Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boat Ride To Heaven

Today was quite possibly the best day of my life so far in which neither I nor my daughter gave birth nor I nor my children got married.
In fact, it was so good that at one point when Mr. Moon and I were standing in the palest emerald, clearest water I've ever seen, I wrapped my legs around him and said, "Let's renew our vows," and so we did and the party going on was our party and no one even had to know it.
"I will marry you again," he said.
"I will love you forever," I said.
And we kissed.
And it was perfect.

I, apprehensive, going out on the boat. Who WERE these people? What was it going to be like? The boat crew were three guys, two of whom found and resuscitated some poor fool who decided to go out night-diving by himself a few nights ago. They came across him floating in the water, dead by all appearances, pulled him out, brought him back to life. I'm telling you- Mayans.
They gave us the rules of the boat which were:
1. If your dog pees or poops on the deck, they can't clean it up because they're handling the ice and drinks and food.
2. Keep your hands out of the ice and drinks.
"Better to have one Mexican's germs than a whole international bunch of germs," as one of them said.

Made sense to me.

And then one of the women on the boat, a woman who lives here, said, "Bitches, let's party!"

Well. It was eleven o'clock in the morning and although I'd already seen one woman eat a pop-tart with a beer for breakfast, I wasn't quite there yet and spent most of the ride out to the dive spot simply looking at the water, the coast. Mesmerized.

Some of us snorkeled over some reefs and we saw fishes and a turtle and then we got back on the boat and headed down to the southern tip of the island and I have never seen a more beautiful beach or more beautiful water. By this point, most of the folks on board were extremely happy and we all got into the water and those boat guys brought us drinks IN the water and then came around with chips and guacamole IN the water (well, above it) and then delicious quesadillas and we never went to the beach but just stayed in the water and everyone chatted and laughed and took a little swim if the mood hit and well, it was completely and truly fun. I just kept saying, "This is the best day. The very best day."
And I heard so many stories of people who live here now who fell in love with Cozumel the way I am in love with it, only perhaps more so because...well, they figured out how to live here.


Green. Like liquid emeralds.

The man I just re-vowed with. 

A perfect party. 

On the way back in where the water turned to liquid turquoise. Seriously. It is almost a color not found in nature. Except that it is. 

And chile- I am sunburned. I put on sunscreen and I kept a long-sleeved blouse on a lot of the time and yet, I am purely burned. Haven't done that in years and years. But you know what? It is worth it. 

One last picture. All of the plants were trimmed today and I took two of the pieces cut from one of them and stuck them in water. Voila! Decoration. 

In our room. Where I am just about to go lay my head down. 
A best day. One of the very best ever. 

And the love story concerning island and husband continues to bring me joy and astonishment. 


  1. You bring me joy and astonishment too! That must be the most beautiful and spontaneous renewal of vows I have ever heard. You and Mr. Moon are a pair of romantics and lord, it's a wonderful thing to behold. I am happy for your very good day. lovelovelove.

  2. You two are like Kim and Kanye, only totally opposite! Truly, you are what is right about the world.
    That color?! You totally need to paint a room in your house that exact color and then every time you feel sad, go into that color and be awash in it. For reals.

  3. I just love how you are sharing Cozumel with us, and your perfect day is causing me to tear up- in a good way! Hugs, Carroll

  4. Siiiiigh...........Imagining.
    Joy at your joy.
    Take care of the sunburn.

  5. Angella- We keep joking about it. I asked him today if he was going to buy me a new wedding ring. Instead he gave me a handful of beach glass. I'll take it.

    A- Seriously.

    Jo- Can you even believe it? You should see it in real life. You still wouldn't believe it.

    Heartinhand- I am not sure there is a paint that color. Maybe a glass. It is indescribable.

    Big Mamabird- I keep crying. Thanks for crying with me.

    Elizabeth- It is a completely different reality. And is real.

    Denise- We are taking care of the sunburn. It is not THAT bad. I promise you.
    I can't believe I was so stupid and yet, I completely can believe it.

  6. Sounds fabulous and looks amazing. And you saw a turtle. I am jealous! Seeing a sea turtle while snorkeling always feels like such an amazing gift.

    I'd be a bit concerned about the "Bitches, Let's Party!" contingent, though.

  7. Beautiful photos and the water is magnificent. Good about the vows too. Something we may do as well.

  8. GOOD MOVE to renew your vows with that sweetheart of a man!And vice-versa, of course.

    Love you two lovebirds.


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