Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Women Put On Make-Up, Some Women Gird Their Loins

So here I am sitting on the back porch, girding my loins for a walk. Do I use that phrase too often? "Girding my loins"? Hank- where did that phrase come from? The Bible?

Hold on a second. Be right there, just gotta gird my loins.

I believe we should all use that phrase more often. The word "loin" in and of itself is probably underused except at the meat counter.

Anyway, before that fascinating little segue, I was going to talk about the sound I just heard coming from the chicken coop. It was a yip, just like a really loud little puppy. Then it happened again. And again. The dogs and I all looked out to see what was making the sound. We are used to all the regular sounds and so when a new one comes about, we perk up our ears.
I went out to see what I could see but no one was 'fessing up to yipping. Is one of my newer hens a rooster and the yip is the beginning of a crow? Sure didn't sound like it, plus none of those birds is looking roostery.

Well, who knows? Not me.

I do know that Ballsy showed back up last night. Ballsy is a local gray cat who looks just like my gray cat except that he is bigger and has one bad eye and he also has balls, thus the name Mr. Moon christened him with. Hadn't seen that cat in months but when I went to feed our cat, there he was, whining like it was my damn fault he hadn't eaten from our food bowl in ages. Hello Ballsy! Welcome back! Remember when we found the dead gray cat and Mr. Moon buried him and we thought it was our cat and then we realized it wasn't and then thought it was maybe Ballsy but it wasn't?
So many mysteries in Lloyd.

And I guess I better get out and investigate them. My loins seem to be sufficiently girded. I plan on doing house-and-yard work today. Pick up branches which have fallen, water a few areas that are on their last thirsty gasps. Maybe even sweep a few floors and dust a few...
Wait. What am I thinking? Dust?
Oh hell no. I'd much rather clean out the hen house than dust and I believe I might just do that. Clean out the hen house, give my babies fresh straw.
Maybe even weed a little. Take a nap.

Let the day unfold as it will.

Yips and loins and balls and all.

Good morning, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


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  2. At times I feel like I'm depriving my cats of all the mysteries and adventures that cats like to toddle off and go have :) Instead, I keep them trapped in my house so I can pick them up and make them cuddle with me. Sometimes they don't realize that they want to cuddle with me. But they do. ;)

    Anywho. Back to work with girded loins.

  3. You made me laugh out loud just now. This was so funny. Thank you!

  4. I do remember that dead gray cat! I do!

    Now. I am laughing at that name Ballsy instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing--reviewing medical charts. . . oh well, as you always say "ah lah. . ."

    Good morning, Sister Moon!

  5. "followers. not of me. of my blog. let's make that clear."

    can i steal that? love love love.

  6. I'm in for that nap part... It's raining cats and dogs here today in UK, I see fall between the trees. YUK. I will go for the nap part of your post too! The only thing sensible to do on a day like this. No groin girding today I'm afraid...

  7. I almost said that to someone in the office yesterday but thought better of it. They already think I'm a loon.

  8. my husband has five brothers. one of them had a childhood stuffed clown with bright red polka dots and he was fittingly named Ballsy the clown.
    much to the chagrin of all adults.

    love the nap idea...

  9. SJ- This cat hasn't been indoors in a decade. Mine, I mean. She drools, she's crazy, and the dogs would kill her.

    Nicol- YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

    gradydoctor- Ha! Glad I could distract your from your charts. And of course you may steal that follower thing. Love you, Sister-Doctor.

    Photocat- Sounds like heaven to this sweated-through woman who is moving sprinklers from one parched spot to another.

    Stephanie- Well, hell, go ahead and just be the loon. Remove all doubt. Haha!

    rebecca- Ballsy the Clown. That's so great!

  10. For me, girding my loins has always gone hand in hand with the concept of internal fortitude. Both vital phrases.

  11. I do remember that gray cat mystery. Hmmm. Maybe Ballsy's sibling? I took Sylvie to preschool for the first time, and I girded my loins by applying makeup. Somehow, it gave me confidence.

  12. These days there is a serious concentration on the girding up of loins. Once your pants have dropped below your ass (so fashionable amongst my younger brethren), you must gird them up to run, or work, or participate in civilized damn society.
    To gird your loin garments is to belt them, to make them functional for labor or effort. Now if you gird too much, you'll get your loinies in a bunch so be careful (that's right; I'm talking to you Isaiah!).

    Which county is Lloyd in? It's illegal to feed them stray cats now; you gots to bring 'em in and love 'em.

  13. Naps. I think if everyone took a nap everyday and wore pajamas everywhere there would be world peace.

  14. I love that you are the type of ballsy broad who girds her loins before getting to all that must be done with the chickens and garden and house and stuff. That's what I think. x0 N2

  15. Balls and loins are a worthy topic. Glad that you have them both going on here.

  16. I think the big grey cat was up here. We called him BB (big balls).

  17. Jo- Dammit! This world needs more intestinal fortitude and less conversation about intestinal flora! I may do a post on that soon.

    Lora- I agree. I think that putting on make-up can be very loin-girding.

    Mungam- You crack me up, you silly boy! Yeah, there are many loins out there these days which need girding. WHEN is this trend going to end? I mean really- I have no personal fight to pick with it. If fellas want to have to hold up their pants all the time with their hand that is fine with me. I just do not understand the longevity of the style.
    Lloyd is in the county of Root Hog Or Die. Feral cats are lucky as shit to get a dish of generic Friskies and they know it.

    Birdie- I prefer my nightgown but that's a personal choice and I get your point and agree.

    N2- Today I have spoken more than I have done in the getting-out-and-dong realm. I did take a walk and in this heat, the requires balls. Believe me.

    Syd- I'm glad you approve!

    Joanne- Could be! He was gone long enough.

  18. The term "gird one's loins" was used in the Roman Era meaning to pull up and tie one's lower garments between one's legs to increase one's mobility in battle. In the modern age, it has become an idiom meaning to prepare oneself for the worst. Thanks Wikipedia!

  19. Why don't your dogs kill them outside?

  20. If a bitch has to come back as a chicken, a bitch wants to be one of YOUR chickens. Hear me?

  21. Chuck- Is that you, my brother? If so, remember when Mom would tuck her skirt up like that to stand on her head? Haha! That was great! Hey- this new play needs you badly. They were saying that last night.

    SJ- The dogs stay in the fenced area, the cats and chickens stay out.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I can think of worse things to be.

  22. I'm not sure, but I think foxes yip?? or is it coyotes?

    Also, there was a fire not too far down the road from us on our side of the street. I passed it on the way to pick up griff (of course I was running late) so I called Linda because I wasn't sure it was a friendly fire, but hesitated calling 911 for a leaf burning... Anyway, she was headed that way to pick up Sarah and said she'd check it out and act accordingly. On the way home we saw the fire trucks... yikes!

  23. RE: Your exchange with Jo on Intestinal fortitude...

    "Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one"
    --Marcus Aurelius

    Thought you might like that one.

  24. Damn, Mary, halfway through my comment I had a scary brain freeze and couldn't remember if it was intestinal or internal or what, and suddenly nothing sounded right. I hate it when that happens.

  25. Ms. Fleur- It wasn't a fox. The chickens were completely undisturbed. Wow! About the fire- glad we didn't burn down!

    Jo- Intestional/Internal- same-same.

  26. since i have a 17 years old and work at a magazine, gird your loins will forever more be sourced to the movie The Devil Wears Prada.

    good morning, dear mary. nice to be here.

  27. Angella- And it's so nice to have you here. I had forgotten that line in the movie. Ha!

  28. Also, gird and girdle - same root.


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