Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Love To Cook

Because we ate our meals in restaurants all weekend and none of them made me very happy except for the oysters, I'm just going to say this- I'm a damn good cook.
And tonight I'm cooking some grouper that my husband caught, some okra that my friend Tom grew along with canned tomatoes (yes) and peppers and onions, sweet potato biscuits, brown rice with vegetables, and a salad of greens, our tomatoes, avocados, onion, lime juice, salt and mayonnaise.

It is going to be awesome.

I swear. I feel like I should sit down with some of the chefs who cooked our dinners this weekend and say, "Honey, let me tell you...this is how you do it."

And that's as braggy and ego-y as Ms. Moon is ever going to get.

But I will admit freely that it is very nice to go and eat a supper that someone else cooked and not worry about cleaning up. Worth the price of the meal.


The frustration of a tasteless mango salsa on a piece of grouper that was obviously old and previously frozen was enough to make me pissed off. And to call a piece of Key Lime pie the best in the world when really, it was just skinny and skimpy in its girth really, really made me mad.

But still. I appreciate the effort.


  1. I also made sweet potato biscuits this weekend! I had a picture to send you but didn't -I knew you were on a getaway. I put almond milk and flax seed in mine. They were amazing.

    I swear, I've learned to cook so much from you.

  2. OH, may I get the sweet potato biscuit recipe from you later? There are yams on Yap!

    And ain't this the truth? I know already that you're a fabulous fabulous cook.

    Wherever I go, including New Orleans, the best places to eat are in friends' kitchens.

  3. This is not ego. This is merely truth. You're an awesome cook. I know this absolutely.

  4. One should never, ever hand out skimpy, lackluster key-lime pie! :-)

    I get frustrated at restaurants and I am not that great of a cook, so I can see your point.

  5. I think you should have stopped with the praise of and descriptions of your own meal. But you kept on, making apologies and being the kind person that you are (about the bad food). I so wish that I could sit down at your table some time and eat a meal with ya'll.

  6. My comment didn't make any sense at all. I meant to say that it's just like you to be kind and sort of excuse the bad food you got -- or look on the bright side. I'm meaner and think if you PAY for something, it should be good, and skimpy key lime pie is just inexcusable.

  7. Mmmm....yes, the sweet tater bizkit recipe please !

    Every year, I can at least a dozen jars of tomato, okra and onions. And I eat each jar as a whole meal, by myself, when no one else is around.

  8. I don't doubt that you are a great cook -- I bet part of what makes your meals so special is that you grow a lot of your produce. Those restaurants are using commercially grown tomatoes and god knows what else, and they NEVER taste as good. (I am not discounting your skill when I say that!)

  9. I much prefer to eat at home and have our own food. Everything at restaurants is over priced and not particularly tasty or healthy. The health part is what gets me which is why I generally get a salad or grilled seafood if we go out. We quit going to huge fancy restaurants in the city. Now if I go, I go to the less fancy places and am much happier.

  10. And now, I am hungry. ("Now" meaning always.) xo


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