Friday, December 24, 2010

Dreams But Not Of Sugar Plums

Nothing says Christmas like fall's leaves on the ground, right?
Mr. Moon just this second said, "I don't remember the yard ever looking like this. It's beautiful."

I don't remember either but that doesn't mean a thing. I don't remember shit.

Overslept this morning. I was having a dream that involved all the biggies:

1. Childbirth
2. Late for class and I had no idea what class or where it was and I LOST MY NOTEBOOK!
3. Late for picking up the kids and their school was across the water somehow which would involve a golf cart AND a boat to go get them.
4. And who was taking care of that baby that was just birthed while the mama (not me) picked up HER kids across the water?

Yeah, yeah. It's Christmas Eve.
What did I get done yesterday? Well, it took me all day to make a quilt that ended up looking like a deranged child made. All day.
I boiled my chicken for the chicken salad.
I made the worst pot of split pea soup ever made on the planet.
I finished wrapping the presents.

That's it.

And Owen will be here in less than an hour and then Mean Aunt Jessie is coming and I haven't seen her in weeks. Literally. She got back from Boulder, hopped in the car and drove to Gator Bone with her Cicada Ladies where they recorded for a day and then drove back and finally I will get to get my arms around that child.

And then the rest of the kids will show up, the dogs will bark, we'll make the pizza and hang the stockings and play games and there will be chaos.
"Mama, can I use some wrapping paper?"
"Mama, where are the scissors?"
"Mama, can I do a load of laundry?"
"Mama, I think the pizza's burning!"

And it will be beautiful.

Christmas Eve.
Am I ready?
As ready as I'm going to get.

Mr. Moon wants oatmeal.
The world wants peace. We all want love. The chickens want scratch.

And me? What do I want?

Nothing. I have it all. And tonight I'll go to bed knowing that my babies are going to be sleeping under one roof and having their own crazy dreams and the sun is rising up over the long moss-draped branches of the oaks and the Bradford Pears are decorating the sky and the ground and the birds are coming in to the feeder and Waylon's quilt will be warm, even if it looks like a deranged child made it.

And I will restrain myself from speaking of that thing going around the interwebs where the entire birth of Jesus is on Facebook and Joseph takes the time to post:

I'll just say this:
Stop it, people.

Go bake some cookies. Go play with a real baby. Go find your Jimmy Buffet Christmas album. Go hug your sweeties.

Happy Christmas Eve Day, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yea, I forgot to make my seasonal wreaths this year... oops!

    Those were some dreams baby. whew! You must have woken up exhausted.

    I'm sure the quilt is lovely. You are much too hard on your poor little self.

    Maybe Harley and I can come over and play with your boy? Or if you want you can plop him over here if you have last minute quilting to do. We sure do love ya.

  2. I love those leaves. Ours are all down down, except for the live oaks. It sounds as if you are entirely ready! We are getting there. More cooking to do for the folks coming tomorrow. Life is good, even though there are challenging moments. Happy Christmas Eve!

  3. Merry Merry , Ms . Moon.

    and I mailed you a card today, that isn't really Christmas like.. so it is perfectly acceptable that you receive it closer to .. say... February. ;)

  4. Jimmy Buffet..good idea.

  5. nothing like all your babies asleep under your roof. who knew that this would be one of life's deepest pleasures? i think that those who discover this join a club. no words needed. just a deep loving contented sigh.

    i wish you life's deepest pleasures now and always.


  6. Good morning Ms Moon.
    Your Christmas Eve sounds so perfect. I'm sorry about the soup.
    I bet that chicken salad will be amazing though.
    Today is pretty simple for me.
    Things I want to do:
    1.take a walk
    2. do some laundry
    3. make sugar cookies
    4. go to therapy
    5. go to Mom's
    Happy Christmas Eve mama!

  7. I knew that quilt thing was crazy, but I'm sure little Waylon will adore his new blanky.

    As for THAT video, I hear you. It makes me wince.

    Merry Christmas Eve, Ms. Moon!

  8. all those leaves raining down like golden prayers....

    having your children all under the same roof,

    now those are the real gifts of heart.

    love to you mary moon..


  9. I had nightmares because I was stressed when I went to bed about the predicted snowfall. Now, I'm reading blogs instead of spending time with my parents. The snow came and made the roads too much to travel today......Maybe tomorrow.

    My word verification is 'botterum' which makes me think of a bottle of rum. Maybe that will improve my spirits.

  10. Mary,
    You are the best...have always been! I love you and wish you a to all the kids too and to Glen.

  11. Merry Christmas, lovely Ms. Moon.

    So glad you are my bloggy friend.

  12. Merry, Merry, Mary Moon!
    Wishing you a beautiful day with all of your sweet folks!


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