Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well Then, Winter, Come On

There are plants all over the house and there are plants on the front porch pulled to the wall and covered with flannel.
Mr. Moon brought the dolly to the house to move the really big plants from the outside to the in and he lifted and he hefted and he toted and he did it. Some of those pots weight at least a hundred pounds. I stood by and worried and directed and pointed and guided and felt generally useless.

Here's the Roseland mango, moved in to its place of prominence in the laundry room.

Here's part of the mudroom's plants.

Begonias, begonias, begonias. Remember before Owen was born and I had that obsession with begonias?
We are still suffering from that.

And Owen will be here tomorrow and he will damn well notice all of the plants in the house. I just hope he doesn't want to eat them all but if he does, I'll be right here to deter him.

The last pot of the not-winter vegetables are cooking on the stove, filling the house with the smell of curry. I added the last of the turkey, too, and will serve it on brown rice.
Green tomatoes, eggplant, green beans and jalapeno's. Also mushrooms, spinach, ripe tomatoes and a nice orange pepper.

So. Come on winter. We're ready. Bite us and we shall smile. Or at least, not weep.

Stay cozy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Winter has arrived here too :) Love.

  2. You have the nicest mudroom! I've been busy trying to keep my pumps and water lines safe from the cold, tramping up and down the hill in the moonlit frosty grass---the pasture looks sequined. All sparkle and glitter. Don't work your knee too hard too fast, and don't let your pipes freeze! And if ever you want to borrow my besplattered Yogi Cookbook, let me know. It's got a seriously macho parsley chutney.

  3. Stay warm, y'all! I've got the rolled towel at the foot of the door and Baggy is being cuddly. (Always odd.)

  4. DTG, my two kittens are being awfully cuddly too. Only with each other :) They aren't big fans of mine...

  5. SJ- Stay warm! Cuddle your kitties whether they want it or not!

    A- Thanks for reminding me to turn the faucets on to drip. Dang. Yogi Cookbook?

    DTG- We are. I just took a long and heated bath. Now to bed. Luxurious. Owen is coming tomorrow. O! Boy!
    Love you...Mama

  6. Mmm. Your dinner looks delicious. Everything out West is already thick with snow. I still have manure heaped in my front yard (under the previously mentioned blanket of snow)- you look beautifully prepared.

    Oh, and I want that mango tree.

  7. It is cold and really windy here. I did go rowing but have a cold. Damn head cold. But we rowed well and did the two hours in the cold.

  8. Bless Mr. Moon for all his effort.

    Cuddle up with the duck and maybe Mr. Moon will want to share it with you tonight.

  9. may i come over?
    i need to be brought in from the rain.

  10. And now we have a plan for the second night of Hanukkah tomorrow: CURRY.
    Stay warm!

  11. What sort of base you use in your soups. Sometimes the ingredients you list -- well, I wonder if that's going to be good. And then you post a photo that looks incredibly delicious. I know you don't use recipes but damn, they look good!

  12. Glad you got all the plants moved. Good morning from beautiful Buttfuck, Ohio!

    Hope you knee is better.

  13. Your posts always make me hungry for more.


  14. Kate-Hello love! Why did I just discover you? I am enchanted. Come back often, please.

    Syd- Because you are a BEAST! Now drink some tea.

    Mel's Way- Poor Mr. Moon. I abuse him so. He has to wear CLOTHES and a HAT to bed because I have hot flashes and insist on the window above our head being open. He is a saint.

    rebecca- "Come in," she said, "I'll give ya shelter from the storm."

    Lisa- I was thinking it was your blog that the curry recipe was on. No?

    Elizabeth- For my soups I just use whatever I got. Canned tomatoes. Vegetable concentrate, dry vegetable soup, stock. Whatever. For the curry I just sauteed the onions with garlic and then started adding stuff with curry powder and chili powder, etc. It was good!

    Mwa- Agreed, dear.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- The knee, she is okay. Good morning to you, sweet woman!

    Michelle- Like Anthony Bourdain? Sigh....(with lust)

  15. oh, that looks and sounds so yummy and the plants really made me happy. I love Begonias too and would like to take leaf cuttings of yours. Wow!!!!
    Gorgeous pots too.


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