Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Practical Distraction

So why in the world did I think that I would get Magnolia June's dress finished today? Who do I think I am? The high school girl I used to be who could indeed whip up a fancy Vogue pattern in one day?
I am not.
Still though, I had a wonderful time listening to a book and stitching and ironing and trimming and stitching and ironing again. I have finished most of the bodice and sleeves and hopefully, one more day will be all I need to make the skirt and sew it to the bodice. I do this all for me, of course. My enjoyment. There is no need to make Maggie dresses or to embroider onesies for Levon, either. Somehow, though, I feel as if I am loving them when I sew or embroider, just as you do when you cook or bake for someone you love. There are no shortages of gourmet bakeries or fantastic restaurants or cute kids' clothes these days but homemade is, if not better, than at least unique in itself, there never being another brownie or pot of soup or dress quite like the one you are making.


And it all distracts me from all the rest of the crap going on right now.
Lis sent me this today.

Yep. Pretty much our world at the moment. I would so much rather think about seams and stitches than about things I am not even going to say out loud at the moment because you know as well I do what I'm talking about. 

Talk to you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mary, my nana (grandma) made so many of my kids clothes. I absolutely treasure them and have kept them so their kids can wear them one day. The little dresses are so cute. My nana only made them because she loved her family. She is gone now but a piece of her love remains. Oh! And I took all the scraps and made a queen sized quilt.

    1. What a beautiful thing for you to have done- to make that quilt. What a treasure!

  2. I have that New Yorker cover on my bulletin board. Sigh.

  3. I was thinking that was a New Yorker cover -- thanks to Sarah for confirming it! It's so impressive that you make clothes for those kids, even if it takes longer than you expected. :)

    1. Mostly, I just enjoy the sewing. It's nice to do something that doesn't need to be done again within a few hours. Like cooking. Or laundry. Or sweeping the floor.


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