  6. Angella- And she knows that.

    Heartinhand- And back at you, baby!

    Anonymous- Honey, whoever you are, is there any way you could come and adopt this cat? I have a strong feeling you adore kitties and would make an awesome cat mama. (Or papa?)

    Ms. Vesuvius- Exactly on the mason jar!
    "Handfuccs." Haha!

  7. We had fruit smoothies this morning too. So good. I like reading about the cat. Good that she found you.


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