Monday, February 7, 2022

Draggy, Dreggy, Dismal Day

Another chilly, dreary day. It's actually raining now which is putting paid to the check that the sky's been writing all day. 

I don't have much to say at all. I went to Publix to get a few things, notably half and half because that's what Lis takes in her coffee and if there are two things I do to get ready for Lis it's to put a flower by her bed and to make sure there's half and half in the house. 
I'd sprinkle rose petals on her pillows but that might look weird. Then again- it's only weird if you make it that way. 
Am I right?

I got to see Lily at Publix which made me so happy. It seems like I haven't been seeing my kids nearly enough nor the grands either. I felt cheered up after seeing my beautiful girl. My dreams have been so sad lately that I ride the waves of them far too long into the day. Lately I've been dreaming about a house which is probably representative of a house I did once actually live in and there's a neighbor in my dreams whom I did not end up with well. In real life, I mean. I have no idea what happened but it seemed to me that one minute we were grand friends and the Not at all. 
And I suppose I'm still working that out in my dreams. It's like my brain gets tired of picking apart one aspect of my life, some unsolved piece of the puzzle, and moves on to another. Certain themes never fail to entertain my sleeping mind though and they are the usual ones- abandonment, loss, fear of homelessness, my-husband-doesn't-love-me-anymore-and-is-moving-in-with-that-black-haired-bitch-who-drives-a-truck. 
Like that. 
And of course my mother and stepfather make appearances frequently, sometimes in starring roles, sometimes just in cameos. 
Occasionally, I will have a sweet dream but if I have even three a year, I'm surprised. Few and far between. 

So seeing Lily cheered me like I said and I bought a sandwich at Publix (the famous Pub Sub!) and sat in the parking lot and ate it and that felt like a big treat because it was. I stopped by the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus thrift store and looked about. They did have some very interesting pieces today. A dresser and a rocking chair mainly, that looked to be authentically old. And they were priced very, very reasonably but the rocking chair was not comfortable and I don't need a dresser and so I ended up buying nothing although a few pitchers tempted me with their seductive lines and vase-like properties. 

When I was at Publix I decided that tonight would be the night to try "frying" eggplant (Eng: aubergine) in the air fryer for a parmigiana and so I bought one and brought it home and sliced it, dusted the slices with flour, then dipped them in beaten egg and then panko. They came out beautifully. 

No grease! 

I have a sauce simmering with zucchini (Eng: courgette) and spinach (Eng: spinach, I think) and all I need to do now is grate some cheese and put it all together and bake it, boil a little pasta and call it supper. 

I'm sorry that all I have to write about today is dreams and cooking. 
And the weather. 
Some days are like that. 
This is one of them. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I will have to eggplant like that - yours look so good! Have you ever tried lucid dreaming to send your dreams in a better direction? I have managed to do it a time or 2 with great results, but sometimes the dreams just suck you into that other reality and won't let go.

  2. you had some nice high notes to your day, thankfully, Lily being a huge one! that eggplant looks perfect! And Lis to look forward to! dearest heart friend (of 50 years).....uses half and half, and must have a *nosegay* next to her bed (or my bed- if I'm at her house)...these 2 things have been *musts* for 50 years. Made me smile to know you and Lis have the same hankerings! Enjoy your visit, brief as it will be........and hugs to all of you Moons!
    Susan M

  3. Entertaining none the less. Lucky Lis. Pretty sure it will be a grand stay.She may even bump the dream world up a bit for you.

  4. That was a nice job for our English friends. Before I finally remembered all those weird words, I'd just click and let Google tell me. I've probably shortened by life, which is OK if I can still ask Google.

  5. Just wondering about the simultaneous translation for English speakers! That eggplant or georgina or whatever, looks wonderful. I can't eat it, but I used to grow them to give to happy recipients.

    Sorry about the dreams. Like Wilma I've found that redirecting them with lucid dreams, works to take the edge off the fear and anxiety they trigger.

  6. I'm a tad envious of the air fryer, but I just can't. I just can't have another appliance because my kitchen is small and it's just overrun at this point.

  7. Nothing wrong with just dreams and cooking. I tend to daydream a lot more these days and think about cooking without actually doing any.
    I'm glad you got to see your Lily and I hope the visit with Lis goes well.

  8. Actually eggplant is a word known here, but I did have to look up " half and half" ! Seems it is what we would know as single cream. I love checking up on these things!
    Enjoy being with your friend. x

  9. Thank you for the helpful English translations. I was also confused by the word "neighbor" but after much research I think I have solved the problem and I am now 99% sure that it means "neighbour".

    The sliced aubergine dish looks and sounds delightful (American: nice).

  10. I've been considering an air fryer, and looking at the eggplant, I think you may have just convinced me.

    PS: I really think that it is our dreams that allow us to survive the draggy, dreggy, dismal days. I am glad you have them. Enjoy your visit with your friend.

  11. Well, sorry about the dreams, but I'm glad you got to see Lily. The eggplant came out beautifully!

  12. I did not have great relationships with either of my parents. They never really approved of my choices in life. They hardly ever, almost never come in my dreams. Two or three times each maybe and they aren't happy appearances so I'm just as glad they don't show up. I've stopped remembering my dreams again or maybe I've stopped trying to remember them. The last time I did eggplant parmigiana I baked them. No air fryer so that's my go to now.

  13. I laughed out loud at that description of the recurring husband nightmare, your pluck in describing "the black haired bitch who drives a truck," because you know I have those dreams too, but I'm here to tell you Mr. Moon isn't going anywhere. I'm sorry about the bad dreams, though. They can definitely set a day off wrong. This morning, I awoke with the sense that I'd had bad dreams but I couldn't recall them and felt incredible relief. I'm glad you saw lovely Lily.

  14. I am glad you saw Lily but sorry about the dreams.I have only had a few where either parental unit shows up and believe me,they are not good ones...I tend to dream lately about unrealized goals and old jobs.Maybe it is my age.

  15. I recently bought an air fryer myself and am watching carefully for any tips , tricks or recipes that you write about. I would never in a million years have thought of doing the eggplant in the air fryer. Simply brilliant Ms. Moon - thank you!

  16. Making eggplant parmsan is a lot of work so I will have to give it a try in the air fryer!


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