Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Passing Of Time, The Respectful Maintenance Of The Beloved

Kitchen Decor

Oh, Sundays. 
Even when they aren't terrible, they can hold a sort of heaviness that mashes down the soul, can't they? Even on the brightest, most beautiful of fall days, Sundays can bring their own darkness. 

I think that knowing that "real" life begins again the next day has something to do with the somberness of a Sunday, even if we don't go to a regular job. It's a holdover from when we did or even when we were in school, just as there are the those days in late summer, early fall, when we feel compelled to go buy new notebooks and pencils, pens, and folders, saddle shoes and a few brand new dresses. 
Well, you know what I mean. 

But Sundays- did you get your homework done? Oh god. I hope there's not a quiz in algebra tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the surgeon who did my appendectomy. I was so hoping that my really very overall positive experience with the medical establishment would help me get over my neurosis when it comes to all things doctor and medical. 
I am afraid that it hasn't. 
I dread going to the appointment although I think he's going to tell me that everything looks good. The appointment was supposed to be made for three weeks post surgery but when I called to make the appointment, tomorrow is the date the receptionist gave me even though it will only have been two weeks and two days. I did point this out to the lady and she got a bit defensively flustered and insisted that this date would be fine. 
But if the doctor says anything about it, I'm throwing her under the bus. 

So that's probably been a niggling worry in my mind, part of the heaviness I've felt. 

Look what I got at the dump today!

When I took my trash, there it was, a monstera deliciosa, just sitting there on that plant stand. I asked the attendant if the plant was up for taking and he said it was and why not take the stand too? 
The stand isn't much and I didn't really feel a great need for it but I do like to put my plants on stands when I can due to the fact that my chickens love to nibble and sometimes devour my potted plants. Especially begonias and maiden hair ferns. 
Two of my favorites, of course. 
So I took it and the plant and when I got home, I separated three different parts of the monstera, put two in new pots and am rooting the third. Wish me luck. I've got the fairly lame plant stand on the kitchen porch with some hen and chick plants that I've had in pots on the back porch where they have not gotten enough sun, along with some potted up Swedish Ivy that I've rooted, and the rooting monstera. 

 It may get too much sun there this winter as the bananas die back and the pecan trees lose all their leaves. We'll see. I've noticed that when one new plant moves in, or one rooted plant gets potted, everything has to shift and move around. It's like that thing where if you change out the doilies on an end table, before you know it you're refinishing the piano and putting in new windows. 
Which is why I usually don't get new plants anymore or change out doilies either. I'm too old for that sort of craziness. But I simply could not pass up that plant at the dump and I plan on sharing it with some of the plant lovers in my family as it takes root and multiplies.

Another thing I did was finish watching "The Dressmaker" which both May and Jessie recommended. Now I am recommending it too. It's...strange. And rather lovely. Kate Winslet. Set in Australia. While I was watching, I was also working on the endless patching I'm doing on a very old and faded dress that I adore. I wore it to at least four and maybe five of my grandchildren's births. 

Owen's Birth Day

August's Birth Day

I got it at a Goodwill to begin with- blue linen- and it's so worn now that in many places it is as thin and insubstantial as a peacefully sleeping newborn's breath, a fragile, faded gauze. I'm doing a sort of wabi-sabi mending which is an intentionally visible mending meant to be imperfect which- you know- is absolutely perfect for me. Mostly I am doing it merely to preserve this old, adored dress while at the same time, letting me entertain myself with embroidery thread and a needle. 

This is the bit I'm working on right now and no, I cannot sew a straight line. 

So that's fun and then I went out and pulled a few weeds. Next week we have got to get the fall/winter garden in. The volunteer sweet potatoes are doing their thing which I love to see every year. 

The gift that keeps on giving. 

Big News! 
Mr. Moon wrote me today that he is thinking they will be home tomorrow night. 
Man. That's some fast traveling. 
I'm pretty excited. I wish I'd gotten a little more done while he was gone like clearing out more of the garden and mopping the kitchen but the sheets are clean on his side of the bed and his wife still loves him very, very much. The cats and chickens are all alive, there will be good meals to eat, and many hugs and kisses to give and receive. 
That'll do, right? Like wabi-sabi, imperfect but done with love and intention. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. especially love the pic of you and Mr Moon on Owen's birth day. It is lovely, as is your dress....which is well worth mending and keeping alive- for so many reasons. And yes *The Dressmaker* was a good film. Love Kate, and Liam is VERY easy on the eyes, eh? Glad Mr Moon is ahead of schedule...... and wishing you the best for Doc appt. tomorrow- it will go smoothly I'm sure, even if anxiety provoking for you.
    Susan M

    1. Liam was LOVELY! I dreamed about Brad Pitt the night after watching the film which is, well- understandable. The whole cast was great.

  2. I had some blue linen knee length pants that I wore until all they were good for was working in the yard and then the butt finally tore so badly all I could do was throw them out, or maybe in the back of the closet. probably that. I still miss them.

    my great grandchild, Paisleigh has not made it into the world yet but she's on her way. 3 cm and her mom's water broke at 3 PM.

    1. Funny how very attached we get to certain garments. They become absolutely infused with emotional meaning, don't they?
      Such big congratulations on little Paisleigh!

  3. Your dress is blue in the baby pictures and dark grey in the mending pictures?
    Love that Mr. Moon is home tomorrow. When it's over, it's over.

    1. Yes. The dress has faded through so many washings. It was once a gorgeous blue.
      I'm waiting on the man now.

  4. I didn't know about wabi sabi until awhile ago I came across it. I love the idea and how it turns out. Miss Katie's quilt came home because she went from a twin to a queen size bed and it was damaged, she chews things. I fixed it with wabi sabi and loved the quilt even more.

    Love the photos of you and the mister:)

  5. I like your patching work on the dress. It looks lovely!
    Hope you get a good report at the Doc tomorrow. Glad that Mr. Moon is heading home and that he had a good time. So did you so that worked out!

    1. It did work out and the doctor appointment went well.

  6. I'm loving what you're doing to the beloved linen dress! What a treasure. And the Monstera. What a score! I've got a giant growing here and have been hesitant to cut and root even though it looks like it could take a cut or two no problem.

    1. Those plants are pretty darn hardy. I've got a different type in the backyard in a pot that I completely ignore- it stays out all winter too- and it's huge.

  7. I love your wabi-sabi mending! It's really beautiful. And I would have grabbed that plant and stand too. We had a monstera back in New Jersey that we eventually threw away because it got so big, and I still feel guilty about it.

    1. Do you suppose someone grabbed YOUR monstera? Of course you feel guilty, Steve. I cannot imagine you wouldn't, knowing you, but hopefully it went to a loving home.
      And really- it's a plant.

  8. Wabi-sabi stitching, I love that. That dress definitely should be saved. It holds love stories in every stitch. Glad your love will be home soon, and glad your healing from surgery has gone smoothly. I bet Mr. Moon made sure you would not be alone while he was gone, not that he had to. I had no doubt your kids would be checking on you daily.

    1. Yes. The kids have been most attentive. And I appreciate that. I am waiting on the man right now. He said he should be home for supper.
      I am saving that dress. You know- of all the "things" I have, I can honestly imagine that be the family heirloom. Haha! No one will know why.

  9. I too love your mending. and wish Mr. Moon a happy homecoming.

  10. It's weird that you mention Sundays because I just told my friend today that our planned hike up a local mountain would suit me fine on Sunday as I really don't like Sundays, even though I no longer work! I tend to just find them depressing for some reason. And thanks for the recommendation of The Dressmaker. I like Kate Winslett and really enjoyed her in The Reader too, so that's another one to add to my list!


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