Friday, October 7, 2022


For the first time ever in my blogging life, I just don't feel the urge to write. And this week I have decided to just be okay with that. 
I feel certain that words will come back but meanwhile...

Sebastian elementary school where I attended first through fifth grade. It is now local government and environmental offices but there is a small museum where the cafeteria used to be, where Aunt Flonnie ruled and where I spent most of my fifth grade year working under her watchful eyes. 
It was and is a beautiful building. 

No matter how many years I spend on the Gulf, the Atlantic is my mother. 
We went to the inlet which is a cut between the ocean and the Intercoastal Waterway. aka, the Indian River. 

From the inlet you can see the Roseland water tower. 

I call the pier at the inlet the "International Fishing Place." Older Asian mamas and daddies, Latinx folks, Black folks, white folks...everyone is fishing. 

Have you ever seen sea grapes? Rosemarie, I know you have. 

Last night's sunset and Mr. Moon figures out how to catch fish in the Sebastian river. 

Such a happy man. Every fish he's caught got sent home to its family but it's the joy of catching, not keeping. 

This morning's mirror dock view. 

The size of the bamboo. 

The traditional shrimp salad at the bar at the Ocean Grill in Vero Beach.

Vero Beach life. 
Meanwhile, back in Roseland.

A typical Roseland house. 

My lightening-struck tree. 

The branches are gnarled but they reach high. 

I never realized how absolutely matriarchal it is. 
This tree is truly one of my spirit totems. 

Okay. This is not a good picture but tonight while we were sitting on the dock waiting for sunset, we saw so many dolphins in the river. 

I was thrilled. Some came quite close. 

The dock next door. 

The moon rising. I swear, I could see the man in it. 

I am mesmerized by the sky, the sound of the lapping of the water, the constantly moving tides, the cry of the ospreys as they dive, the whole entire miracle of water flowing from ocean to river and back again and the life it engenders. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Gor one who doesn't feel like writing, you could have fooled me! Beautiful evocative words.

  2. just mesmerizing.......all of it. What a place, what a journey.........
    Susan M

  3. Not wondering any more about Mer's magic, happy place, It is not of this world! The tree mama, the Moon man, and the man in the moon, the amazing ocean and sunshine. Stunning gorgeous place, I FEEL it, Mary, than you so much!Now I have yearnings.

  4. I have a sea grape in my front “jungle”. Gorgeous pictures of a magical place.

  5. Beautiful photos and you sound relaxed. Wonderful.

  6. 37paddington:
    I have indeed seen sea grapes! What an absolutely magical place and how beautifully your photos and words capture it, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feel of the air, the quality of the light, all of it. Wow!

  7. That is all so stunning. Thank you for sharing this piece of your world.

  8. I enjoyed this post very much. I would like to see a photo blog of your house and yard, too.

  9. The peace and renewal you are feeling is coming through in your words. You sound so much lighter.

  10. Beautiful! Glad you are having such lovely weather.

  11. Oh that blue sky, so intense. The pictures are all wonderful. I can feel it.

  12. Enjoy that peace while you can!

  13. That is beautiful! I love to go to the inlet.

  14. Thanks for the photo tour. So peaceful and soul-nourishing.

  15. What a beautiful building that school of yours is. So nice that they have repurposed it instead of tearing it down like so many are. The rising moon looks like Henri Rousseau's jungle. Thanks for sharing the trip.

  16. Just reading about it is calming. You must be melting with the calm.

  17. The images indicate why Roseland means so much to you.

    Lightening or lightning in this instance? I hope you won't mind me pointing this out Mary.

  18. Oooh...what a wonderful post! I saw a dolphin pod once. It was a very special day, one of those days I will remember when my life flashes before me.


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