Friday, July 9, 2021

Travel Adventures, Day 1

We have made it successfully and safely to Athens, Georgia which is a cool and hip town, not as cool and hip as Asheville but still, pretty sweet with lots of pretty people. A lot of young people, mostly, as it is a college town and it would appear that the fashion-forward statement for young women right now is bralessness, halter tops, and cut off jeans shorts. Also, vintage high-waisted Levi's. 
I approve.

The drive up here was fine although I have to say that no one can turn a five-hour drive into a ten-hour drive like we can. We drive the backroads, mainly and when we did accidentally allow Siri to goad us into taking an interstate road, we both hated it and got back on to the roads leading through farms and fields and woods and tiny towns as soon as possible. 
Quite by accident we found a Mexican restaurant in a very small little town that we'd eaten at a few years ago and we ate our lunch there. I swear to you- I often cannot remember what I ate for supper the night before but I knew as soon as we got to Sylvester, Georgia where the restaurant was and also the antique store right next door to it and sure enough- there they were.

We're both pretty exhausted now. Besides the fact that we drove all day, and that yesterday was insanely busy, our power went out last night about nine o'clock and didn't come back on until 1:45 a.m. which made things more difficult than they should have been including sleeping because it was not a cool evening. And of course when the power did get restored, all the lights in the house came on and where there had been complete silence and darkness there were suddenly fans and the air conditioner and lights on everywhere. 

But we're here and I just love this little hotel. Here's what our room looks like. 

We walked to the restaurant where we like to eat. That's where we people-watched and noted fashion trends. 

We ordered at least three times too much food which we couldn't even begin to finish although it was all delicious and our server's name was Shepherd and he had a man bun which delighted me and he was PRO-FESSIONAL!
And then we walked back to our little room-home and we are all settled in. 

Tomorrow we'll be back on the road, I'll read more of Comanche Moon to my husband and we'll drive as slowly as we want because we are sort of old and it's all about the journey, not the destination although of course in this case, it is about the destination too because that's where we'll see the Weatherfords. 
All in good time. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It sounds delightful! Keep on traveling safely!

  2. It's great to drive the back roads, isn't it? I tolerate the interstate sometimes but I much prefer the blue highways. I love the painting on the end of the dresser in the hotel room -- a quirky touch!

  3. Driving the backroads and the byways is the best way to see the countryside! Safer, too!!
    Once you reach your destination, you'll have lots to talk about regarding your backroads trekking!

  4. Looks like you are enjoying the journey. The destination will bring a bonus. Safe travels today.

  5. I always want to make the drive as short as possible because I am usually anxious to get there. Glad you can take your time and enjoy the view and share your adventures with us. Your traveling style sounds more fun than mine!
    Stay safe!

  6. I definitely like your approach to travel. Nice and easy. Back roads, little towns. Yes.

    We drove from NJ to Florida that way, took three days and we saw so much we'd have missed on the interstates. It was as good as being there was!

  7. we do the same, take the back roads. I don't mind that it takes longer. no traffic, better scenery, no stress.

  8. A road trip with your love. What could be better? It sounds scenic and perfect but for the power outage. Lovely to get a report here.

  9. Oh, I love the idea of a slow journey - driving along the back roads and stopping in places like Sylvester as others speed north on the Interstate. You will get to North Carolina eventually. Are you going to call in on Jennifer and Gregg in Florence SC?

  10. Meandering…that’s what hubby and I call it. We tell our family we’ll be “meandering” from Florida to Illinois. See America First!!

  11. This is far more pleasant than interstates. Keep on wandering well.


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