Friday, July 26, 2013

Did You Think I'd Forget?

It's Sir Mick's 70th birthday.
Dear god. Miracles abound and we are the richer for it.
Happy Birthday, old boy, you Brenda, you!


  1. My boss was on a business trip & saw him in the lobby of a hotel last month - he was like a little kid (my boss, not Mick) - had to email a picture to me. Ha!

  2. Enjoy and I'm glad you are feeling better today.47

  3. Seriously? I saw them when I was 15. I left the Beatles behind on that day because I wanted to FUCK the RS bad. My hormones did a backflip when I saw Mick swinging his jacket while he sang 'Little Red Rooster'. And now he's 70? Lord.

  4. That is hard to believe. I feel like 70. Have a great weekend, Ms. Moon.

  5. Wow, 70! I'm sure he's enjoying a pretty good bd!

    Hello! Visiting from Birdie's place.

    Happy weekend. :)

  6. Man, that makes me feel old!


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