Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I Got No Complaints

It has rained on and off for two days now, or is it three? 
Whatever, the sun came out this afternoon and the chickens took the opportunity to hop off the kitchen porch where they have been sheltering from the damp, happily pooping and molting, to dry out their feathers. 

These are four of the young roosters and their sister-hen. The five of them are a flock within the flock. Their only other nest-mate is Fancy Pants, Jr. and he does not hang out with them. I am not sure why. 
Is it because he's half banty and so they detect an otherness or does he just have a really rotten personality? Is it his furry feathery legs or is he a narcissist? Do they dislike his voice, his stance or does he tell tale tails about all the sex he's getting that they know he's made up and they're sick of it? 
Just when I think I have a handle on chicken society, they surprise me with new behaviors or perhaps I am only actually observing them for the first time. 

I ripped the steri-strips off my "wounds" this morning. Haha! I should be ashamed to say I had surgery. I've got a scar from cutting my thumb on a broken cup that's far more impressive than those tiny little dots. How in hell do they pull an entire organ out of one of those? 
Please don't tell me if you know. I'd just as soon imagine that magic is involved. 

So I went to town today. I did the Holy Trinity- Costco, Publix, the Library. I haven't been in a library in almost two years! Jesus. There was hardly a soul there. Costco and Publix had plenty of people and about half of them were not wearing masks. 
So...covid is over? 
I guess so. 
I wore a mask. Two, in fact, in Costco and Publix. Somehow it seems impossible that one would get sick in a library, being as it's a holy place and all but I did wear one out of respect. 

My phone is being a little weird right now. It's not sharing photos with my MacBook again. I've got all the settings right, I think and I suppose I need to sit down with google and figure it all out. This is not really a huge problem but it's annoying. 
Another problem I'm having is that my talk-to-text feature is truly whack. Mr. Moon texted me while I was driving to town and so I attempted to answer with voice recorded auto text and this is what happened. 

Obviously (I hope) this is not what I meant to say. Usually Siri can understand me almost perfectly but maybe she's off her meds. Again- I do not know. 
I don't know shit, do I?
What I was trying to say was that yes, I was on my way to town to get a few things including sugar in case I decided to make more pepper jelly. And then I tried to say "Haha. Yes. That is the best worst auto translate ever." Okay, that one was a little closer.
No matter how often I tried to get Siri to text "sugar" she would only text "shut up OK."
Uh. Was she trying to tell me something? 
So I did get more sugar and also teeny tiny canning jars because that way I can only fill the canning kettle a few inches with water which won't be very heavy to transport from sink to stove. Smart, right? 
I'll just make lots and lots of four-ounce containers of the stuff. Maybe I'll make this batch really hot with some of those red flame peppers. "Tear Your Tongue Out Jam."
"Devil Fucked My Mouth Jelly."
You get the point. 
Please forgive my crude language. 
Or don't. 
I do have a filthy mouth. 

I guess I better sign off now before things get even worse. I bought a piece of salmon for tonight's supper. Here's what last night's dinner looked like before I put it in the oven. 

Now isn't that pretty? 
I better start eating some leftovers because they're piling up in the refrigerator. I put a chicken pot pie in the freezer today because I'd never forgive myself if it went bad before I could eat it. I would weep from sorrow. 
But tonight- salmon and a lovely salad. 

Here's a zinnia. 

And a bug. I just saw a hummingbird on the firespike. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm hoping Mr Terez (sp) is still at library? Libraries here all seem to be in limbo. My own library, where I volunteer *shelved* 2 mornings per week for 5 years (prior to the virus) is still in am I- in returning to my much anticipated duties. I miss it SO much. It melds me to my community and I miss that. Was Brenda with the mermaid eye shadow at Publix? Your dinner sounds lovely.....solo dinners are many times, the best IMO. Got a call from a lifelong friend today....she's passing through for a one night sleepover next Monday and we are already planning the meal! LOL, food always plays a big role in every gathering........ can't wait. Just saw her 2 months ago but that doesn't matter. FOOD is foremost!
    Glad Mr Moon alive and well........ I know you miss him....but......
    Susan M

    1. Terez is at the Jefferson County library but I went to a branch library in Leon County which is right near where I do my shopping. I really want to go see Terez. I will. I miss him terribly. And I bet you miss your shelving hours terribly. Covid has changed everything, hasn't it?
      Brenda works at Costco and I did not see her. Maybe next time!
      I'm glad you're going to get some time with your friend. What a treat.
      Yes. I miss that man but I am doing fine on my own.

  2. That translation is nearer than those VR deals have ever got to what I said. they're baffled by furrin accents.

    1. I don't know what's up with my phone. Like I said, it almost always got everything I said right. I make very sure to speak and enunciate clearly.

  3. "Devil Fucked My Mouth Jelly". You definitely need to send Ryan Reynolds a jar of that. OMG that's funny. Thank you for the laugh.

    1. Okay. I do not get the reference. Why do I need to send Ryan Reynolds a jar of that?
      I'm so glad you thought it was funny.

    2. Did you see Deadpool? He has a filthy mouth which I love. And then there's this.

      His company made this ad.

  4. I love this title: Tear Your Tongue Out Jam!
    Another great read of a reasonably normal day for you!

  5. "Devil Fucked My Mouth Jelly" could be a very popular brand name but I am not sure if the product would be purchased at a grocery store or in a pharmacy!

    1. Yeah. You're right. The marketing department would probably have a problem with it. Let your son know that I'm available to help name new products for Bosh! though.

  6. Who would like a basket of frozen single meals of your left overs? Mr. Moon? No Lord Man? Is that sweet old widow a few doors down still around?

    1. Oh, they're getting eaten. Jessie got some shrimp today!

  7. Who’s that fine rusty bird in the top pic with the mohawk head feathers? So very 80s!

    1. I know! Reminded me of the 80's too! I am not naming those roosters because they are going to end up in a pot, I'm afraid. They are awfully pretty.

  8. HOLY MOTHER - you are making me love you so hard!
    Shut up ok I decide to make my pet a time," is code for "Mary Moon is the coolest chick in the hen house- gives Satan a run for his hot- ness". "Here's a Zinnia" for the grand finale. oh dear lawd, I peed a little bit. Old women should not laugh so heartily.

    1. Well, old women probably shouldn't talk like that either but old women can do whatever we want. And if that includes peeing in our pants, so be it.

  9. As you know, I love a good bug-on-a-zinnia photo.

    Auto-correct mishaps are hilarious. Between that and Cybil Tupperware you and I could write a book. I don't understand how Siri was turning "sugar" into "shup up OK" -- they don't even sound alike!

    1. I know! And I tried like three more times to get her to type "sugar" and every damn time it came out "shut up OK."
      Like I said- Siri has gone whack.

  10. Oh I just LOVE your auto-correct. That's hilarious. I've never used Siri so I must give it a shot! My ex once took a letter he wrote to his mom and ran it through Google Translate into French, and while it was fairly good there were some real funny things in there too!

    1. Google translations are...well, helpful. One can generally grasp the meaning.
      Oh yes! You MUST use Siri! She will be your friend!

  11. I enjoyed how you gave all of these human feelings and opinions to your chickens! What a hoot!
    The auto translate was another funny tale. I think Siri is just messing with you!
    Thanks for the zinnia (and bug) and the laughs! :)

  12. Your dinner should be in a magazine!


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