Monday, November 3, 2008

Desperate BASTARDS! (Thanks, Brother W. B.)

Okay. Some sleezoid Republican came through Lloyd around five a.m. and stole all the Obama yard signs in the neighborhood.

Excuse me?

What kind of a cowardly asshole thinks this is the way a democracy is run?

My across-the-street neighbor is in town right now, getting more Obama signs for our little tiny corner of the world which is a decidedly Democratic corner of the world.

And we're all calling the sheriff. Which is patently ridiculous but still....



  1. it's because they're skeared little BASTARDS!!

  2. I don't blame you, I'd call the sheriff too!
    There was a story on the local news here not long ago, people whining because their McCain yard signs were stolen. Now in that case, I think it's more a public service than a crime...

  3. "What kind of a cowardly asshole thinks this is the way a democracy is run?"
    I think you've pretty much answered the question with your question!

    I noticed a funny thing: I had placed my sign well inside my property line because the city tends to take signs off the right-of-way, and last night I noticed that someone had moved it right out to the corner where it could be seen better! :) I chuckled and hoped the city doesn't need to mow for another day.

  4. Well, the sheriff came and "investigated" and my neighbor has put up all new signs.
    It's funny. I have walked past a sign saying YES for Prop 2 (one man, one woman equals marriage) and wanted to tear it out of the ground for weeks. But did I?
    Because I have scruples and believe all Americans, even the stupid ones, have the right to voice their opinion.
    Which, unfortunately, others obviously do not.

  5. GO OBAMA! GO OBAMA!!!! and same sex marriage too!!!

    oooh my fingers are crossed! Come on MAN!!!!!!!!!! Win!!!!

  6. So post a big sign in your yard tonight that says..."To the rat bastard who stole the Obama signs, you are cordially invited to our Obama Victory party tomorrow night for a nice cold glass of KISS MY ASS!"

  7. DTG- yeah. What an asshole. Or, asshat. Not sure.

    Ample- YAY! You're back! YES for Obama! NO for Prop 2!

    Balboa- I do not think so. I ain't sharing my cold glasses of anything with rodent bastards. I just wish Mr. Moon had caught the guy at his dastardly, bastardly deed.

  8. Also- Brother WB- I LOVE it when you say BASTARDS!!!!!

  9. I just read your comment on Blurbomat's blog and it gave me Goosebumps.

    Thanks for living in Florida and voting for HOPE!


    Oh and sorry about your sign. Happened to my mom here in Wisconsin too.

  10. That makes me want to vomit. Seriously.

    I did note to The Daver the other day that many of the Obama signs in yards are really close to the house, whereas the McCain ones are right out by the sidewalks.

  11. I ran over a bunch of W signs once on my bike and felt bad. Then he lied and sent us to war so I don't feel bad anymore.

    concerned citizen

  12. Haha...

    yes! bastards!


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