Monday, February 4, 2013

Vastly Unimportant

I am cooking brown and wild rice and have sliced up many types of vegetables and that's what we're eating for supper.
I still don't have anything to talk about. Today has been about the Secret Wedding Stuff and also Last Will And Testament Executor Stuff and that's about it.
Well, except for Owen and Gibson.
Who are funny and fine.
Gibson is doing this thing when I take his picture where he sways over to his right and smiles like a crazy person. He is posing. But it happens really fast and it's hard to get a good picture because it's such a swift, graceful movement. Here's one attempt.

He's a hoot.

Here's another picture of him just being normal.

He's a pretty little booger, isn't he?

Owen wanted some breath spray I had in my purse which I have been carrying around since last year when it was finished being a prop in a play I was in. I told him it was very spicy and he wouldn't like it but he wanted it anyway. I gave his tongue a tiny blast and he, as expected, was shocked and hated it.
"I never, never, NEVER do that again!" he said after he'd recovered enough to speak.

Fine, boy. You don't have to.

And that's about it. It's a Monday night, I'm about to go cook those vegetables and I honestly don't have one more thing to say. Except that I got a really, really big egg today.
Bless that hen's heart. And woo-woo.

Carry on.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I haven't much to say today, either. And what I did say wasn't too popular. Oh, well. Photos of Gibson suffice, and rice with vegetables sounds perfect.

  2. I am stuck at the first picture of Gibson. Your photo attempt captured such a cute, cute little boy! I could just squeeze him! S. Jo

  3. He is a big boy! How much does he weigh? I love his great big kissable cheeks! And his hands that have dimples where his knuckles should be.

    What my daughter was about Owen's age she wanted to try a wasabi flavored nut. I told her they were very spicy and hot but she insisted. I will never forget the look of betrayal on her wee face as her eyes teared up. I still feel bad about it. She is also the child who went at least 100 times to touch the hot fireplace. Finally one day I know it had cooled sufficiently to not give her a burn but it would still hurt. She went to touch it and she cried and cried. She is 15 and still remembers!

  4. I have little here either. I'm just plain tired.

  5. He's a beautiful little booger.

  6. Owen has learned a valuable lesson, about listening to his grandmother, if nothing else :)

    Beautiful booger indeed :)

  7. I love that you called him a booger. My MIL used to call my oldest a Meadow Muffin. LOL!


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