Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Adventures

This morning when I went to let the chickens out I decided to really and finally make a determination of which of the "babies" are hens and which are roosters.
Here are the hens.

The one in front. Not the one in back. That's a rooster.

And...the other six are roosters. 
I think I will name them Clara and Connie although whether or not I'll be able to tell them apart is not at this point a question I can answer. It does appear that one of the Viv/Veras is indeed gone and I am sorry for that but I think I'll name the remaining one Vivian because I like that name. 
Therefore, we know that Vera is dead. 
Sorry to be the one to deliver bad news. 
Dearie has not been laying in the shallot bag and I don't know where she's laying now nor do I know where most of the other hens are laying either. I think I might as well admit that for me, keeping chickens is a "for entertainment purposes only" proposition. 

I went for a walk today. I did not find an endorphin. I did find some pretty wildflowers. 

Don't ask me their names. I do not know them. But aren't they sweet? 

I had some errands to run in town and so I pulled myself together, sort of, and drove there. One thing I didn't really need to do was to go to TJ Maxx to look at purses but that was the first thing I did. 
Y'all. I no more need a new purse than I need more roosters. As some of you may know, I am a bit of a purse hoarder although I have not indulged my passion in quite some time. A few years ago I bought a purse that I loved so much that I carried it without ceasing for two years. Or more. Then part of the hardware broke and that was that. 
I have tried since then to make one of the many purses I already own work for me. 
This has not happened. Some are too big. Some are too damn small. Some are beautiful but the straps make carrying them awkward. Some are simply not beautiful. Some are an okay size but they have no pockets so that all of my purse stuff just swims about in the depths with no organization whatsoever. Trust me. I have tried them all. I have cleaned them up and treated them with leather conditioner. I have transferred all my stuff to them and given them trial runs.
None of them have pleased me. 
So. I have been casually looking for a new one lately. One cannot just go buy a purse. It's like looking for the right partner. You can no more just go to a store and find the perfect bag any more than you can go to a bar and find the perfect mate. 
On demand, at least. 
I did sort of find Mr. Moon in a bar but I'd actually met him before and I believe I have told that story and it's a good one. 
Back to the purses.
So a few weeks ago I was at TJ Maxx and I looked at the purses just for the hell of it. I like to fondle leather. What can I say? It's not an obsession or a fetish, it's just a small pleasure. 
I found one. It was lovely. Made by the Frye company which has been making leather goods for a very, very long time. It was soft as a baby's butt. It was large but not enormous. It had two nice size pockets on the outside and a few perfectly placed pockets on the inside. No gold chains. No faux hippie fringe. No myriad of zippers. Just a simple, fairly unstructured bag. 
"You will come home with me," I whispered when I saw it. 
I examined it as best I could. I liked it. I checked the price. Not too bad because it was on clearance. Plus, it was senior citizens day so 10% off of the sale price. 
But shit. So many purses. What right did I have to buy another? 
I left it there. 
But I've been thinking about it the way you think about something that you loved but left behind. You know what I mean. I tried to make three other purses I already had work. They just didn't. And so I went back today. It's been weeks so what were the odds it was still there? 
And yet it was. MARKED DOWN EVEN MORE! Cheaper than what a Frye wristlet (yeah, that's a word) would cost retail. 
"Here I am!" I cried to it. "I have come to save you!"
And I did. 

I bought that bag and I transferred my stuff from my old (and I do mean old) purse to the new one in the parking lot. That's how you know you've fallen in love. 
Okay. It's a little large but when I went to the nursery to buy seeds and they asked if I wanted a bag I said, "Oh, no thank you. They'll fit in my purse." Same when I went to pick up my bioidentical hormones. I'll be able to carry my fan, my Mentos gum AND a small notebook in it with no problem. 
I could fit a newborn in there too but only a human newborn. Not a cow newborn or a horse newborn or a rhino newborn. Just a regular baby person newborn. And it would have to curl up. 

So that was nice and I'm happy. I used to use retail therapy a lot but I don't anymore. I just don't get the pleasure from it that I once did. I am well aware that every new thing I buy is something that one day my children are going to have to deal with and that sort of ruins the joy of it all. 
Plus- dusting. 
But I will admit that I like my new purse and although I know it won't really change my life, it will make it a little sweeter. 

Friday night. You know what that means. The church on one side of me is wailing. Luckily, the guys who live next door on the other side of me do NOT have band practice. When those two things happen at the same time it can get weird. Also, martinis. Tonight I am having mine with a Wickles Wicked Okra. 

I highly recommend. They are sweet and they are spicy which is an excellent combination. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm a purse hoarder, too. I have the first designer purse I ever received (remember Aigner?). I currently use one I bought at KMart six years ago. The fabric inside the little pouches get stuck in the zippers once in a while, but the fifteen or so purses I've bought since this one seemed right in the stores. Once I packed them up, a pouch was I. The wrong place or my phone didn't fit where I wanted it to. I'm going shopping for another tomorrow....

    1. I DO remember Aigner. I think my first really nice purse was a Stone Mountain bag. I may have it somewhere still. I loved that purse.
      Happy hunting!

  2. I also am a pocketbook hoarder. Most of my good ones have been snagged at the goodwill, salvation army etc. I also love to fondle leather. One reason I am such a horse lover is that they come with a lot of lovely smelling leather! I'm glad there are other people that appreciate these finer things in life. Love your new purse and I rather like Frye stuff too. Enjoy your martini.

    1. I knew I wasn't the only one, Shelagh! You are right about horses- they DO come with a lot of lovely smelling leather. And it's warm.
      I have a Frye bag that I bought at least twenty-something years ago and it's actually still in pretty damn good shape. They do leather goods well.

  3. not a purse hoarder, but always looking for the perfect bag.....which YOU seem to have found! I love it! I'm envious. And 6 roosters...are you kidding me? Aack!
    the lovely purple flowers seem to be in the wild pea family....we have them here in Calif. too, but it's a bit too early for us
    Enjoy that martini.....with that wicked condiment . ;-)
    Susan M

    1. The perfect bag is a dream worth chasing, I do believe. I'm sure this one will show its imperfections eventually but right now I'm loving it.
      Yep. Six roosters.
      I did indeed enjoy my martini. Thank you!

  4. I usually only ever have two purses. A small one for travel that doesn't take up much room, or have much room in it, and a regular size one. Once I find a purse that I like, I hang onto it for dear life because finding a purse that I like is work. It has to be just right, not too big, not too small, I prefer leather and the handles need to be the right length.

    The purse I'm carrying around now is maybe six years old, not sure. But it's still going strong.

    I used to see a Jungian psychologist and she told me that a purse was a woman's vagina. My purse has metal studs on one side. Make of that what you will. But when I look at purses, I think of vaginas:)

    1. I have to share this. My current purse is this one (I hope the link works). A friend pointed out to me years ago that it is vagina-like and I haven't been able to forget that. The last picture shows the anatomy:)

    2. Lily, I've always equated purses with wombs. But yes, they can have vaginas, too. I've made that connection! This one I've just bought has very different straps than any purse I've ever owned but I like them fine so far. Very comfortable, actually.

    3. Jill- Handsome bag! I do love a good Coach bag. They last forever. I have more than my share, many bought from eBay. Purses, like women, all have their different and specific anatomy, don't they?

  5. The flower pictures this week are appreciated as always! Thank you - it is the record snowiest February of all time in MN and when I got up this morning it had snowed. Again. I'll think of those flowers while I shovel. Again. And uh, that purse - love it a lot. I too use my purse in lieu of bags at stores very frequently.

    1. Shoveling snow. Ugh. I'll have to post more flower pictures for you soon.

  6. the little yellow one is an oxylis and the purple might be a vetch. and what are the odds you'd end up with 6 roosters. I don't carry a purse. I don't carry anything but my wallet and my device. I do have a very small bag, more like a pocket on a shoulder strap, for when my clothes don't have pockets.

    1. I knew you'd know, Ellen! Yep. Vetch. I'm pretty sure you're correct about that and I thought that the tiny yellow ones were probably an oxalis.
      I'd be lost without a purse. I have no idea but I would be. Maybe I come from a long line of gatherers and that's my gathering bag? Who knows? And yet, I feel incomplete if I don't have pockets, too. Weird.

  7. Oh, Ellen beat me to it! I was going to name the oxalis. I don't know the purple one so I'm voting for Ellen's answer.

    The whole purse thing, well, I don't really get it. But I guess that's to be expected. It is a nice-looking purse, anyway!

    And SIX ROOSTERS?! Ugh! Are you sure? I'm really, really hoping some of those are just hens with long tailfeathers?

    1. Oh, and do you put the okra IN the martini, or just eat it with?

    2. Oh, Steve. Think how much you'd enjoy a man bag! You could carry your camera and treats and toys for Olga and all that stuff. Maybe a nice leather backpack bag? And yes, I do put the okra in the martini. Delicious!
      And no, pretty sure that these birds are not hens with tail feathers. Sadly.

  8. Maybe you could quit looking for endorphins and cast about for eggs.
    Like Ellen, I have no purse, but a tiny, over the shoulder bag when my pockets aren't adequate. Since I always must hunt for it, I leave my sunglasses home if I can't find it.

    1. You are right about the eggs, Joanne! But the way these wily hens hide their eggs I think I would be more successful hunting for the endorphin.
      I always forget to take my sunglasses with me. What a pain.

  9. I'll confess I've had my purse over 5 years now, you are so right about the perfect one being just like a perfect mate. Good rescue! Long time wickles fan, love the pickles and relish, haven't seen the okra.

    1. The okra may be a Southern thing only. I don't know but if you see any, try 'em!
      Good for you for having the same purse for five years. It must be the RIGHT one.

  10. I don't know what it is with purses. Or handbags as we call them here. (I think I like purses better). I can choose them with great care, be convinced I'm going to love them, and then just find I don't use the damn things. And I keep using the shabby old one which somehow will not let me go.

    1. We call them handbags too. I remember when ladies called them "pocketbooks."
      I do the same as you frequently- fall in love with a bag, decide it is THE perfect one, bring it home and discover that no, it has faults I can't live with. Again, sort of like a mate. So when you find the one you love, you hang on to it.


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