Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting There

Some things that happened today.

Man, I look old. I was not driving when I took that picture. I was in a parking lot. I promise.

Things are coming together. I bought books. McMurtry's new one and Kate Atkinson's Life After Life. 
I weighed my suitcase. I don't have quite everything in it yet but it only weighed like 36 pounds and I have up to 50 pounds so I am good. 
I have lists everywhere. 

This is happening. 


  1. Excellent cuts for all! Glad things are coming together. Because it's all about me (don't you forget it), my main concern is -are you taking your laptop?? Although I may have to boycott your blog out of sheer envy :)

  2. You look good, Mer Mer. The aviators are becoming.
    We haven't weighed the suit case yet. That is coming.

  3. You do NOT look old. You look great. The kids are adorable - that does not change. Owen is definitely becoming a big handsome boy now. So, so cute. You will have an amazing time. I feel like a living fortune cookie. Sweet Jo

  4. SJ- I wasn't going to take my laptop but simply depend on my iPad to blog from but you know what? I think I'm going to take it. I just hope the hotel's wifi is decent.

    Syd- It's exciting. And nerve-wracking. Thanks for the compliment. I will take it.

    Sweet Jo- I love your fortune cookie messages. And I love you.

  5. Yay! It's happening! You look great and so do the kids.

  6. You look like a rockstar. You look fantastic.

    I loved Life After Life. It's all happening.


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