Sunday, August 7, 2011

At Least We Are Not Spending Hours Shucking Any Damn Scallops

Well, I think the haul today was at least four scallops. Maybe seven.
We tried four different places and none of them offered up anything but warm water and sea grass. It was not the best scalloping expedition ever. And then the sky blackened off in the distance and lightening split it and we could see rain and the air got cooler and me? Oh. I started fretting.
Which Mr. Moon pooh-poohed and then Jessie pointed out that perhaps we should move in and then Mr. Moon decided that yes, that would probably be a good idea and he headed the boat back towards the river and we made it fine.
"Why do you worry so much, Mama?" asked Lily.
"Honey, I wish I knew."
"Well you should try not to do it," she said and I agreed.

So it was a day on the water and we did swim around and we saw a few dolphin and Owen had a good time and he slept on me when we were on our way out. I was wearing a very, very old denim shirt with no sleeves and a blue-print skirt over my bathing suit and I held the boy to me as we traveled over the waves and I smiled like some Mona Lisa Grandmother Madonna and that was my favorite part.

I thought about how beautiful portraits of Mary would be, holding her grandchildren, the sons and daughters of her Son. I sure would like to think it is true that Jesus did actually mate and produce offspring. Wouldn't that be something?

So instead of scallops tonight we are going to eat leftover barbecued venison sandwiches and collard greens and shrimp that Jason brought from Publix. We are all a bit barbecued ourselves, despite having applied the sunscreen liberally.
We are all tired. Being out in the sun on the water will do that to you.

It's raining a bit here and Owen is playing with the water running off from the roof and it's cozy. My skin is salted and my insides too. We ate boiled peanuts on our way down.

I think we shall all sleep well tonight, especially Owen who, although giving it up to sleep for a few minutes on our way out and on our way back, has mostly been full steam ahead all day long.

They're serving plates in the kitchen. I suppose Grandmother better get her ass on in there.

Sundays are odd, but we manage to get through them, even if the scallops do not show up with their Paul Newman eyes, their click, click, clicking in the sea grass.


  1. paul newman eyes on scallops are so odd to think of.

    glad you are salty. :)

  2. I love the image of you holding Owen on the boat. You are such a good writer, Ms. Moon. And I want boiled peanuts. I used to stop and get them on the way to St. George Island, on the right side of the road (can't remember the town). Glad it was a good, tiring, salty day, even if it was sans the scallops.

  3. I am glad that somehow worry has been replaced by concern. There is a difference I believe. Glad that you enjoyed the day on the water, even if the haul was slight.

  4. This post is so beautifully descriptive. You are such a writer.

  5. I love too the image of you holding Owen on the boat in your soft clothes.


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