Friday, March 9, 2018

What Can I Say? Plenty, It Would Appear

Well, if you came here today looking for wisdom and deep thoughts, you might as well just move along. However, if you came for azaleas and grandchildren and eggs, you are definitely in the right spot!

The azaleas are in the picture above. When I got up this morning and went out to get the paper those are what greeted me. Every year Mr. Moon says that he's going to trim those back and every year but one he has not which suits me fine.

I had all sorts of stuff I was going to do today but then Jessie texted and asked if I wanted to go to Costco with them and of course I did. She wanted to take August to a local preschool to check it out first and so I hung my sheets on the line and got myself ready to go. Jessie's thinking that next fall August might benefit from a little school time and I think she's right. Plus, she needs a break. Ironically, stay-at-home moms probably need a break more than anyone else in the world and yet, society seems to think that all they do is eat bonbons and watch TV all day long which is definitely a lie and Jessie doesn't even have a TV. Also, August needs some other-kid time. He's already one of those old-soul children who will correct you if you use a baby word like "covies" for covers. I did that the other night, asking if he wanted me to pull the covies up and he said, "CovERS," which is true, of course, and then he did the same thing the next morning when I asked if he was ready for his "waffies."
It's waffLES, by the way.
In case you're wondering.
Anyway, here I am already wandering and we had a good time at the Costco although August refused to go in the coldy room. I'm surprised he doesn't call it the refrigerated room.
"NO!" he said and so while his mama shopped for berries, he and I checked out the baked goods and we agreed that we would indeed like a cake or some muffins although we did not put any in our cart.

After Costco we went to the Indian buffet which was delicious and then I asked the boy if he wanted to go to the Goodwill bookstore and he threw his hands up in the air and shouted, "YES!!!!"
So we did.

Here's what he and Levon looked like as they were strapped into their car and about to leave.

I believe that child's eyelashes may be visible from outer space. 

Then I went to Publix where I got to see Lily which was a treat. 

And honestly, that's about all this old woman's done today. I did find three eggs, one of them laid by Miss Camellia who has been very lax in that department lately. 

Look where she laid it- right beside the door in a nice, tidy little nest which I suppose she wallowed out in the hay. 

And that's about it. I made up the bed with the line-dried sheets and Jack immediately laid down on the comforter covering them up and he'll probably be there when I go to bed in a few hours. 

In political news, wouldn't it be ironic and wonderful and terrific and fantastic if a porn star named Stormy Daniels brought down Trump? I sort of love this woman. I read that she's getting a lot of very angry, nasty Tweets and that she responded to one which had used the word "scank" in it by correcting the spelling of the word. My favorite one was the Tweet she got calling her a liar because why would Trump have anything to do with a disease-ridden whore (or something to that effect) when he already had Ivanka, who is, of course his daughter, but then again, we all know that if she wasn't his daughter, he'd be dating her which is so wrong on so many levels that we don't even need to go there. 

So I guess we've covered all of the hot topics of the day now and I need to go make my gourmet supper. The guys next door are starting band practice and the church should start up singing any moment. 
I get so confused. 
Heavy metalish stuff on one side of me and wailing hymns on the other. 

It's Friday. Do your Friday thing whether it's heavy or holy. Your choice. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. we are drinking red wine and eating sushi on this fine friday night. how on earth could august be ready for preschool. and yet, of course he is. i can see it, how curious and thoughtful he is, noticing everything.

  2. He does! The other day when I asked him if he wanted to sit on the booster seat in the car to go take the trash and go to the post office, he immediately went to the little closet under the stairway to show me where the booster seat was.
    I had no idea! I thought it was in the car.
    I finally figured out that I'd opened up that closet earlier to get out some bubble wrap for him to pop and he'd seen it and remembered it.

    1. Oh Mary, this is exactly the way my son was at August’s age. They really do remind me of each other!

  3. I so enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us, Ms. Moon. Becky

  4. John won't go in the coldly room at Costco either! And I do believe that August's eyelashes can be seen from outer space. I want them! And HIM!!! He's adorable.

    YES! I would love for Stormy to bring down Chump!!! Let it be.

    1. Is John very sensitive to cold? That's so funny.
      Yeah. Those eyelashes. He is pretty adorable.
      At least we know that Trump is experiencing some stormy weather. That alone pleases me.

  5. Thank you for cheering me this morning. I love that your chickens have names which include a Miss. I also love that a stripper may bring Trump down. Irony indeed.

    1. Well, in the south we do tend to use the honorific "Miss" for respected females of all ages. And I suppose species.
      I doubt that Stormy is going to bring down Trump but a gal can dream.

  6. I totally agree about Stormy Daniels. Unfortunately, and crazily, I think she may not have the power to bring him down. Even if it can be proven that he had a fling with her and then paid her off, will the Repubs act against him? I doubt it. They'll simply call it "fake news" and move on. We have entered a moral no-man's (or woman's) land with this administration.

    1. Yeah- what the hell is it going to take to bring down Trump? I think it's going to have to be the law in some form or another because obviously there is no depth to which his supporters will not sink in defending him.

  7. The dangers of breeding clever children... reminds me of my friend's remarkable Rosie, who, at three, responded to 'Look at the birdie in your book, there,' with, 'NO, MUM, that's an EGRET.'

    Srsly, though, Mary, waffies? Grandmotherhood is addling your brain :D

    1. You're right- first motherhood and now grandmotherhood. No doubt that I'll soon be a blabbering old fool.
      Oh. Wait. I already am.


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