Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ain't That America?


What a day! Gibson graduated from elementary school and his school does it with a parade. A parade! They began doing it this way back when covid was more of a concern and I guess it went over so well that it is now the custom. 

So Mr. Moon and I got up at an ungodly hour in order to make it to the school at nine but it was worth it and it was really sweet. The principal led the way in a golf cart and then came a fire truck and then all of the kids in decorated cars who waved while we shouted, "Congratulations!" and every kid felt like King or Queen of the Day, I am sure. 

There were kids hanging out of sun roofs and kids in the backs of trucks. There was even a kid on the front of his family's van! They were going so slowly that it really wasn't much of a danger. Gibson sat in a chair and waved like the man of the hour he was. Lily and Jason did a beautiful job of decorating Jason's truck. 

Not only were family members lining the parade route, but all of the children from all of the grades were taken out of class by their teachers to line up beside it to cheer and wave. It is such a fun way to celebrate, I think. Far, far better than a boring ceremony in the cafetorium. 

And after it was over, we met up with Lily and Jason and our graduating boy and went to the Waffle House where we had delicious eggs and hash browns. 
And raisin toast. 

Gibson was so happy. He had his mom and his dad and his Mer and his Bop all to himself and we celebrated him!

When you're the middle child, that opportunity does not come around every day so it's special when it does. His mom and dad are so proud of him. As are we all. 

And then, since we were just right down the road from Publix, Glen and I went to do our shopping. I did not have the list but by some miracle I got everything on it except for tomato paste and then I found a tube of the stuff in the cabinet when I got home so no harm done. When we walked into the store from the parking lot I told my husband that it was not going to become the norm for us to grocery shop together. And to illustrate why I said this, I will tell you that in the time it took Mr. Moon to pick out a bar of soap, I had gotten everything else we needed. 

May's birthday is tomorrow and this year when I asked her what she wanted her mama to make her, she said, "A prune cake!" and so I did indeed make a prune cake today and while that was in the oven, I started a different project. 

I had two gallon bags full of beans and a brand new box of pint canning jars with lids and I got to work. Turns out that two gallons of raw beans makes just about seven pints of pickled beans. 

I hope this is a good batch. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed about the cucumbers this year. We've got the best-looking vines and the most blossoms we've ever had but the flowers don't seem to be setting many cukes. I have seen bees on them and I'm not going to despair yet. I sure would like to make some of Mr. Moon's mama's sweet pickles that take fourteen days and a crock to make, along with approximately fourteen pounds of sugar. 

Mr. Moon has spent the afternoon over at Tom's working on a new piece of furniture. This is something he has been thinking about and planning in his mind for a long, long time. It sounds sort of ridiculous and I suppose it is, but it will suit our needs well. We watch TV while we eat supper and no, you're not "supposed" to do that but we do, so sue us. This is something we never did when there were still children at home but now we're old and can do whatever we want. So for all these past many years, we've been eating at a coffee-table that Mr. Moon's daddy bought for us and finished himself. It is round and smallish and it has served us well. But we have to sit on the floor to eat off of it and let's face it- our getting-older joints are not happy about getting down onto the floor and they absolutely protest our getting back up. 
So Glen has designed a coffee table which will have a top that can be raised and extended so that we can sit on the couch more side-by-side while we eat. 
Yes. It does sound a little weird but won't it be practical? 
And ain't that America? To build a piece of furniture that can transform into a dining table for two so that TV can be watched while we eat? 
YES! That is America, just like riding in the back of a big, shiny blue pick-up truck to graduate is. Like going to the Waffle House is! 

Gawd. No wonder the whole world laughs at us. I laugh at us too. 
And you know damn well that table will be beautiful and the graduation was a hoot and the Waffle House cannot be beat when it comes to people-watching and eavesdropping and admiring the way the staff works together to serve you your food fast and hot off the grill. 
And damn, their hash browns are great. 

See you tomorrow which will be my May's birthday! 

Love...Ms. Moon 


  1. Happy graduation to your beautiful Gibson! He sure looks happy! And re. dinners.. since the kids got all grown up, we too eat our dinner in while watching tv😁 That new table sounds amazing…! Xo, Rigmor

  2. What a great celebration. Such a great family, celebrating together. I love this.
    Also mr moon's custom furniture. I don't plan to sue since I've been dining on the sofa with a tray ever since I started with jigsaw puzzles on the dining table.
    I don't have TV, but I read and watch videos on my tablet. It's nice. So there. The table police don't know where I live.

  3. What a great school that is ... what if they all treated their kids that way!

  4. That’s the way to have a graduation ceremony! Congratulations, Gibson! Now I’ve got that John Mellencamp song stuck in my head. Not a bad thing! Happy birthday May!

  5. love the parade graduation and congratulations to dear Gibson! Woohoo! You've had a VERY full day and accomplished so much.....lordy. All I managed was some watering, 2 loads wash and lots of reading.....but that's OK! And Happiest of Birthdays to the lovely and lithe May...........she is your child that reminds me most of you........she is just a joy all around. Hope her day is full of joy and love (I'm sure it will be).
    Susan M

    1. PS (yet again).....isn't that prune cake the recipe you make for every new Mother? I bet it is divine...never made it but have read the recipe at least!
      Susan M

  6. We have a coffee table that was built to raise when you needed it. It lifts up and a bit towards you. It was bought in the early 90's so don't know if there are any like that around anymore. Never would have thought about "making" one. Sounds like someone is very clever and handy. Congrats to Gibson! Ranee (MN)

  7. 37paddington: congratulations Gibson! What a fantastic graduation ceremony! Yes, so much better than crowding into a hall, so much more celebratory and fun! Now that’s a new tradition that should definitely be preserved. It’s sounds so joyful.

  8. Oh that beautiful boy! Such a perfect blend of Lily and Jason's DNA. A really special day that I know he will always remember.
    Those beans make my mouth water, I know they will be delicious! Most nights, we too eat in front of the TV. Only rule is no news or anything too depressing. Tonight we watched the new Wanda Sykes special on Netflix. I thought it was really good, I just love her!
    Happy Birthday wishes to May. I hope her day is as sweet as the prune cake!
    Love, Angie D

  9. What a happy day for you all and Gibson. Congratulations to him!

  10. Happy Graduation Gibson! Look out middle school! He's on his way...
    What about a smallish dining table with the legs cut off at a suitable height for TV dining? Plenty of room for condiments and even dessert plates to lessen the number of times you need to get up. TV dining is here to stay that's for sure.
    Had a little giggle at Mr Moon taking so long to choose soap. Was he overwhelmed by the amounts and types available?

  11. That's a lovely way to celebrate graduation. Much more fun than a boring old ceremony! Congratulations Gibson!

  12. Gibson looks great ensconced in his truck, but I think the idea of "graduating" from elementary school is just so strange. As I recall we didn't do anything special when we left elementary school. We just showed up at the middle school the next year and life went on as before. Same thing when we left middle school to go to the high school -- no ceremony at all, but the school where I work now has a big procession with parents in attendance and everything. ("When I was growing up we wore rags and ate wormy apples and LOVED IT!")

    But hey, Waffle House is the answer to all of life's mysteries.

    Dave and I eat in front of the television, too. We don't even have a table. Maybe I should ask Mr. Moon to build us one?

  13. We eat more meals than we should in front of the television, watching the news.

    PS: I don't think that other countries are laughing about decorated trucks and eating habits though. Just saying.

    1. Because they've got so many other reasons...

  14. What a great way to do a graduation! and I did not realize that Lily was taller than Jason. growing up we were not allowed to watch TV during dinner until a show came on during our dinner time that my father wanted to watch. ha! Marc has the TV on all the time and we can see it from the dinner table but it's small and the volume has to be really loud so while it is on, we don't really watch it. I'm sure it was on when our kids were little.

    the new table sounds complicated but if anyone can do it, Mr Moon can.

  15. Today (5/24) is my oldest son's birthday too! He's 44 this year. I remember so well when he was born!
    Happy Birthday to your May! And congrats to Gibson!
    I've seen coffee tables like that in furniture stores. Mr. Moon's will be lovely I am sure.

  16. Quite a busy day. Gibson must be excited and maybe a little nervous. Happy birthday to May. Prune cake? I looked up a recipe and it sounds good, despite the name:)

    I've seen coffee tables, like Mr. Moon is making, I'm sure it will be beautiful and useful as well. We always sit in front of the TV too, I never let my own kids do that, I sit with a pillow on my lap and my plate on top of that. Works well.

    Have a lovely day. I'm off today and it's not hot, so working in the yard.


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