Thursday, November 9, 2023


Well. Do we know what today is? 
I do. It is Levon Cobb Weatherford's sixth birthday. Look at that little precious. He was still literally wet behind the ears. Just born, freshest, newest, most miraculous thing on the entire planet. 

All day I've been thinking about the day he was born. It was such a fast, sweet birth and oh, how wonderful it was that he could be born at home, safely delivered by Midwife Tanisha who had also caught Magnolia June when she was born two years earlier. 

If you would like to read about Levon's birth, you can go HERE. 
I'm posting pictures from that post and the one after too, because they are so beautiful. 

To basically sum up how the birth went, I'll just say that Jessie made pancakes for her family, folded clothes, had contractions, had a baby, and we all ate lunch. 

Here she is having a contraction. 

And then it all looked like this. 

And this. 

And then this.

And there was Levon! 

Jessie said that last night she told the boys the stories of when they were born and at one point Levon said, "I feel like I might cry."
And of course his mother did cry and when she told me that, I did too. 

So this morning, the six-year old man went to school after waking up to a house decorated for him and a happy birthday breakfast. 

It is so hard for me to believe that this tiny infant

has grown into such a fine, smart, funny, guy who tucks his shirts in and does his own hair the way he wants it, and loves his family to pieces. All the cousins, both the Florida ones and the North Carolina ones, his aunts and uncles, his brother and especially his mama and daddy. He also loves his grandparents. 
Remember this? I took it recently.

You know, I think about the fact that if Mr. Moon had not asked that crazy woman in Kent's Lounge wearing her girlfriend's pink angora sweater that kept slipping off her shoulder to dance forty years ago, none of this would have happened. 
And yet it did. 
Just the way Mother Nature intended. 

I've felt better today and did some weeding in the garden. The kids and I have been texting back and forth about Thanksgiving which unbelievably appears to be happening in two weeks. 
Good gawd almighty! 
I better make my cranberry/pecan/orange relish and start stocking up on the things I know I'll need. I believe we may have it here again this year and I have pleaded with everyone to please- let's keep it simple! Everyone can bring one side-dish and one appetizer or dessert if that is what they want to do. Even that much is not required. We always have way, way, WAY too much food. 
We'll see how that works out. 

Meanwhile, we're trying to figure out some sort of little family party for Levon. Our little boy man. 
Instead of the Pokemon cards I got him for his birthday, I should have gotten the kid a briefcase and a tie. 

He is like no other. 
And oh, how we adore him. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I recall the day of Levon's birth well.....but seeing the pics today brought it back to my forefront of memory. Bless his heart- I can't believe he is 6! Glad you are feeling better......that pic of Jessie with Levon at her breast should grace a magazine is spectacular........ my heart is full just seeing it again.
    Susan M

  2. Happy birthday to Levon! So welcomed and loved and wanted. He was quick to get the idea of nursing, smart baby.

  3. Levon is his own man. Happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Little Big Man ... your pictures are so sweet, so full of the memories of that day! Levon really latched onto life and to his Momma's breast! It is such a natural instinct for most every every baby!
    Curious as to the Cobb middle name.

  5. He does seem like a briefcase and tie person. Happy Birthday Levon.

  6. A sweet post for a sweet boy. Happy Birthday Levon!

  7. From your stories of Levon he does seem like an old soul. Happy Birthday Young man.

  8. Six years old. How life does speed along.

  9. Happiest of birthdays to Levon. A wise soul in such a young body.

  10. 37 paddington: happy birthday little man! It’s funny how they come here already knowing who they are!

  11. Jessie and Vergil create some very good boys.

  12. Happy Birthday, Levon! Wishing you a terrific year filled with lots of fun adventures!

  13. Smiling during a contraction! If I didn't see your photo, I might not believe it. (Of course I would, Mary, if you said it.) What a lovely family you have.

  14. Yesterday's post was a true winner... read the whole thing out loud to my husband who sits on his own computer behind me. Of course he missed out on the photos but really liked what he heard!

  15. I am sick too! Oh, you know that already from FB. Levon is a gorgeous little newborn, and it made me have a pang for newborn Sam! You were so right in that moment when I was just having had him and texting you about breastfeeding. You told me to take pictures of him feeding and I did 💙 love you othermother - SJ


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