Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tequila Shots Equal Holy Water. Sometimes.

Trust me that it is another beautiful day.
Trust me that my heart is breaking but it is the sort of breaking which allows more love in and if I am put here on this earth to love people, so be it. People are born and people leave and that's just all there is to it. I was born and I will die and so will you and although if we truly considered that every moment of our lives we might be paralyzed with not fear, but overwhelming emotion and yet, that fact must be part of our consciousness so that we can go through our days with mindfulness and respect.

That's what I think. I am trying to learn how to do it. Every minute I am trying.

Mr. Moon and I drove to town last night to go to my son's annual Winter Fest party. He lives right in front of the place where the parade begins and there is music and there are lights and there are people and food and babies and dogs and drink and it was fun. Owen was there, holding out his hands to this person and that, demanding to go back outside to see it all and there were aunts to hold him and an uncle and grandparents and it was lovely. My beautiful daughters, my amazing son. All in one place. And Hank has the most interesting friends. I have always loved the tattoed, the pierced, those unafraid to be different. I saw piercings in places I did not know humans could be pierced and I say, Hurray for them!
Lon and Liz of the West were there and they and Mr. Moon and I walked down a bit to see the parade better and we passed the new, oohbip-boutique hotel and Liz said, "Let's go up to the bar at the top and get shots!" and we did. It was awesome, so chic, so fine, so different than our usual Tallahasse/Lloyd hangouts and we did a shot each of Patron and watched the parade from eight stories up and when we went back to the party everyone said, "Where did you go?"
There had even been a theory that Mr. Moon and I were off canoodling but sadly, not that time. Maybe next year.

Ah yes, it is beautiful today.

I am so grateful for it. All. Of. It.

Today I am.

And for you too. Believe me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love you, MM. I really do.

  2. Good morning Ms. Moon. I just love coming to visit you every day. Enjoy your beautiful day!

  3. perfect holy water indeed....
    gratefully yours
    across all time...and back again.


  4. Since holy water is bunk and Patron is not - well said.

  5. Great post. Although Patron is a is not really one of the best tasting tequilas. It is merely a good marketing plan to boost a mediocre product. Next time try Herradura. They have been in business for over two centuries, and they make an excellent tequila for a reasonable price. If you want to pay Patron prices, try Corzo or Fat Ass tequila next time. Sorry for the rant, but I know a lot about tequila...and Patron is a company that is all about marketing and not about taste or customer satisfaction, and most people think it is the best tequila out there. I just have to interject on the part of the real tequila companies of Mexico. (I happen to be a Jameson drinker myself...)

  6. Mama, I'm so glad y'all came for the party!

  7. I say hurray for those who express themselves anyway they want. I like those who dare to be different.

  8. SJ- I love you too.

    Jill- It HAS been a beautiful day.

    rebecca- You have such a place in my heart. You know that, right?

    Jeannie- All water is holy in my opinion. Tequila can be too. Amen. Hallelujah.

    BMelons- I think the best tequila I ever drank was the most recent bottle that Mr. Moon brought home. It was so smooth as to be dangerous. The brand is Centanario. The Anejo. I do love my rums and tequilas aged.

    DTG- Me too!

    Syd- Another thing you and I can completely agree on!

  9. I like Patron too. So smooth.

    Glad you made it to Hank's shindig. Wish I could have gone, too. I love Hank.

  10. I love it that people were thinking you had been off canoodling. Hehe. Ah.. Love.

  11. I've had a bad experience with tequila shots. Because I did too many and then too many vodka shots and then I don't remember but very possibly something else as well. Turned me off tequila forever.


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