Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Early Morning

My boys are coming very soon and it is early morning, the sun just beginning to be bright enough to give some color to the grass, everything else still shadowed black and white. Lovely-eerie.
The roosters crow.
Lon and Lis are coming in today and my house- well, there will be clean sheets and towels but my standards have slipped incredibly when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness. I merely trust they will love me, even if there is grit on the floor, even if toys are not all in their places, even if there is clutter. Just as my standards of my own appearance have slipped. I have crusting craters on my face and I can't believe that everywhere I go (and even that I dare to go anywhere!) people don't ask me what in hell happened to my face.
Only the sweet old Indian lady who works at Publix has asked me. I told her, she nodded.
So what?
Little children still smile at me and when I smile back and say, "Hello!" they wave.
That is good enough.

Early morning and no, I didn't get enough sleep but it'll do. It'll be fine. I'll show Owen and Gibson the little baby chick if her mother will let us see her. She is a protective mother, that Mrs. Baby, of her one remaining chick-child. It is a funny thing to see them scratch together in the dirt, both so determined and skilled at this activity.

Good morning from Lloyd. I think of all of us, sipping our coffee, our tea, waking up or getting ready for bed, depending on where it is on this great blue planet you live. Let us take this day to love and be loved, to tend and to be cared for. To ignore the grit on the floor if there is someone to be hugged, to be changed, to be amused, to dance in the hallway with.

Good morning.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good morning Mary Moon! You're helping me start the day off right. I love that you invoked Jessie and Virgil dancing in the hallway. It was a moment wasn't it.

  2. And a good morning and happy Friday to you! In 2 hours and 42 minutes I am off work and can go home sleep.

  3. Good Morning Mary! I think people don't run in fear when they see you because they see YOU. The beautiful, warm, love that surely radiates from your pores. I can see that from here.
    Enjoy those boys today.
    Your test post came through perfectly, that Gibson is such a beauty! Those eyes!

  4. tony's mom may be coming, so i will be cleaning with your old stand by, fabuloso!


  5. I'm all for letting the grit be - especially as it's much too gorgeous a day in Ohio to do any inside cleaning. Maybe instead I'll deadhead daisies when I get home. That's such a satisfactory activity at the end of a work day. Ha!

    I'm intrigued that the chick is already proficient in feeding itself. Our sparrows are NOT naturally proficient. Last night we watched two sets of moms & babes (the babes bigger than the moms). One mom would get a seed & patiently feed the baby. The other mom was clearly done with this activity. The baby just sat on the fence like a lump & the mom would periodically sit near & then hop to the ground or hop to the bird bath - clearly trying to tell the bird to get on with taking care of itself. If a bird can look sulky, then this little one did. Made us laugh.

  6. If little children aren't screaming and running away, that is definitely a good sign. :)

    Glad the iPad posting works!

  7. Had a pretty happy Friday which means that I am feeling better and not as sad. I am coming back into the light surely and steadily.


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