Sunday, March 15, 2020

Letting It Be

That was Maggie last night, probably around 10:30. Gibson's in the picture too but you can't see him under the quilt. He was trying to go to sleep and Ms. Sassafras Pants wasn't helping. It was at about this time that I stalked into the Glen Den, looked at my husband and said, "Your turn. I'm losing it."
And so he went in and gave Maggie the word which didn't help at all and finally, Gibson went to sleep on the fold out bed on the floor and I laid down beside Maggie and refused to let her turn the bedside light on (a small light WAS on, I'm not cruel) and refused to talk to her and refused to entertain the idea of snacks or whatever else it was that she could come up with to put off sleep. Finally, in a great and grand huff, she pulled the lace curtain over her head and laid there with so much silent haughtiness in her that it was palpable from across the bed and then, eventually, she fell asleep.
All was well until about 1:30 when I came awake with a jolt because Gibson was shaking my shoulder saying, "Mer! I need water!"
Okay. I got him some water and a cup with a lid to take to bed with him and tucked him back in and set the cup on the floor where he could get to it.
Around dawn, or at least almost dawn, when the sky was just getting some light to it, two children were in our doorway declaring that it was morning. I declared that it wasn't, sent Gibson back to bed and told Maggie she could get in bed with us and we all went back to sleep.
A little after eight all prospect of them sleeping any more was erased and Boppy got up with them and I slept for a few more minutes until Maggie came in and asked where my glasses were and so I got up too. And put on my glasses.

Needless to say, I haven't had much energy today.
The only thing I really accomplished was cleaning out the refrigerator and doing another online crossword. I've discovered (via Lon) that the Washington Post's crosswords are available and free and I now have a serious crossword addiction and I'm not really very good at them so I sit and fool around with them and fret and try this and try that and tell myself that I'm of subpar intelligence and so forth and it's SO MUCH FUN!
I guess it beats actual work.

So. Coronavirus. Here we are. How many days ago did the Fuckwad In Chief tell us about his beautiful tests that were going to be available just about any minute? And there may be tests where you live but there aren't any here as far as I know and I've been hearing stories about people with all the symptoms who go to the hospital only to be told that nope, not yet, can't test you, go home. Stay there.
This whole situation reeks of criminality and as Trump lies, people die, not to mention the huge number of folks who have no way to make their living as gathering places shut down and parents can't go to work even if their workplaces aren't closed because they have to stay home with their children and kids who depend on school lunches and sometimes breakfasts are going to be even hungrier and we have no idea if we're being overly cautious or not nearly cautious enough because we have no way of knowing how many people among us are infected and this has gone so far beyond lies about how many people attended an inauguration that it's like comparing a child's first attempt at a hop to a rocket blast-off. Or a mud puddle to the Pacific. Or a gecko to a T. Rex. Or, or, or...
You get me.

And yet. People on FB are posting pictures of themselves on vacations and people on the Cozumel boards are asking if the lines at the airport are any longer than usual, and churches are still meeting and people are still at the malls and the gym and there just doesn't seem to be any sense to any of this.

My husband is mowing the yard with a green bandana around his mouth and nose because all of the masks at Lowe's are sold out.
Of course.
I wonder if a mask designed to protect oneself from dust and fumes and fibers is effective against viruses?
Somehow I doubt it.

Yes. I am feeling bitchy. And not about the measures being taken to protect everyone but more about the fact that people aren't paying attention. That people aren't taking this seriously.
And all the while remembering that, as I keep saying, this isn't the Bubonic plague. You aren't exposed and less than a day later start bleeding out every orifice and all your pores.
Perspective. It's important to keep it.
I just don't want to kill anyone and neither do I want to die.

In an unrelated topic, Mr. Moon and I were outside looking at the garden today and suddenly, above us we noticed one of the magnificent swallow-tail kites who spend their spring and summer here. It soared and then dipped to some tree branches where it grabbed a strand of moss in a talon. I suppose they are making their nests.
"Welcome home!" I yelled at the bird. "Thank you for coming back!" It was my moment of hope and faith.

One more thing.
Jessie sent pictures of her little family working in their yard. This one was included.

Oh August! You silly boy! He looks delighted to have his butt in a five-gallon bucket. 

What's the best thing YOU'VE seen today? I'd like to know. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love this poem in this challenging time:

  2. There's a full box of Girl Scout Samoas cookies on the counter. I guess that's the best I've seen for today.

  3. My beautiful cat, Sophie, sleeping, curled up with her little paws over her eyes.

  4. I have a box of 49 face masks in my drawer. Five years ago I went looking for a small pack of masks, to cover my nose and mouth when I changed the cat litter. You know, two or five. Worst case, ten. All I could find in two different stores was fifty. I called my local EMS. They're coming for them tomorrow.

  5. You sound tired, me too. My grandson's mama did not have a good weekend, so we had him. OMG I'm tired.

    One good thing, my grandson's laugh and a magic bag warming me up.

    1. Nothing can wear us out like grandchildren. I swear.
      And nothing is quite as beautiful as their laugh.

  6. Could you get your butt in a five gallon bucket Ms Moon? If not, what size of bucket do you think you would require? As for Maggie - what a little madam! Who does she think she is? Mini-Meghan Markel?

    1. I don't think I could get my HEAD in a five gallon bucket.
      Maggie simply believes she is the center of the universe. Which of course she is.

  7. My Lukas and some birds...that photo of August is charming...

  8. my daughter called last night ordering us to get prepared to stay at home for a month and no yoga classes for me. So I went grocery shopping this morning and I think we're good on food with a little infusion of fresh stuff once a week or so if we can get it. but I am going to yoga tonight at least.

  9. HA! That picture of August is hilarious. And I love the stories about Maggie and Gibson. Kids are so funny, how they're ready to be up at the crack of dawn -- until they become young teenagers and then NEVER want to get out of bed.

    I guess there will always be people who ignore the health advice and go out in public as usual. But we have to hope that there are enough conscientious people to break the chain of infection.

    1. My husband seems to be one of those who is going out in public as usual.
      And you are so right about kids. I long ago decided that you reach adulthood when you start wanting to take naps.

  10. I can't quite wrap my head around what we are witnessing. New York now has the most cases after Washington state, and that is simply because in some parts of the city and state, some people are being tested, but really only the people who are in very serious shape, not the ones who merely worry that they have it. We're staying inside. You said everything here that I feel, but dont have the energy to put down, so thank you. I love you.

  11. Strange how draining this whole situation is, isn't it? My energy levels are not good. I think as soon as we start testing more people we'll be horrified at what we have going on. I really hate to say that but it's probably true.

    1. I think it is more than PROBABLY True Mary and that is terrifying!

  12. I agree that so many, including this inept Administration, aren't taking it seriously ENOUGH and soon enough, causing further spread. That said, you made me Smile with taking care of your precious Grands, I've Raised two of mine and remember how exhausted I always was when they were younger and I felt way too old to still be spending that much time with young children! *LOL* We got thru it, one is now grown and one is only Four years from grown... and the effects of The Man's Brain Damage isn't as severe as it used to be... so I actually can sleep some now, it's Sublime! I do think a lot more pressure will be put upon Govt. when this becomes chronic enough that people begin to not Cope at all or outright Panic. I do Hope they start expanding the Health Care Capacity for what is coming, the Math is revealing how far behind they already are... and how slow too many are to take this as Seriously as they should be.

  13. I meant to say that photo of your granddaughter reading is spectacular.

  14. And here I thought I was the only person to yell “Thank you for coming back” to birds!

    I’m starting to get into the self-distancing stuff as I also start to get more worried. And it’s kind of nice to have a calendar that’s suddenly uncluttered. But then there’s that worry thing... Stay well!


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