Saturday, February 16, 2019

Good Lord!

Well, the curse of 2019 continues.
August started getting a cold again a few days ago (which he probably picked up in one medical office or another) and now I have it too. We both feel puny and tired and are congested and it's like some sort of Nightmare Groundhog Day.
This is so unusual for me. I hardly ever get sick but this year it's been one thing after another.
Oh well.
I slept some this afternoon and then I finally watched Coco. Have y'all seen this? From all of the praise it's gotten from people I know, I thought it was going to be a transcendent experience and that I would be sobbing my eyes out for half of it. At least.
But no.
It was pretty good. Not bad. Seriously okay. I did like the extremely Mexican viewpoint of it and a lot of the scenery (can you call it scenery when the movie is animated?) was totally Mexican. I could have sworn it was "shot" in the neighborhoods of Cozumel. So that was fun. And I loved the ancient Abuela. I did tear up at the very end but there was no sobbing involved on my part.
But, I can cross that off my bucket list.

So I really did not do anything today. I read some, I slept some, I watched a movie.
Hoo-boy. Really tearing it up in the world here lately.

I sure wish I had something interesting to say but I just don't.
And that's the way it is sometimes.
I'm boring myself here so I'll just say good-night and that I hope all is well with all of you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. For no obvious reason whatsoever I have been tearing up all day. I guess it's just a 60s (both of age and the old times) thing. I am having my fiftieth high school reunion this year and it is such a sad/happy time. I'm not ready to be one of the elderly population. In my heart and soul, I am still a rebel and a 'hippie', how hard it is to be considered an old person. I have the heart of a young 'un.

  2. Oh, Dianne! I understand. I do. I truly do. I look at myself, my skin, my face, the gnarling of my fingers, and I cannot believe that this is me. Somehow I keep expecting to wake up to the "real" me. I think we need to all talk about this more. To share, to admit, to laugh if possible. And we need to keep these rebel hearts of ours. To the end.

  3. Like I said to Ellen about her heart thing- We've got shit to do, so be well, be strong, no matter what the damned mirror says, it's a liar! You will be well soon, little kid germs are the worst and will get you every time...I steer clear. Your blog is the closest I get to the little ones.

  4. I sympathize because I have whatever upper respiratory crud is going around and the coughing is driving me crazy. I hope you and August feel better soon.

  5. Oh brother! Hope you get better soon. I haven't even heard of "Coco." Clearly I am out of the loop.

  6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... What? Ugh? Is the blogpost over?
    I hope you are feeling better soon Grandmaw!

  7. oh yeah, kid germs. I hope this one is short lived. I did nothing yesterday as well because it never cleared up or warmed up and was cold overcast and wet all day. so far the same for today.

  8. I did like Coco, but I didn't sob either. I did think of you as I watched it, though. Other people probably did too, which is why it came to you so hyped. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I have been feeling puny too (thank you for that word, it's perfect). Today, I am on the mend. I am sick about posting about the world in which we find ourselves, and yet, it's so pervasive, you know? Love you, woman.

  9. I hope August is feeling better, too!

  10. I hope you and August will get better soon.


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