Saturday, March 27, 2021

Some Cheer

There's a picture I took yesterday of Gracie simply because I love the way the lowering sun shines through her comb. Did you know that each chicken's comb is different and unique to him or to her, influenced by breed?
Well, now you do. 

I have been more cheerful today and less concerned about getting anything done and that has resulted in my not getting anything done which is fine by me. Hell, I still have some clothes hanging on the line and I may just leave them there overnight. 
So what? Who cares? 
Not me. 
One thing I have done is to make and tend a lovely pot of the New York Times' Best Black Bean Soup. That requires a good bit of chopping and prepping but I was happy to do it AND we've turned on the air conditioning which probably has something to do with my better mood. It's been slowly, slowly simmering away on my Thermonster's low-low burner all day long

and I started a loaf of sourdough last night which will be ready to pop into the oven very soon. Of course we'll also be having another delicious salad from the garden and there is plenty of fresh cilantro to be chopped for the soup. A true feast indeed. 

Well, I feel quite certain that every one is just dying to know (haha!) how we like the new sheets. Let me just say, we like them fine. I swear though, when Garnet Hill makes sheets, they do not mess around with inadequately sized bed linens. I have never in my life had sheets that were so generous in proportions. We could get another mattress to go on top of the one we have and they would still fit! They are extremely soft and very smooth and I have no complaints about them at all. Neither does my husband. 
Maurice, unfortunately, seems to enjoy them too. And by the way- one of my fingers she bit to the bone the other day is completely fine now and the other one is much better. I am continuing to watch it and apply antibiotic ointment. I may get out the big guns tonight and mix the Neosporin with golden seal root as I've never found anything yet that this mixture will not heal and that includes wounds on chickens, dogs, cats, and humans. It is especially good with deep punctures as it somehow seems to get in there deep and pull that infection out. I have a friend who was a midwife and her mentor told her that when applying golden seal to a vaginal tear you can practically see the edges of it snap back together. As I have said, I've used it to help heal a gunshot exit wound and it was nothing short of miraculous. I do not know why some pharmaceutical company has not gotten on this train. 
But now watch- after saying this, it won't work on a cat bite! 
We shall see. 

It is so lovely to feel a little better. To not feel as if the world would be better off without me. I know the territory of those feelings well and would never act on them but not to be trying to limp across those desolate miles is such a relief. I can look at Fancy Pants trying to get some pre-roost time loving and smile. I can look at the sun sending a spotlight to the carpet of tung blossoms under the blooming tree,

and the brand new leaves of the ash magnolia unfurled and full

and feel a quiet joy. A looking forward to the blossom of it. 

Now if I told you that seeing all of the bamboo that needs kicking did not make me feel despair, I would be lying. But that's pretty normal. I don't know what tomorrow will be like but at least I've had this pretty good day. 
A reminder that things can be lighter and less fraught.

One more chicken picture.

Dear Miss Plucky enjoying bolted arugula and carrot tops. We all enjoy the garden. Each and every one of us. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wouldn't the grandkids enjoy kicking bamboo? I keep meaning to ask you that, and now I have. Maybe you should give them quarters for every bamboo stalk they kick over--unless it would bankrupt you! :)

    1. that's how I got rid of the horrible air potato vine my son brought home one day. paid them a nickel for every potato they picked or picked up.

  2. My ex husband was convinced that cats had poison in their teeth. "That's how they catch rats," he told me. "The poison kills them." Also, this was his explanation for a malaise he called "cat scratch fever." My sister the veterinarian thinks my ex is an idiot. Gracie looks just like my Duck, a blue andalusian.Also, I'm really glad you're in this world, good days and bad days.

    1. There is a real thing called Cat Scratch Fever but cats definitely don't have poisonous teeth! LOL

  3. Goldenseal is one of those herbals that i never do without. It cured all of my yeast infections over the years. I’ve tried to get everyone i know to keep some in the cupboard but it sounds like you and i are the only two, at this point! And, what a shame that is!
    I am also happy you are in this world!

  4. Gracie is magnificent, fancy wearing a crown like that! Gorgeous! Beautiful day in your neighborhood I must say. Thick skies have rolled in here, big surprise, but I am in such a good mood, just thinking about the entire past year when we did not die, we did not get ill, we did kick out the orange turd!
    I love Garnet Hill sheets, glad you got them- Now i will have to dig out my pocket book and get some because mine are so old they have little kid designs on them and are worn thin where the knees go wild at night. I love you , Mary. Keep your oars in the water! Little blue pills are my oars, for now.

  5. You can't patent plants, in answer to your pharma question. So, no money in it.

    I don't know why I don't know about this, it sounds an important first aid remedy to have to hand. My torn vagina certainly would have been grateful. Sigh!

  6. There is no nature like spring's nature. Never truer green, purer blue, golden sunshine and crystal stars. Have you looked at the waxing moon tonight?

  7. I have a full moon in S. Colorado tonight!
    Cilantro ... blech! Hate that stuff!
    I am so glad I found you via John's Going Gently log ... I love your writings!
    Love and Hugs!

  8. Nice to read about a better day. And thank you for the goldenseal reminder. So long since I've had it around.

  9. glad your day was a good one and I agree, who cares if the laundry stays on the line overnight? Glad your fingers are better.....I was concerned...but I know you know what can happen. A friend of mine ended up a week in hospital after she got a pasteurella infection in her hand....... she was lucky to have her hand afterwards. soup sounds divine as always....... and we also had warm day today at 80 degrees.......after 3 months of *winter*. WTH? Ha. It won't last week back to 60's supposedly
    Susan M

  10. I had to look Goldenseal up as I have never heard of it. Pictures were of " dropper" bottles, so does it just come as a liquid? I shall seek some out as it sounds like a good cure all.

  11. So pleased to hear that your mood is lighter. You're like Lloyd's own Tinker Bell now.

  12. Glad your day was better. It's so tiring, these bad days, isn't it? I could do without them, mine, I mean, not yours:) Although I'm sure you would be happy to do without them as well. Am I making any sense?

    Yesterday was an awful day here. I am deeply worried about my son. He didn't make much sense yesterday, kept rambling, was very agitated and angry. My husband thinks drugs but I think it's mental illness, treated with illegal drugs. It's so painful to watch and I worry about his wife and stepdaughter.

    We'll both have good days today! Right? Sending hugs and love.

  13. some tasks are just never ending. I was thinking about that yesterday. that that must be why people die, they just can't face another day of having to do the same tasks over and over. we haven't turned on the AC yet but yesterday was so humid I was thinking about it. it rained early morning though and has cooled things down some. of course now it's too wet to do the things outside I had planned.

    glad to hear about the sheets. I'll have to check them out.

  14. what would be a good place or shop to get the golden seal root online? can you recommend a brand? it sounds amazing!


  15. Such a beautiful post -- you and your goldenseal healing the world

  16. I'm glad you're having a better day. I have no doubt the air conditioning contributes to that feeling! Hope the soup is fab as usual and I'll have to check out those sheets -- we need new sheets for our bed and I am never sure where to go. I think they make them so big nowadays because some people have those ridiculously thick mattresses with padded toppers and stuff like that...?

  17. Those horrible feelings do pass don't they - even if it sometimes feels like they won't. I'm glad you're feeling better!


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