Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Knock, Knock. Who's There? The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. That's Not Funny. I Know

I went to Costco and met Jessie and August and Levon this morning. I didn't need a thing but I pushed the cart and talked to August while Levon held on to the cart and walked with it, thus pushing it in his mind, I'm sure, while holding his mom's hand on the other side. It was a slow ride but we made it through.
We're not sure what's going on with August's hair. Something's up with it. It's not exactly curly now but it's pretty wild. He just truly discovered knock-knock jokes.
This one made him laugh longer and louder than I've ever heard him laugh:
"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"Lemmy who?"
"Lemmy in, I have to poop."
There's also the "Lemmy in, I have to pee" version which makes him laugh almost as much.
Two real belly-rippers there, y'all.

I was so glad to be with them. This anxiety has its claws in me. But what do you do? Staying in bed and trembling would be the worst thing possible. So a trip to Costco with Jessie and the boys was a lifesaver.
After we finished there I had to go sign a contract with my husband on a rental agreement. That didn't take long and then we met up with the Jessie and the comedian and the track-hoe-guy at Maria, Maria's. The food was was wonderful and a couple came in and sat next to us and had no idea what to order so they asked us what we were eating and we told them and that's what they ordered.
I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

After lunch I went to three thrift stores. Shopping at thrift stores is a decent distraction from anxiety or at least it's something you can do with anxiety for short periods of time. The first place had a cat named Sampson who followed me around and asked for scratches and I gave him plenty. I didn't buy anything there. They had some cashmere but in either the wrong sizes or the wrong color and it all cost too much.
The second place was one of those godly places. They play Christian music on the speaker system.
You can only imagine how little time I spent there.
And then on the way home I stopped at the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus thrift store which is also a godly place but they don't play any music. They didn't have much inventory either.
So. Three thrift stores and I didn't purchase so much as a martini glass or a children's book. I removed myself from the sticky web that had seemed to capture me and got in the car and drove home the long way, past many trees and farm houses, up and down the rolling road.

When I got home I took the trash and I cleaned out the chicken house.
Same as it ever was, always and always.
I listened to a few moments of the vote count on public radio. I have to stop here and say that Mitt Romney is far more of a man than I ever gave him credit for being.
Last night I listened to a few moments of the SOTU speech but I couldn't go on with it as the Republicans cheered and yelled for their Anti-Christ-ian Donnie Johnnie.

Jessie and I were talking today about different Democratic candidates and I said that I didn't think it mattered. That I think that Trump will win again, either through election interference or the fact that his supporters can't wait to do it again.
I got behind this vehicle today in traffic.

Need some close-ups? 

So clever. So classy. 
This is where we are. 
Not to mention in a place where the president refuses to shake the Speaker of the House's hand and where she, after the speech, rips her copy of it in two. 

We're supposed to be in for some big weather tomorrow. Not metaphorically. If I don't post tomorrow night that'll probably be the reason why. 

Hang tight, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Nancy Pelosi is my goddamn spirit animal and I want to be like her when I grow up! I felt her disgust so....viscerally.

  2. I agree but it is all getting to be too damn much...

  3. Nancy has some guts......and has done as well as she can...considering what she's working with. I did not watch any of the speech, can't tolerate even one minute, let alone 80 minutes. Just kill me instead. Glad Pete did well in Iowa....but I don't have high hopes, but I do feel he is one of the best candidates (imo) . I feel in my gut that we are doomed but can't dwell on that. Rather think about grands, flowers, sunshine coming in the window......and fire in woodstove . ;-)
    Susan M

  4. You did run into a great trailer today, figuratively. It will end. Breathe.

  5. I don't even know what to say, to be honest. All the horrors of the world...

  6. Yes, I was impressed with Mitt Romney having the courage to vote his conscience against his party. And Nancy Pelosi tearing up the lying SOTU speech gave me life. I loved her response to a reporter that asked her why she did it: "It was the courteous thing to do given the alternatives," she said. As for August the comedian, in my family we consider humor to be a sign of high intelligence. Which of course is not in question for that funny boy.

  7. everybody is praising Romney's integrity but you know, he only voted guilty on one article, not guilty on the other. I fear Trump will get reelected too through the same cheating methods the republicans used before...closing voting stations in democratic areas, machines that change votes, stealing write in votes so they can't be counted, removing voters from the rolls. all that and more. another four years of Trump and this country will be in shreds...polluted waters and air, poisoned earth, people dying from starvation and curable disease, no EPA, no public schools, no aid for the elderly or vulnerable. but yay, the stock market is making 20% of the population rich.

    1. So right on target, Ellen. Sadly......but true
      Susan M

  8. Good luck with the weather! I love August's wild hair. Maybe he's got some of the same genes that gave Maggie her curls.

    I never imagined I would admire Mitt Romney, but he demonstrated that he's the only Republican with any principle. You've got to admire him for standing up to the Trump machine that has everyone else so terrified. I was truly impressed, even if he did only vote for one article.

    It always fascinates me when I see cars and trailers like that. I really try to get in the heads of Trump supporters. I want to understand where they're coming from, but I just don't. That trailer doesn't really make anything clear, does it?

  9. From heroic Nancy Pelosi to knock knock jokes! The bathos of the fake sotu speech. Sigh.

    Back to kids: that funny period in a kid's life when bathroom humor and knock knock jokes coincide!

  10. Just listening to Trump's voice sets my teeth on edge. And yep, I want to be Pelosi when I grow up too!

  11. Good to see you had a good time and did not let the anxiety hold you back.


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