Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Well, the sweetness just kept on coming last night. While I was in the middle of making grits and baking stewed tomatoes and making salad and frying fish, the man came in with those flowers that he'd stashed earlier. And then he gave me the most romantic card AND a beautiful ring with three rubies and four tiny diamonds in it. And he'd already given me a pair of tiny gold hoops with rubies when we were in Roseland, pre-celebrating. 

I was so overwhelmed. Completely. When he was up in Tennessee for his high school reunion, he stayed with his cousin and her husband who is a jeweler and he bought my treasures then. I was almost mad at him for getting me all of these beautiful and meaningful things because, as I told him, "I only made you a dessert!" 
He was happy that I was happy. And he liked the dessert okay.
I woke up this morning and looked at my ring again and just thought, "Jesus. How lucky can I be?"
And it's not just that it's jewelry which, despite my overalls and the dirt under my fingernails, I do still love. Of course now when I get something new I think, "Which daughter will get this when I die?" I mean- it's an extremely valid question and I need to truly start thinking about this. I have three daughters, a granddaughter, and a good-as daughter-in-law. I suppose we should have a little party sometime and they can all give me their opinion on their favorites. 
I believe that a moderate amount of liquor consumption might be helpful in such an endeavor. Well, except for Maggie who won't be getting any. 

Anyway, that's a thought. 

We slept well last night and we confessed this morning that we'd both reached across the bed at some point to make sure that the other was there. He said that his thought was, "There's a woman in my bed!" which I find hysterical. He'd been afraid that he'd wake up at four and not be able to get back to sleep because he's been getting up so early to go hunt but instead, he did not get out of bed until eight which is late for him under any circumstances. 
Nothing like our own beds, is there?

I got my ass out and walked this morning. The last two times I've seen No Man Lord and offered greetings, he has completely ignored me. I am not offended in the least. He is a man unto himself and he owes me nothing. Who am I to him? Nothing and nor do I deserve to be. 

Greetings around here are unique to our geography and custom.  People in cars will give me the one-hand-up salute, and I return it. I know that those people live around here, even if I do not recognize them. Yesterday at the post office I saw a man I recognize from down the road and we chatted for a moment. He said, "I didn't see you walking today."
I am well observed here in Lloyd. We know each other's habits and usual paths. I remember when we first moved here and I started walking, people would stop their vehicles to ask if I needed a ride. I would always politely thank them and explain that no, I was just out for a walk which was mystifying to many. Now they know me. They know where I live and how many cars are in the yard. They know I have chickens. They know my husband by sight. And in many ways I don't just feel observed, I feel watched over. 
It is a comfort. 

I haven't done a whole lot today. I mended a pair of Mr. Moon's pants and also put new hardware on an overall strap of his. This required getting out the sewing machine and I decided that since I had not done it for awhile, I would oil and lube my old machine. This required getting out the manual that came with the machine which I hold to be one of the finest books of direction ever printed. 

I think it is as invaluable to the operation of this machine as the electric plug is. Which, by the way, the manual tells you how to correctly use. In good, plain written language with illustrations. 
Here are some of the places to put a drop of oil to ensure the proper running of the machine. 

There is a wee screwdriver, perfectly crafted to fit the screws that must be removed to get to the pertinent places. I feel an inordinate sense of pride that I still have this beautiful little piece of pragmatic and useful art.

I believe that tool will survive the apocalypse. The sewing machine may as well. The manual? Probably not. 

So I did that and I watered porch plants and I finished up the hunting laundry and I picked the greens for tonight's salad and I made a loaf of bread. Well, it's not done yet. It is still rising. I asked Mr. Moon what he wanted for supper and he said, "clam spaghetti" which is one of his favorites and one of the easiest things in the world to make so clam spaghetti it shall be. 

Lucky and Grace have had another good day in the yard. My heart is so happy to see them out doing chicken things.

Please forgive the mixed alignment style. Blogger is insisting that the paragraph above this one needs to be centered. Also, it does not want me to add a title to this post. 


Whatever. It's nothing in the grand scheme of things. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I learned to sew on a machine just like that. I wish I had it now. It was simple to use. Do have a jewellery pre-disbursement party! That would be so much fun.

  2. lovely homecoming celebration day for you both.......and clam spaghetti is the easiest and most wonderfully fast and satisfying dinner! I trust a bunch of parsley is involved? and lots of garlic? Been making it for 50 years...and its still a winner here! Thought of you when making Dr. appt today......3 wks from now for yearly BP ck/ med refills.....caused me great anxiety just to make the call......but I did! Anxiety will ramp up as time gets closer.....but at least I got to step #1! Happy evening!
    Susan M

  3. My childhood sewing machine. I can still thread it in my sleep. My mother was addicted to new sewing machines, and gifted me her oldest machine whenever she bought a new one.

  4. Ms. Sparkle! That is the nicest most thoughtful gift ever- guess you will keep that man for another long time. So sweet!
    Wish i had your machine- mine is a pricey Pfaff that has disappointed me so much I have not used it in eight years. One of those things- I paid too much for it but will not use it so there it sits in the corner -I would not save it if our house caught fire.

  5. I had one of those machines as a child. I wish I still had it instead of the plastic crap they make these days.
    May we see your sparkly things, please?

  6. I learnrd on s singer made in the early part of the 20th century. Lovely simple friendly machine. And your ring sounds wonderful, flowers, everything. What a lovely man, and anniversary. You deserve all of it.

  7. You should take a picture of each page of the sewing machine manual so that you will never lose that info... So handy and helpful!
    Glad you had a lovely anniversary with sparkly gifts!

    1. Taking pictures of the manual was my thought as well. Have Hank upload it to the internets and blessings will pour inn from the many folks with that old dependable machine. x0x0 N2

  8. I love the flowers! A vase of autumn. Ellen D has a good idea about the manual. I had no idea there were so many points that need oiling. I don't think I have ever oiled my machine, which might explain the weird stitching style it has invented. I hardly ever sew anything anymore so it doesn't matter. I love my own bed, just wish it was bigger.

  9. What a sweet, thoughtful husband Mr. Moon is! Those flowers are so pretty. And the jewelry! Wow.

  10. Mr. Moon knows you well. Sadly my hubby and I don't really celebrate our anniversary. Usually the day has passed before either of us remembers. I do remember the date of our first date though, November 10th. We went to a pizza place and I ate off his plate, apparently something other women had never done. He still mentions it.

    I'm glad you had a good day. Yesterday I didn't feel good due to the vertigo and ended up laying down for a nap, which I never do, and slept for two hours. I skipped supper last night and feel slightly better today. Still dizzy though. I look like an old drunk with a cane.

    That is an old sewing machine and it still works, unlike the ones we have nowadays sadly. There is a website for fixing anything , trying to encourage us to fix rather than replace. I'm surprised it hasn't been bought and shut down by some corporation or other.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both. You are my idol in many ways.

  12. Believe it or not, I have a booklet with those exact illustrations, though with a black-and white cover. It did not come with my Singer, which is even older than yours-- rather, I acquired it at one of those timeless sewing supply shops in Manhattan's garment district decades ago (when you and I were in our mid-twenties), after receiving the machine from a relative. That's how I learned how to thread it!
    Mine did not come with a classy little screwdriver, but there was (and still is) a tiny, elegant oil can in one of the drawers.
    Nothing phazes that machine except asking it to run backwards, which, alas, it will not do.
    Well, we all have our faults.

  13. 37paddington:
    Your man gave treasure to the one he treasures, your love is inspiring to me! And you made a very special and thoughtful dessert for that tall handsome man, and now your mending his clothes. Before I got married I announced to my man that he should not expect me to iron his shirts. But you know what? I would iron any shirt he wanted now because he deserves everything. Long time love is a beautiful thing to see. You and Mr. Moon appreciate each other in this most beautiful way.

  14. Blogger is very peculiar in its insistence on certain things.

    Jewelry! How exciting. Jewelry is kind of an alien thing to me because I don't wear it and Dave doesn't wear it and even my mom never really wore it. But I like it on other people.

    Love the sewing machine manual. Funny how every illustration has a number. It seems so formal.

  15. I've got a Featherweight too and love it. It was my mom's. I have the manual and some attachments but not the cute screwdriver.

  16. So glad you had such a sweet anniversary together and that you share it all with us. Sending love. x0x0 N2


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