Thursday, December 16, 2010

And If This Doesn't Make You Happy, Please Go See Your Doctor

I so wish I had a picture but I don't.
Just go HERE and read what Ms. Bastard Beloved re-posted for me today.
It's a Christmas Classic, sort of like The Charley Brown Christmas Special only MUCH, MUCH BETTER! And with profanity.

I am so grateful for the presence of The Famewhore Squirrel in my life.
She completes me.


  1. NO, YOU COMPLETE ME! YOU ARE MY IDOL. Yes, I AM SHOUTING. I'll shout if I damn well want to.

    Love you! Thanks for the hat tip.

  2. I told Sarcastic Bastard that the Maglite part made me guffaw.

  3. It's so much better than the original!

  4. All- I did my part for you. I got her to repeat that wonderful post. The Maglite is the best.


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