Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It has turned out to be another dark, rainy day interspersed with bright patches of sun which come quickly and unexpectedly and which are then swallowed by the clouds again.
I slept very hard for about forty-five minutes and I finished reading that Matt Haig book. The Humans. I'm not sure if it was a really good book or just a book which suited me in this time and place in my life. Either way, or maybe a bit of both, I enjoyed it and I will remember it which these days is saying a lot.
In an afterword note, the author wrote that the idea came for this story when he was in a period of acute anxiety and panic and that one of the few things which helped him control these things was reading and also writing. Perhaps that is why it touched me the way it did- I, too, have experienced those same vibrational disturbances. It felt, the book did, like an attempt to explain them and breathe them into reassuring control. I think he succeeded on more than one level. For me, at least.

Beyond that, I have moved slowly back and forth across the house, washing sheets and rugs and sweeping, doing a little cleaning and tidying. Not much. But some.

I am cooking a supper of a quiche with a grated potato crust. I have steamed the broccoli and will cook the peppers and onions and mushrooms and tomatoes to go in it and I will bake it and it will be good, the eggs all so fresh and we are spoiled there.

Buster has been quiet too, moving even more slowly than I have been, but up and walking, all the same.

Mr. Moon has replaced the rusted handle on the screen door. It will be strange, I think, to reach for that familiar handle and find a different one. There are so many tiny small objects in our lives which we never even think about but which we touch and use daily without thought, our fingers knowing them like the faces of lovers.

It has been a quiet day and a slow one. A resting day, neither good nor bad. One of the days of my life, this very human life, and I am simply grateful for it and all that it has held, neither good nor bad but with elements of it all and I can not and will not ask for more.


  1. I had a gray and rainy and awful day. It's definitely going to be evening of rest for me -I may cook something just to be soothing to my soul.

  2. I had a semi productive day. Got some stuff done, could have done more.

  3. Grated potato crust? Mmmmm. Tell me more. Raw? Cooked up like hash browns first?
    Ya know, you get an awful lot accomplished in a slow day.

  4. A day that closes with a good dinner--well, the calming beneficence of that is a plain wonder, isn't it...
    a blessing.

  5. A lovely post -- I'm struck, too, by the potato crust, and I'm wondering how you did that.

    My day passed slowly and a bit weirdly as well.

  6. You are awesome. Why thank you Sweet Jo. I am at that. Potato crust, productive despite not having such a great day. Inspirational. Kind....

  7. I'm going to try to remember to look for that book. And yes, it's amazing how one small change in our environment, like the replacement of a door handle, can seem like such a dramatic shift. Our bodies do so many things habitually and very precisely, without our even being aware.

  8. I'm going to check out the Matt Haig book. As well as the little familiar things, there are the little familiar sounds too. So important.


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