Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Last night when Mr. Moon was at the basketball game, I came across a startling (and for me, thrilling) fact while perusing Facebook. Guess who was at the FSU/Louisville game?
I mean, besides my husband.
Can you tell from that picture?
Here's a better one.

And then this one!

So I started texting Mr. Moon WITH the pictures and eventually, he checked his phone and saw them. And yep, he could see him too but he'd had no idea before he got my texts. 
Murray's son Luke is an assistant coach for Louisville and so there you go. Bill was there supporting his boy. 

I told Glen that if he ran into Bill to please ask him to come and spend the night. The sheets on the guest bed were clean. 
Can you imagine the fine breakfast I would have made him?
Lord, Lord. 
I could almost imagine this happening. 
Sadly, it didn't. 

Oh well. 

When I woke up this morning with no need to make a five star breakfast, I instead did some chores around here and took the trash and recycle and made a quiche with our eggs and kale and rainbow chard from the garden and baked a loaf of sourdough that was ready to go into the oven. 
One of my oldest, dearest friends was coming for a short visit. Less than a year ago her beloved, talented husband of many, many years died and I hadn't seen her since before he got sick. 
The last time we saw the two of them was in Apalachicola where her husband was playing at the Dixie Theater and we'd gone to see him and then met them the next morning for breakfast. 
They were the most handsome couple and like all long-married couples, they had experienced the joys and the sorrows together and their lives were entwined in every way. They raised four beautiful children and he played music all over the world and she traveled every mile of it with him that she could. 
I haven't been able to imagine how in the world she's managing to get on with her life. 
I'll just say that she is, and that she is grace-filled and I admire her more now than I ever have which was already a whole hell of a lot. 
Her visit meant a great deal to me. Far more than I can say. I love her tremendously. 

And...I'm getting sick. I believe I'm getting the crud that Mr. Moon has had despite the fact that I have been telling myself that no, I would not get it just as I have not gotten the strep or the flu that I have been exposed to. Nope, not me. 
I've been coughing up stuff that shouldn't be in a human body and if Mr. Moon is any indication, this is not going to disappear over night. It seems to be a virus that turns your body into a mucus-making organism for its own pleasure. He's still fighting it. Or succumbing to it. I don't think there's a whole lot of fighting one can do with this shit. 

So. There is that. 

Off to make our supper. Dessert is already done. I took the rest of the pie pastry left over from my quiche and made a lemon chess pie so no matter what happens, there will be pie in this house. 
That's sensible, right? 
I think so. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, pie in the house is good planning. But I'm sorry you're sick.

    I'm glad you identified the man at the game! Having practically no knowledge of the theater, or maybe it's movies, I studied the face waiting for inspiration! Thank you for not assuming it was obvious ;)

  2. This will not stand, you must go eat a barrel of lemons or something and make strong chicken bone broth, we will not be having an ill Mary.I hope that you are wrong about this...Bill gets around doesn't he, and he is cool with having his photo taken with folks/fans. Fancy you spotting him ! He missed out, too bad. I hope that you and your old friend have a lovely time , eating , chatting and figuring out EVERYTHING for the rest of us.

  3. Sleep a lot, but do change jammies because they harbor crud germs. You may not shorten it, but you could sleep through the most of it. Be well as soon as you can.

  4. oh no! no sickness allowed. ha. so there.

  5. Only a born cook would think that the proper response to coming down with the crud is baking a pie. Not that it doesn't make sense...
    I do hope it is easier on you than it has been on Mr. M.

  6. Lemon chess pie is a beautiful thing! Hope the crud passes quickly.

  7. Please look after yourself! We can't do without our nightly Mary Moon fix if you get too sick to post!

    Seriously, though, please look after yourself and go see a doctor so you can catch whatever it is early. I hope you feel better in the morning after a night's sleep.

  8. Please take care of yourself. When my husband recently had the flu the doctor told him to change toothbrushes every couple of days so he wouldn't keep reinfecting himself. I know you know this, but lots of liquids to get that crud out. And lemons are good for you - right? The lemon chess pie should be just the thing!

  9. Oh crap...I had that for five weeks...lots of soups and other hot liquids. So sorry!

  10. Good luck with the virus. I was sick a few weeks ago and it knocked me flat on my ass. Glad you've got your girls there to help you.

    Sending hugs.

  11. I so hope your crud is not the same as what I got - yes, the mucus has hung around for a month now. Not feeling bad, just blowing and coughing this junk up. Keep healthy!

  12. That's SO COOL -- Bill Murray in the same room with Mr. Moon! I had no idea his kid was a basketball coach. How random.

    I hope your illness dissipates quickly. Different bugs affect different people in different ways -- so even if it hung on for Mr. M maybe you'll get rid of it quickly. Here's hoping.

  13. So sorry that you're coming down with it. So far we've escaped it this year, knock on wood.

  14. Ha, wouldn't you just completely panic if Bill Murray was coming over to spend the night? I know I would!

  15. I thought that was Mr. Moon at the end of the row with Bill.


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