Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day With Owen

The weather has changed today. It is no cooler but there is a crystalline quality to the air which says unmistakably that fall will be coming.
I wish I had spent more time outside but frankly, have not felt like it. I took Owen out some- he had to do more tractor driving and then there was the nut-gathering and the chicken-watching. As I said, I believe the new hens are maturing and the acceptance on all parts of both flocks seems to have gone very smoothly. Elvis is, as I have said so many times before, a good husband to the sister-wives, an accepting and all-inclusive sort of guy.

So Owen has gone home now with his daddy after we had to forcibly pull him off of the tractor. I seriously doubt that anything in this world could make that boy happier than a blue tractor to sit on and pretend to drive.

Yesterday or the day before, I got a halfway decent picture of a blue-tailed skink. If you click on it, you can at least see what they look like.

Very snake-like, but with legs.

The world is filled with wonders and mysteries, isn't it? Far more than can be numbered.

And now it's time for me to go and try to tidy up this house which Owen played in so thoroughly. There are books and blocks, pans and pots. There are trucks and farms and trains and ducks.

It was so good to have him here in this place where there are so many things for him to do and see. If I could time-travel, I think I would like to travel to twenty years in the future to see what he remembers about being at Mer-Mer and Bop's house. The chickens? The mule? The goats? The skinks? The closets to hide in? The outdoors to run in? The bamboo?

I feel certain he will remember the tractor.

Yes. I think he will.


  1. What an adorable boy. I love how his hands look sitting so comfortably on the tractor's steering wheel.

    I think he is going to make one fine big brother!

    I hope you are feeling better, Ms. Moon:)

  2. Love the photograph of the skink. Never knew an animal like that existed. Great shot! The boy on the tractor goes without words...

  3. Hey,

    That boy sure does look at home on that big boy tractor! His expressions remind me so much of Harley. They don't really look alike exactly, but there is something about O that reminds me so much of H. The glee?

    We used to have to let Harley "drive" the riding mowers every trip to Home Depot or Sears... And we didn't even have to pay 50 cent!
    woo hoo!

    Glad you are feeling a might better.

  4. I think he will have many many memories. I still remember the warm bosom of my grandmother, and I liked that at least as much as the forest nextdoor we played in. I'm sure he will remember both the tractor and your love.

  5. lulumarie- And you notice he wears that shirt all the time?

    Photocat- Yep. A skink. Even the name sounds improbable, doesn't it?

    Mwa- Today I was holding the poor child down, trying to get some of the dirt off his face and I had his little head tucked into my bosom and all of a sudden he looked up, quit fighting me, and said, "Nice."

  6. He looks like a natural behind the wheel of that tractor.

    Loved the skink photo...kind of creepy though. I imagine they move fast.

  7. I certainly like my John Deere. But that Ford blue is close to my heart as well. Enjoy the robin's egg blue skies. Beautiful day here!

  8. Owen's "nice" in your comment cracked me up. That skink photo is really something!

  9. The total joy on Owen's face on the tractor is priceless.

  10. Skink is such a fantastic word. Owen reminds me of MVS in Stranger in a Stranger Land. What did you learn today Michael? Today I drive the tractor sweetly sweetly and with beauty.

  11. I like how you wonder about what Owen will remember. I have such super strong memories of spending time at my grandparents. I can LITERALLY close my eyes and see and smell and hear the time I spent with them 20+ years ago. I have said it before but I have to say again that you are giving Owen (and the others to come) the most amazing gift by being the grandparents you are being. It makes my eyes water every time I think about it.

  12. Wow. Lovely photos. Blue skink, blue tractor, blue tie-dye on beautiful boy. Blue-ti-ful.
    Hope you're feeling better. I haven't had much to say they last few days. Didn't turn the laptop on. Getting caught up working backwards in time through blogs.
    Feel better, Mrs. Moon!


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