Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big Enough

Being, as I am, the luckiest woman in the world, I received an early birthday present today- an iPad mini with a cover/keyboard which means that technically speaking (haha!) I can now blog from anywhere in the world which gets cellphone reception. Which is amazingly awesome for me. I mean, I can and do blog from my phone but really? That's a bit difficult.

So of course right now I'm in Techno-Hell, trying to figure everything out. Not with the iPad. That is just like an iPhone, only bigger so I'm zipping along with that, setting up things, downloading the apps I need, familiarizing myself with everything and loving it so far. No, the problem I'm having is with the keyboard cover which is NOT an Apple product. It came with a very small instruction book which to my mind is completely inadequate. And although I am following directions to charge it (and of course the iPad came fully charged because Apple is awesome) it does not seem to be charging and the power button does not seem to be working and Mr. Moon may be taking that back for me tomorrow as I have the boys.

I remember when I got my first computer which was probably about the worst Mac ever made but it suited me fine and I learned how to use it with the help of a Mac's For Dummies and for about a week I was obsessed to the point where I actually lost weight and every time I get a new device, I seem to go through the same obsession (although no longer is any weight-loss associated with it) and it makes me anxious but not the same kind of anxious as I was talking about this morning so, perhaps, it's a good thing, who knows? Not me. Using anxiety to fight anxiety makes no sense but neither does using fire to fight fire and they do that all the time.

The sweet lady who was our saleslady at the Verizon store sat me down to explain the iPad to me and I think she was expecting me to be a complete idiot and I wasn't. I am proud of that. But hell- like I said, if you can operate an iPhone, the iPad just isn't that difficult. I even showed her something she didn't know about the iPhone which I discovered completely by accident last week. When taking a photo on the iPhone (and on the iPad, I have discovered), you don't have to press the little camera icon at the bottom of the screen. No, you can take that picture by pushing on either of the buttons on the side which control volume.
The lady was amazed! AMAZED I tell you! And I felt like a genius. An Apple genius.

Anyway, it's after eight o'clock, Mr. Moon has gone to Lake City to buy a lawnmower and if that sounds a bit odd to you, well, you just don't know my husband. So I think I'll go heat up some soup and let it all be for awhile. I just checked that damn keyboard cover again and it's not charging. I think the charging port is fucked up but what do I know? I just know it's not working and that's crap.

I want to thank all of you so much for the sweet and precious words you left me today on my earlier post. I think that so many of us go through the same things and we shouldn't feel all alone and we shouldn't feel that we are weak or flawed in any way. We are human beings and we are doing the best we can and here we are, holding each others' hands saying, "I know, me too."

Nothing could be better than that.

I thank my lucky stars for this community. And I thank my husband for buying me the devices I need to be a part of it. And I'd like to send a special shout-out to Owen who, when my hip was in his way while he was trying to unlatch his seatbelt today said, "Mer, you quite a big woman."
Which made me laugh so hard.
I felt like Precious Ramotswe of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. A little bit. I may not be quite traditionally built, as is Precious, but I suppose I am big enough. Still small enough, though, to sit wedged between my boys in their car seats in the back of Lily's van and there I will sit until Owen gets tired of me being there. Which will happen way sooner than me getting too large or not nimble enough, I feel. He's growing up so fast.

Okay. Stop, Mary. Just stop! Go eat some soup!

Love, love, LOVE...Ms. Moon


  1. HA! Our parallels are so bizarre -- you mention your first computer. My mother sent me a picture today in the mail (she does this kind of thing sometimes, out of the blue) of me pulling a blanket off my 11th birthday present...a new computer.

    I sure do love you! And our parallels. And our community.

  2. (It was almost as big as the desk)

  3. I am VERY jealous of this iPad mini acquisition. VERY.

  4. My head is spinning and I'm growing ever farther away from the Apple world. I am thrilled that you got such a wonderful gift, though, and completely and utterly in love with your grandson. That comment made me laugh -- loudly -- out loud. (I refuse to use the acronym)

  5. Happy HAPPY almost birthday! What are you guys going to do?


  6. Hahaha! Owen is so funny!

    We had to buy a new lawnmower this week. Our 32 year old one finally died. We were dismayed to see nothing but shitty lawnmowers now. They are all made of plastic. I give the one we bought two years.

  7. Yay for the new computer! I am always reluctant to bring my laptop when I travel, so having something like that would be fabulous.

    I tried that iPhone taking-pictures trick but it doesn't work on my phone -- a 3G which, granted, is as old as the hills. That must be only with newer phones.

  8. get outta town with the volume clicking! hah! hitting that bottom icon was pretty tricky at times... hah!

    Owen is the bomb


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