Thursday, October 26, 2023

I Do Love An Island

I took this picture of a scarlet hibiscus this morning and sent it to a friend. I said, "I love hibiscus. They are so gaudy and just put all their parts in the air for all to see." No shame in those pretty's game. 

Today was our last full day and we'll supposedly be leaving here by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and the thought of having to pack everything up and haul it all down to the car is depressing but at least we don't have to haul it UP the stairs. We have truly realized that we are not in the market for any house that has stairs and no elevator. Forget it. 

Yesterday we went to Apalachicola and had an anniversary luncheon. It was delicious! 

I got the fried shrimp basket. 

Mr. Moon got the fried oyster basket. We shared. It wasn't fancy but it was perfect. 

I went to my two favorite shops, the Grady Market and River Lily and also to my favorite, favorite shop- the book store- Downtown Books and Purl. Which also sells the most beautiful yarn you've ever seen as well as crochet hooks and knitting needles. And of course a cat. I have been adoring the woman who owns that shop for years and years and years. It's a tiny place but it's filled with the BEST stuff and we always talk about books and the how-you-doin's? and I just really enjoy seeing her. I think she enjoys seeing me too. 
She wanted to show me two new books that she had on Japanese mending and my golly- it's just what I've been doing and what dear Boud does.  These books didn't have especially fancy techniques but showed the beauty of imperfect, visible stitching to mend tears and the wear of beloved garments. The bookstore lady told me she's been mending all of her clothes because she loves doing it and she loves her clothes and she doesn't want to buy any new ones.
My sewing soul sister. 
I showed Glen some of the pictures in the book and said, "Look- see- this is what I've been doing!" I think he was quite surprised to see that my funky method of patching is not just a messy quirk of mine but a sort-of art form with tradition and everything. 
So that was a precious little visit and I bought Ann Patchett's new book as well as beautiful tiny bamboo crochet hook. I restrained myself from buying any yarn. I did fondle some but when I found myself making moaning noises I knew I had to gird my loins and leave that part of the shop. 
Oh my god. I just realized...Ann Patch-ett. 
Well. There's a little cosmic pun. 

We had another sunset walk last night and then Glen grilled us steaks and I made a salad and it was delicious and we have about four pounds of steak leftover but we are taking that home with us because tonight we are getting pizza from the original pizza joint on St. George Island- B.J.'s pizza which is right next to the world-famous and notorious bar named Harry A's. St. George used to be funky. I miss that funk. At least some of it is still here. 

But today we went on one of our drives to look at houses on the beach and on the bay because we like to do that. We found a little bird-path, nature walk that was so pretty down on the bay. 

It reminded me so much of Dog Island. How I wish we could still make that work. But we just can't. I stood underneath a pine tree and watched and listened to a mockingbird singing his heart out and it was beautiful. 

Well. Speaking of birds. 
We actually went and sat on the beach today. It has been so windy and the sea so rough that we haven't been able to but today we did. I sat under the umbrella and read New Yorker magazines and Mr. Moon set up his fishing poles and next thing you knew- here came Brad. 

That bird knows more about surf fishing than 99 out of 100 fisherpeople. He absolutely knows what it means when a pole begins to bend and flies right to it. Or walks, with those backward-bending knees. 
I swear- I know he thought that he was part of the fishing process. 

He stood there like a statue for hours, looking out to sea with Glen. And finally, his patience was rewarded. 

He got a little catfish. After he ate it, he went right back to his post to help the human and over the course of a few hours I think he got 3 or 4 fish. 

After awhile, I decided to take a walk which, for some reason, just about killed me. But I revived when I got back to the house and drank a bunch of water and laid down on the bed in front of the fan. 
Still. I am most grateful we are getting pizza tonight. 

So that's a little window into what our last two days have been like. It's been a lovely, lovely, get-away even though this house has more than a few flaws. I may discuss that later or I may not. But hell- it's on the beach. Hard to complain. Total first world problems. 

And I will be glad to get home to my own little nest where there is no ocean or bay but many trees and also mockingbirds and my husband and my cats. We've had a very fine anniversary celebration and I am as grateful for it as I can imagine being but not nearly as grateful as I am for the man I've spent the last forty years with and what all that has led to. 
I am a lucky woman. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a wonderful last day of a great vacation! And I definitely like the bird delegating the fishing to a human. Must be part cat.

  2. I forgot to say thank you so much for the shoutout.

  3. It really does sound wonderful. PS: I do love Brad.

  4. A perfect holiday. Home will be lovely especially as you know the beach will always be waiting for you to return when you need another wee break.

  5. pure bliss, all of it. I'm so happy you had this time together
    Susan M

  6. It is lovely to get away but comig home is always the best. I like the heron helping with the fishing.

  7. What a wonderful celebration of forty years!

  8. Love that picture of Brad and Mr. Moon pondering!

  9. Isn't it funny that for the bird it's totally worth it to stand there and wait, as opposed to fishing for itself? Even birds take the easy way out!

    I also think it's amusing that the seafood restaurant uses paper printed to look like newspaper, rather than using actual newspaper, which it certainly would have back in the day. Maybe now it would be regarded as unhygienic.

    I love the pics from your nature walk. Great scenery.

  10. Hugs and kisses to you Moons 😘

  11. I enjoyed seeing the bird fish with Mr. Moon. What a hoot!
    Glad you had such a nice time, Mary!

  12. a lovely little vacay! I want to do that. rent a beach house for a week. I think about it but never follow through. I should at least investigate the idea!

  13. 37paddington: I’m fascinated by Brad helping his human fish. What a lovely time you had on that beach, and as I always find, one of the joys of leaving home and appreciating a new place is getting to then return home and appreciate that anew, too. Safe travels home.


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