Sunday, May 25, 2014

Second Sunday

It is Sunday morning and so tranquil. No cruise ships today to eat the skyline, to hurry the island into activity.
Mr. Moon says he is going to eat fruit for breakfast. I think I will get eggs rolled up in tortillas. With pico. And some of the delicious chili sauce they make here. Last night as we were eating our chips and pico I asked, "Do you ever get tired of this food?"
"Nope," he said.
Neither do I. I ordered Chuleta Yucateca for supper because I wanted to say those words out loud. They were delicious thin pork chops cooked with a spicy sauce. Mr. Moon got shrimps.

A blackbird's whistle breaks the air with music.

Maybe we will snorkel today. I hope so.


  1. You're having the time of your life, I can tell.
    Not only that, but there's nary a hint of the "anxiety" you've demonstrated over the last while. Just sayin'.
    Enjoy the water.

  2. Oh, yes, one can never tire of real Mexican food -- and it's a benefit that we do have here in southern California. And sea lions are indigenous here, which is great, but man the lifestyle is distinctly NOT like Cozumel, and I so wish that I were there.

  3. We are home. And I am missing the delicious food there. I will have to cook some of that food here.


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