Thursday, May 4, 2023

A Good Day With Two Grand Boys And One Beloved Daughter

There's another happy, happy little volunteer sunflower from underneath the bird feeder. They are so dang cheerful. 

Mr. Moon got up early this morning to go fishing and so all was quiet here when I got up. I drank my coffee and did a few chores and then got dressed to go pick up Levon at his school. "Did you bring us treats?" he asked while he buckled himself into his seat. He was hoping for more of the Nutella snack pack with the breadsticks to scoop out the chocolate hazelnut deliciousness but I told him that no, today I had brought something even better- chocolate eclairs! August had reminded me last week of the ones in a "Babar" book and he asked me if I had any. I admitted that no, eclairs are not something I generally have lying around. He was disappointed. So when I went shopping the other day, I picked up two at Publix and put them in the freezer to take today and by some miracle of the French pastry gods, I did not forget to take them. 

I told Levon that he had to wait until August got home to eat his and he was not entirely well-pleased about that but he took it in stride. And then I told him that we were going to go see May at her new restaurant and that he could get pizza. He did not seem overjoyed at that, either, but when we walked in and May came to greet us, he hugged her hard. It was so good to see my darling Maysie. The restaurant she manages has moved from one location to another and this new location was actually where the very first Chinese restaurant in Tallahassee (I think) opened many years ago. It was also the long-time home of a beloved Chinese buffet but now it has a new and different life. 

I ordered our pizza and got the boy a Sprite with pink lemonade in it which suited him very well and then May found something on the TV that he said he'd like to watch which was a Mermaid movie entitled "Mermaid" and he happily sat glued to the screen the entire time we were there although there was no sound. He didn't care. He got the gist of it. And May and I got to talk. We traded news and told each other about the books we are reading and so forth. It was purely sweet. And the pizza was very good. 

When we were all finished I had to take some pictures. 

As always, Levon had done his own hair for school. 

And then off we went to his house where we read a long book and then it was time to go get his brother at the after-care. The lady there came out with August and asked me to please tell his parents that she would love for August to come on a Friday sometime, which he rarely does, because they have pizza and treats on Friday and he is so sweet (her words) that she doesn't want him to miss out on. 
Could a grandmother hear any more pleasing words? 
I think not.
I told her that tomorrow August will be coming to my house to spend the night but that I would tell his mom and dad that he should do a Friday after-care soon. 
"I'll put him something in the freezer for him," she said. 
I think she really likes August. 

Back to the house we went where the boys ate their eclairs which were FILLED with custard. I sort of wanted to snatch one and eat it myself but nice grannies don't do things like that. 

And then they trampolined and then they got in the new pool which someone gave them and which they've set up in the backyard. 

Now they have an in-ground trampoline and an above-ground pool. Life is good at the Weatherford's. 
It's still a little chilly here for swimming, actually, and the boys spent quite a bit of time playing with the floaty rings in the trampoline. Whatever. Our weather has been shockingly cool and mild and last night I even slept with the duckling over me, not to be confused with either the duck or the duck-ette. It's been heavenly. We will be sweating out of the eyeballs before long though. 

Mr. Moon just texted and he is on his way home. He spent ten hours or more on the river! But who wouldn't want to spend ten hours looking at things like this?

I have not gotten a fishing report but I do hope he is bringing home some sweet little river fishes for me to cook. Not only are they delicious but it will also be something different to cook. 

And look! He just sent this picture. 

He said that the bloom was no larger than a silver dollar. It's a sweetbay or swamp magnolia. 

Despite the millions of things that have happened and are happening to destroy Florida, there are still incredibly wild and beautiful places here. God- can you imagine if some forward-thinking law-makers made the entire state a natural eco-destination? 
Yeah. Like that'll ever happen. We'll just keep paving it over, building condos on the beach, polluting the lakes, sinkholes, springs, and rivers, drilling for oil offshore, and destroying the Everglades and wetlands until it's not fit for man nor beast. 

Nor swamp magnolia, either. 

Well. Until then, a lot of us are determined to love what we have here now which is a lot less than it used to be but a lot more than soon will be. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You can preserve the beauty you have by making sure you VOTE the bastards out that want to ruin all of Florida!
    You have a voice and a vote -- use them!

  2. 37paddington: Such a beautiful day with your girl and the little boys. So much sweetness here.

  3. That long river shot is stunning! What is that tree with the bulbous bottom? What are most of the potentially identifiable plants, like the white flower with spikes growing up from the water?

    1. Cypress tree. They are just incredible beautiful and can live for thousands of years if left undisturbed.
      That white flower is a spider lily.

  4. Lovely day. Yes, defend Florida. It's beautiful, and it's not too late.

    1. It's too late for much of it certainly not all.

  5. Smiling at your summery pictures while I have the curtains drawn against the chill, the heating on and several layers of clothing. By your standards it isn't even cold here at 17C (62F) but it is raining too, so there's that.
    I LOVE custard filled eclairs!
    I hope you have river fish for your dinner. I have frozen New Zealand Whiting for my dinner.

    1. Sixty two is chilly to us! Especially if it's raining.
      The man did not get home with the fish soon enough to have them for supper. We'll be eating them Saturday night as tonight will be chicken and dumplings for the boys.

  6. I can't even begin to imagine how peaceful a day Mr. Moon had. I just LOVE that tree!

    1. I think that Mr. Moon found his own food for the soul yesterday on that river indeed.

  7. Humans are not at all humane in a lot of cases.

  8. Maybe a pandemic will wipe us all out before that happens. How's THAT for optimism?

    Glad you got some time with the grands. I would have been thrilled if someone bought me an after-school eclair!

    That sweetbay is beautiful, as is the sunflower. I love it when spilled bird seed grows into something magical. It says something about the triumph of nature. (More optimism, for real this time. :) )

    1. I'm rooting for a comet to hit the earth. One and done. Quickly.
      You and me both on the eclair thing. Levon must really love Nutella.
      And I think you're right about the volunteers- such a lovely, unexpected gift.

    2. The downside to a comet is it wipes everything else out. I'd just as soon humanity get wiped out and rest of the critters get to stay.

  9. A happy day for you and for Mr. Moon! You do such a terrific job of describing your events of the day that they always sound like fun adventures!

  10. beautiful pictures of the river. I could spend 10 hours on it and not be fishing.

  11. Our state does have some incredible beauty, too bad there’s so many ugly natured people living here. I remember my very first eclair, what a intense pleasure! I hope they enjoyed it as much ad I did. Much love.

    1. HATEFUL people. Purely hateful. And of course, crazy. We got 'em all.


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